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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «David Powell dpowell@laas.fr LAAS-CNRS 7 avenue du Colonel Roche 31077 Toulouse - France Research Report 91462 Revized March 30, 1995 Abstract. A ...»
  2. «Issues In Real-Time Data Management Marc H. Graham July 1991 Technical Report CMU/SEI-91-TR-017 ESD-91-TR-017 July 1991 Issues in Real-Time Data ...»
  3. «E ngl i sh Luftkonditionering Klimaanlegg Ilmastointilaite S ve n sk a Klimaanlage N orsk S uomi Deut s ch Art.no Model 18-1000 Comfee ...»
  4. «Report Establishing a workable follow-up and review process for the Sustainable Development Goals Shannon Kindornay and Sarah Twigg • Follow-up and ...»
  5. «To appear in Knowledge Engineering Review Volume 11 Number 2, June 1996 Mike Uschold Michael Gruninger Arti cial Intelligence Applications Institute ...»
  6. «Transportation and Packaging Issues Involving the Disposition of Surplus Plutonium as MOX Fuel in Commercial LWRs S. B. Ludwig R. E. Best S. P. ...»
  7. «Wilhelm Ernst & Sohn Verlag für Architektur und technische Wissenschaften GmbH & Co. KG Rotherstraße 21, 10245 Berlin Deutschland ...»
  8. «Philip S. Yu University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL 60607 psyu@cs.uic.edu In recent years, privacy-preserving data mining has been studied ...»
  9. «Judith Aron Rubin John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Artful Therapy Artful Therapy Judith Aron Rubin John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This book is printed on acid-free ...»
  10. «Virtualization is the key concept to provide a scalable and flexible computing environment in general. In this chapter, we focus on virtualization ...»
  12. «2.1 Introduction None of the element on earth is more essential to life than carbon. Every living molecular machine is constructed across a middle ...»
  13. «Method development and determination of anthropogenic poly- and perfluorinated compounds in air, water, soil, house dust, and several consumer ...»
  14. «Effects of Assigned Versus Participant-Set Goals on Skill Acquisition and Retention of a Selected Shooting Task B. Ann Boyce University of Virginia ...»
  15. «Hinweise zum Copyright Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alle Inhalte dieser Bedienungsanleitung sind Copyrighted bei Videa Technology Inc. und dürfen ohne ...»
  16. «escaped farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in nature Eva B. Thorstad, Ian A. Fleming, Philip McGinnity, Doris Soto, Vidar Wennevik & Fred Whoriskey ...»
  17. «Gravic, Inc. Case Study Gravic, Inc. Case Study Page 1 of 11 ® A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a Shadowbase Data Replication Solution A Bank’s ...»
  18. «A Dying Rose For Molly Jay Touch whom they do or the way you've. Yourself will annually depend they the end to download the concerns. Positive ...»
  19. «Assimilating AMSU-A over Sea Ice in HIRLAM 3D-Var Vibeke W. Thyness1, Leif Toudal Pedersen2, Harald Schyberg1, Frank T. Tveter1 Norwegian ...»
  20. «Asbestos is a killer Unions make work safer! It’s still around. Roofs, walls, cars’ brake linings, floor tiles, kitchen stoves or industrial ...»
  21. «Identification of an Unknown – Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Ketones How does one determine the actual identity and structure of an unknown compound? ...»
  22. «Verification of the Orekit Java Implementation of the Draper Semi-Analytical Satellite Theory Paul J. Cefola1, Barry Bentley2, Luc Maisonobe3, Pascal ...»
  23. «1. Introduction There is a trend in the scientific community to model and solve complex optimization problems by employing natural metaphors. This is ...»
  24. «FRANET Contractor Ad Hoc Information Report Data protection: Redress mechanisms and their use European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights ...»
  25. «Technical Report April 2005 Dr. S. C. Stringer and Dr C. Pin Food Safety and Computational Microbiology Group IFR enterprises Institute of Food ...»
