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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Lecture 1 • 1 If you're going to teach or take an AI course, it's useful to ask: What's AI? It's a lot of ...»
  2. «Extremlebensraum Wüste Unter extremen Lebensräumen oder Biotopen versteht man: „1. Lebensstätten ( Biotop), in denen ein oder mehrere Faktoren ...»
  3. «Abstract: The meniscus performs as a knee joint stabilizer and shock absorber as the femoral condyle bears weight on the tibia, translating and ...»
  4. «EQL Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Learning Resources Developed in Partnership with the National Source Group for Equestrian, The Coaching ...»
  5. «These are my revised notes on H. R. Playtner’s 1910 paper, “An Analysis of the Lever Escapement”, hereafter cited as [1201-1300]. It can easily be ...»
  6. «Coding Techniques for Mixed Language Applications under LE/VSE (involving Assembler) Table of Contents 1 Mixed Language Applications under LE/VSE ...»
  7. «Reprinted from Science and Technology, April 1968. ©Science and Technology 1968 This paper was also reprinted in: In Memoriam: J. C. R. Licklider ...»
  8. «“Normale” Filesysteme ● Der Unterbau: Block Devices ● Filesysteme über's Netz ● Filesysteme für Spezialzwecke ● Ziele Überblick über ...»
  9. «The Artist of the Beautiful Nathaniel Hawthorne An elderly man, with his pretty daughter on his arm, was passing along the street, and emerged from ...»
  10. «Logic and artificial intelligence Nils J. N i l s s o n Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA Received February ...»
  11. «Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine-Learning Algorithms∗ Amir E. Khandani† Adlar J. Kim‡ and Andrew W. Lo§ , , This Draft: May 9, 2010 ...»
  12. «FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR HUMAN OR DIAGNOSTIC USE. Lucigen Corporation 2905 Parmenter St, Middleton, WI 53562 USA Toll Free: (888) 575-9695 | ...»
  13. «Maawad, E.; Brokmeier, H.-G.; Hofmann, M.; Genzel, C.; Wagner, L.: Stress distribution in mechanically surface treated Ti-2.5Cu determined by ...»
  14. «Master’s thesis Multithreaded Virtual Machine for Multicore Processors Bc. Karel Maˇal´ c ık Supervisor: Ing. Marcel Hlopko 10th May 2013 ...»
  15. «ˇ CVUT FEL katedra poc´tac ˚ ˇı ˇu Master Thesis Design of Integrity Check And Repair Algorithms For PostgreSQL Data File Robert Mach ...»
  16. «Compiled Instruction Set Simulation CHRISTOPHER MILLS, STANLEY C. AHALT AND JIM FOWLER Department of Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State ...»
  17. «ELEMENT SYMBOLS FOR MEN’S ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS 2013-2016 Version 1 (May 2015) For use at Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competitions: Olympic Games ...»
  18. «Compilation by Geom ! * ~ Dedicated to the Ascension and Enlightment of All Human Beings and the True Healing from all disease and suffering. ~ ~ ...»
  19. «vorgelegt an der Technischen Universität Dresden Fakultät Informatik eingereicht von Dipl.-Inf. Adam Lackorzynski Betreuender Hochschullehrer: ...»
  20. «Bachelorarbeit Digital Forensics of Old Floppy Disk Bit Streams 9. Juni 2012 betreut durch Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz Erstprüfer Prof. Dr. Gerhard ...»
  21. «Dieser Beitrag ist erschienen in: Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Raimund L. Feldmann, Wolfgang Müller (Hrsg.): Advances in Learning Software Organizations: ...»
  22. «Mark Boléat Trade Association Forum ` ` Managing Trade Associations Mark Boléat ` First published in Great Britain in 2003 by Trade Association ...»
  23. «NORTHERN ANDES OF CHILE AND ARGENTINA (Between Lat.21º- 31º South) In the extreme south of Bolivia there commences a vast zone of semi-desert which ...»
  24. «Owner's Manual Bedienungsanleitung Contents Page 1. Introduction 3 2. Operating and safety instructions 3 3. Guarantee 3 4. Operation and functional ...»
  25. «IN THE MURDER OF MEREDITH KERCHER Translated from the Italian into English Version 1.0 The collated posts from the PerugiaMurderFile forum ...»
  26. «Erika Brückner LEBENSVERLAUFE UND GESELLSCHAFTLICHER WANDEL Konzeption, Design und Methodik der Erhebung von Lebensverläufen der Geburtsjahrgänge ...»
  27. «Materials Bibliography Compiled by Robert C. Worrest Abdel-Bary, E. M., Abdel-Razik, E. A., Abdelaal, M. Y., & El-Sherbiny, I. M. (2005). Stability ...»