  26. «Master’s thesis Port of Valgrind to Solaris/x86 Bc. Petr Pavl˚ u Supervisor: Mgr. Jiˇ´ Svoboda rı 9th May 2012 Acknowledgements I would like to ...»
  27. «ACTIV8 COMPENSATION PLAN The Activ8 Compensation Plan is a revolutionary concept which allows for truly unmatched potential for long-term residual ...»
  28. «Active Changes in Visual Focus of Eye Movements Indicate Associative Relevancy Patterns Gufran Ahmad Active Changes in Visual Focus of Eye Movements ...»
  29. «© 2009 American Dental Association. All rights reserved. Tooth Whitening/Bleaching: Treatment Considerations for Dentists and Their Patients ADA ...»
  30. «prepared by Richard W. Risto, M.Sc., P.Geo., Senior Associate Geologist Michael Kociumbas, P.Geo. Senior Geologist and Vice-President G. Ross ...»
  32. «Evaluating Surface Optimization Techniques Using a Fast-time Airport Surface Simulation Katy J. Griffin*, Peter Yu†, and David B. Rappaport‡ ...»
  33. «Abstract Over the last few years, more and more heuristic decision making techniques have been inspired by nature, e.g. evolutionary algorithms, ant ...»
  34. «Associateship in Information Science 2010-2012 (A Master's Degree Course) National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources 14, ...»
  35. «PROSPECTUS 1. About NISCAIR National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), a constituent establishment of Council ...»
  36. «Dorin, A., Artifact & Artifice : Building Artificial Life for Play, in Artificial Life, Vol. 10, No. 1, MIT Press, 2004, pp99-112 Artifact and ...»
  37. «The British Library Analogue Sound Restoration Techniques MANUAL OF ANALOGUE SOUND RESTORATION TECHNIQUES by Peter Copeland This manual is dedicated ...»
  38. «Anonymisation: managing data protection risk code of practice 2 xx Contents 3 Contents Information Commissioner’s foreword 4 Appendix 1 – ...»
  39. «Versions 3.1.x TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Abstract 1.0 Gluster Design Goals 1.1 Elasticity 1.2 Linear Scaling 1.3 Scale-out 2.0 Technical ...»
  40. «Appendix A. Document Storage Advocates must decide how to store the data they collect during the monitoring process. The following provides an ...»
  41. «M. Rumayor, N. Fernandez-Miranda, M. A. Lopez-Anton*, M. Diaz-Somoano, M. R. Martinez-Tarazona Instituto Nacional del Carbón (CSIC), C/Francisco ...»
  42. «Application Guideline s for Approval for a Particulate Reduction Device for Pre-Euro Diesel Vehicles 1. Introduction 1.1 These Guidelines should be ...»
  43. «Advocates must decide how to store the data they collect during the monitoring process. The following provides an overview of storage techniques by ...»
  44. «APPENDIX J—PRINCIPLES OF BUDGETING FOR CAPITAL ASSET ACQUISITIONS Introduction and Summary The Administration plans to use the following principles ...»
  45. «Report to the California Air Resources Board Interagency Agreement No. 98-004, Task Order 7 July 2, 2001 William P. L. Carter Principal Investigator ...»
  46. «Dieses Dokument gibt eine Übersicht über die technischen Aspekte der Architektur der Geodateninfrastruktur Deutschland (GDI-DE). Es verweist u. a. ...»
  47. «Concepts Guide for Accounts Receivable ©2011 Blackbaud, Inc. This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form ...»
  48. «Configuration Guide for Accounts Receivable ©2011 Blackbaud, Inc. This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any ...»
  49. «A research enquiry supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Royal College of Art 2013 to 2014 ART AND CONFLICT © Royal College ...»
  50. «Art and Life Exploring Viktor Shklovsky's Art as technique, Jan Mukařovský's Kunst, Poetik, Semiotik and looking at them side by side In his 1917 ...»
  51. «What is Articulation? Articulation is a method for technical colleges and high schools to partner to provide students the opportunity to enroll in ...»
  52. «Abstract — This paper is an interdisciplinary study of novel applications of techniques and tools of an area of brain science, known as Synesthesia ...»
  53. «About the Tutorial This tutorial provides introductory knowledge on Artificial Intelligence. It would come to a great help if you are about to select ...»
  54. «109 Homes for Sale, 124 Homes for Sale, 117 Homes for Sale, Seattle/Tacoma The 5 Boroughs Chicagoland 114 Homes for Sale, 121 Homes for Sale, 112 ...»
  55. «Arts education and creativity Artistic practices and techniques from Europe and North America favouring social cohesion and peace Document inspired ...»
  56. «prepared for Town of Montague funded by Downtown Technical Assistance Grant Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community ...»
  58. «Asbestos, a new operating system, provides novel labeling and isolation mechanisms that help contain the effects of exploitable software flaws. ...»
  59. «1. Product and Company Identification Company 24 Hour Emergency Response Information BASF CORPORATION CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300 100 Campus Drive BASF ...»
  60. «Current Edition Revised - May 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © This report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic, or mechanical, or by ...»
  61. «The Southern Alps have an extensive array of peaks of different character and technical challenge. Your options can range from attempts to scale the ...»
  62. «The Southern Alps have an extensive array of peaks of different character and technical challenge. Your options can range from attempts to scale the ...»
  63. «Ascent Combo I/O - Technical Reference Manual ASCENT Combo I/O Technical Reference Manual Ethernet/Wireless/Serial Distributed and Peer-to-Peer I/O ...»
  64. «ABSTRACT: One important task in image interpretation is the process of understanding and identifying segments of an image. Ascender II is a ...»
  65. «Aktuelle Südostasienforschung / Current Research on South-East Asia Palm Oil as a Transnational Crisis in South-East Asia Oliver Pye1 Bonn ...»
  66. «A sharp interface immersed boundary method for compressible viscous flows R. Ghias, R. Mittal *, H. Dong Department of Mechanical and Aerospace ...»
  67. «Charles C. Weems Department of Computer Science University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003 EMail: weems@cs.umass.edu Abstract: Multiassociative ...»
  68. «{Assembly 20040729} This manual is part of a suite of documents for your ShopBot Personal Robotic Tool that includes: the Users Guide on using your ...»
  69. «Conundrum of an Immigrant: Assimilation versus Cultural Preservation Joanna Diane CAYTAS Abstract. As immigration continues to describe the reality ...»
  70. «Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group Agenda Item Information May 18, 2011 Agenda Item Technical Work Group Chair Report Action Requested ...»
  71. «Altova, Inc. www.altova.com ii All rights reserved. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or ...»
  72. «PREFACE This article follows the format of five lectures that we gave on automorphic Lfunctions. The lectures were intended to be a brief ...»
  73. «Aeolus II May 2012 Aeolus II Abstract The AUVSI Student Unmanned Air System (SUAS) competition presents the goals of autonomous navigation, ...»
  74. «Figure 1. The ROSAM UAV Team: Aaron Dennis, Kason Bennett, Jarret Bone, Nathan Hoffer, Christopher Coffin The Rotary Open Source Autonomous ...»
  75. «A Practitioner’s Introduction to Equating with Primers on Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory Prepared for the Technical Issues in ...»
  76. «A Presumption of Reality: Exploring Virtual Behaviour as a Predictive Mechanism for RealLife Outcomes Marjorie A. Zielke, Ph.D. Institute for ...»
  77. «Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Symantec™ Managed Security Services support for IT compliance Solution Overview: Symantec Managed ...»
  78. «Bedienungsanleitung NEFF B1855N2 Gebrauchsanweisung NEFF B1855N2 Gebrauchsanleitung NEFF B1855N2 Betriebsanleitung NEFF B1855N2 Benutzerhandbuch NEFF ...»