  28. «Knowledge Management Summer 2009 Instructor: Dr. Hamid R. Nemati Office: 440 Bryan Building Voice Mail: 334-4993 Fax: 334-4083 E-Mail: ...»
  30. «Technical Report MSR-TR-2003-16 Microsoft Research Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 Abstract In a recent paper, Cheng, ...»
  31. «Master Data Management and Data Migration This document contains Confidential, Proprietary and Trade Secret Information (“Confidential ...»
  32. «Lesson 8 ASCENDING IN THE LIGHT Welcome to our last lesson! This is the most advanced type of meditation that I can teach you. Many years ago, when I ...»
  33. «MERIAN Live Reisefuhrer Koln Mit MERIAN live! Reiseführer Köln: Mit Extra-Karte zum Herausnehmen Extra Karte Zum Herausnehmen Online Muslimen zieht ...»
  34. «Abstract Microsoft® is committed to ensuring that your data remains your data, without exception. When stored in Microsoft Azure, data benefits from ...»
  35. «James Davis School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853, USA jmd338@cornell.edu Guillermo ...»
  36. «Technis Technische Dokumentation tation EPM Mueller® Modular-Hüftschaft Extracto MO Extractor www www.epm-mueller.de Technische Dokumentation ...»
  37. «Lijia Guo, Ph.D., A.S.A. and Morgan C. Wang, Ph.D. University of Central Florida Abstract This paper addresses issues and techniques for advanced age ...»
  38. «Data mining is an extension of Exploratory Data Analysis in the sense that both approaches have the same goal: the discovery of unknown structure in ...»
  39. «Artistic Considerations in the Use of Motion Tracking with Live Performers: a Practical Guide Robert Wechsler Artistic Director, Palindrome ...»
  40. «Abstract. The loose and dynamic association between peers in a peerto-peer integration has meant that, to date, implementations of peer-topeer ...»
  41. «Design of a Roof Inspection Robot A Major Qualifying Project Report Submitted to the Faculty of the WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE in partial ...»
  42. «an der Fakultät für Informatik der Technischen Universität Wien Betreuung Betreuer: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Stefan Biffl Mitwirkung: ...»
  43. «Abstract Molecular electronics is difficult to fabricate with precise positioning of large numbers of devices and their connections. Self-assembly ...»
  44. «SAS® Data Management Techniques: Cleaning and transforming data for delivery of analytic datasets Christopher W. Schacherer, Clinical Data ...»
  45. «Compiled Plans for In-Memory Path-Counting Queries Brandon Myers, Jeremy Hyrkas, Daniel Halperin, and Bill Howe Department of Computer Science and ...»
  46. «July 1 - 3, 2014 International Congress Center Dresden, Germany www.nanofair.com Partners & Sponsors OFFICIAL PARTNERS SPONSORS Dresden Fraunhofer ...»
  47. «Nanotechnologie - eine zweite industrielle Revolution Das gerade begonnene Jahrhundert wird das Jahrhundert der Nanotechnologie sein. Nach der ...»
  48. «Mittelflächenbestimmung und Wanddickenmessung an gekrümmten umgeformten Blechbauteilen Der Technischen Fakultät der Universität ...»
  50. «Literature Cited Allen, B.M. and R.P. Angliss. 2013. Alaska Marine Mammal Stock Assessments, 2012. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-AFSC-245. Allen, ...»
  51. «IMPROVE POWER EFFICIENCY IN YOUR DATA CENTER USING TODAY’S TECHNOLOGIES NetApp is completely committed to being an industry leader in energy ...»
  52. « ...»
  53. «ACADEMIC YEAR 2006-2007 Scientific publications in 2007 UNIVERSITÀ DELLA CALABRIA Annual Report a.a. 2006/2007 Dipartimento di FISICA Table of ...»
  54. «A C o mpon en t Model * f o r Field Dev ices Oscar Nierstrasz,† Gabriela Arévalo,* Stéphane Ducasse,* Roel Wuyts,* Andrew Black‡, Peter ...»
  55. «April 2000 NOTES Unless otherwise indicated, all years referred to in this paper are fiscal years. Numbers in the text and tables may not add up to ...»
  56. «Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting Chapter 1, The Objective of General Purpose Financial Reporting, and Chapter 3, Qualitative ...»
  57. «Abstract. This paper focuses on the understanding of the effects leading to high-quality HMM-based speech synthesis with various degrees of ...»
  59. «Table of Contents Foreword 0 Part I Introduction 1 What's New in Version 3.0 2 Getting Started About the Trial Version of Notation Com poser Using ...»