  79. «Bachelorarbeit Technische Universität Dresden Februar 2013 Stefan Herrmann Betreuer: Dipl.-Medieninf. Philipp Katz Hochschullehrer: Prof. Dr. rer. ...»
  80. «Interaktive Lokalisierung durch Objekterkennung Adrian Batzill Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau Technische Fakultät Institut für ...»
  81. «Data Management Tools for Scientific Analytics Magdalena Balazinska - Computer Science Dept. - University of Washington The scientific research ...»
  82. «Abstract We develop and illustrate a methodology for fitting models to large, complex data sets. The methodology uses standard regression techniques ...»
  83. «Abstract. We propose a novel technique for distributed data deduplication in distributed storage systems. We combine version tracking with ...»
  84. «Identifying and Helping Students in Distress Guidelines for Bates Technical College employees The safety of our students, employees and college ...»
  85. «Bauernkrieg Und Fruhburgerliche Revolution Im Geschichtsbild Der DDR An online Ferrari 60 Stranzl man abheben er fest sieht eines jetzige Statistiken ...»
  86. «Biotechnology Center ABSTRACTS Editors: Michael Brand Petra Schwille Andrea A. Robitzki Peter Seibel Sa n Biot axon techn gy Da nolog ay presented by ...»
  87. «Abstract. In this paper, we present an efficient technique for optimising data replication under the data parallel programming model. We propose a ...»
  88. «1. Allgemeines Der elektronische Akkuträger, Markenbezeichnung Dani Extreme, der Firma dicodes ist mit einer Elektronik ausgestattet, die über ein ...»
  89. «Potentials and Limits of Comprehensive 2D Glacier Motion Estimation using Satellite SAR Data LI FANG1, OLIVER MAKSYMIUK1, MICHAEL SCHMITT1 & UWE ...»
  90. «Technische Universität Dresden Fakultät Informatik, Institut für Systemarchitektur, Lehrstuhl Rechnernetze Philip Domann ...»
  91. «We propose an approach to creating shared mixed realities based on the construction of transparent boundaries between real and virtual spaces. First, ...»
  92. «The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction WALTER BENJAMIN “Our fine arts were developed, their types and uses were established, in ...»
  93. «FEATURES - COLORS - TECHNIQUES www.orchestraltools.com Welcome to ORCHESTRAL TOOLS Enter a whole new world of orchestral colors, shades and ...»
  94. «Prepared by Craig L. Beyler, Ph.D. Technical Director Hughes Associates, Inc. 3610 Commerce Drive, Suite 817 Baltimore, MD 21227 Ph. (410) 737-8677 ...»
  95. «Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide, Seventh Edition SAS® Documentation The correct bibliographic citation for this manual is as ...»
  96. «BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. 2007 Annual Report BioteQ 2007 Annual Report BIOTEQ’S GLOBAL OPERATIONS CORPORATE PROFILE BioteQ builds, ...»
  97. «SKITE 2010 ARTISTES INVITÉS Jacques ALBERT jacques.e.a@orange.fr Auteur dramatique et comédien-danseur. Il est également co-fondateur du collectif ...»
  98. «Book Industry Study Group, Inc. BOOK INDUSTRY STUDY GROUP annual report 2012-2013 BISG Annual Report 2012−2013 | © 2013 Book Industry Study Group, ...»
  99. «PAYGO for Data Center Modular Infrastructure Introduction The infrastructure costs for Data Centers are increasing at a significant pace. ...»
  100. «Bohlen, J.; Dobron, P.; Meza-Garcia, E.; Chmelik, F.; Lukac, P.; Letzig, D.; Kainer, K.U.: The Effect of Grain Size on the Deformation Behaviour of ...»
  101. «Planning as heuristic search Blai Bonet ∗ , Héctor Geffner Depto. de Computación, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Aptdo. 89000, Caracas 1080-A, ...»
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