  60. «Abstract Recent work in blind source separation applied to anechoic mixtures of speech allows for reconstruction of sources that rarely overlap in a ...»
  61. «ALEXANDER K. OBRECHT* Migrating Towards an Incidental Take Permit Program: Overhauling the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to Comport with Modern ...»
  62. «One common challenge in conducting research in schools is obtaining consent from parents. Introduction Because students in K-12 are almost always ...»
  63. «Denny Wong, Principal Member of Technical Staff Contents Introduction Requirement Register R Scripts R scripts list Importing the Workflow Running ...»
  64. «Wissenschaft Österreichs Fischerei Jahrgang 65/2012 Seite 174 –185 Ein Beitrag zur rezenten Verbreitung der Gemeinen Flussmuschel (Unio crassus ...»
  65. «This document contains an overview of the data contained in the Inspection dashboard up to Key Stage 4 and information to assist in interpreting the ...»
  66. «Abstract. Facilitated by the achievements of various data mining techniques, both academic research and industrial applications are using data mining ...»
  67. «Noam Nisan‡ School of Computer Science and Engineering The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel noam@cs.huji.ac.il Abstract We consider dynamic ...»
  68. «Paper PAPER Holistic Data Governance: A Framework for Competitive Advantage WHITE This document contains Confidential, Proprietary and Trade Secret ...»
  69. «Abstract. The field of formal methods provides all kinds of powerful techniques for the specification, design, verification, validation, and ...»
  70. «INTRODUCTION The factors which bring about an out-of-court settlement in a dispute are varied and complex. But one issue which is becoming recognised ...»
  71. «Developing Enterprise Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Developing Enterprise Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Executive Summary ...»
  72. «Copyright © Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, 2012 Department of Children and Youth Affairs 43-49 Mespil Road Dublin 4 Tel: +353 (0)1 647 ...»
  73. «Oracle VM 3 Architecture and Technical Overview ORACLE WHITE PAPER | APRIL 2016 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Overview of Oracle VM 3 Concepts and ...»
  74. «Abstract. In a distributed system, one strategy for achieving mutual exclusion of groups of nodes without communication is to assign to each node a ...»
  75. «I. Introduction In January 2001, the AIS Transition Team was charged by the Campus Provost’s Information Technology Committee (ITC) and Vice ...»
  76. «When a student graduates in mechanical engineering and takes on employment in a manufacturing enterprise, a certain high level of competence in ...»
  77. «Zusammenfassung In Serviceorientierten Architekturen können Geschäftsprozesse durch Komposition von lose gekoppelten Services realisiert werden. ...»
  78. «Papst Johannes Paul II In Der Schweiz Ein Buch Zur Erinnerung Somehow, be out all the technique experience is. One knew a person the Employment Full ...»
  79. «Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association First Published 1996 Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association 42 Portman Square, London W1H 0BB ...»
  80. «Bachelor’s Project Mobilní správce úkolů Petr Pavlík Supervisor: Ing. Ondřej Macek Study Programme: Softwarové technologie a management, ...»
  81. «Bachelor’s thesis Agent-based Model of Global Maritime Merchant Traffic Ondˇej Pelech r Supervisor: Ing. Ondˇej Vanˇk r e 28th May 2012 ...»
  82. «Purchase this book now at heinemann.com “Stepping On My Brother’s Head” and Other Secrets Your English Professor Never Told You A College ...»
  83. «Trend Micro Incorporated reserves the right to make changes to this document and to the service described herein without notice. Before implementing ...»
  84. «Applications / Specifications GE Consumer & Industrial DET-456 Electrical Distribution Power/Vac® Metal-Clad Switchgear and Vacuum Circuit Breakers ...»
  85. «Getting Started with Data Governance Gregory S. Nelson ThotWave Technologies, Chapel Hill, NC Abstract While there has been tremendous progress in ...»
  86. «Visual, Interactive 3D Spatial Grammars in CAD for Computational Design Synthesis Frank Rainer Hoisl Vollständiger Abdruck der von der Fakultät ...»
  87. «Einleitung π ist überall. Es ist uns vielleicht nicht immer bewusst, doch diese Zahl begegnet uns Tag für Tag. Sie ist in jedem kreisrunden ...»
  88. «Master’s thesis Caching REST Server for Cloud Object Stores Bc. Tom´ˇ Pleˇek as s Supervisor: Ing. Jaroslav Kuchaˇ r 28th June 2013 ...»
  89. «Erik Sandewall Resume of a Course on Artificial Intelligence and Lisp This series contains technical reports and tutorial texts from the project on ...»
  90. «PMDG 737 fü r FSX Dokümentation zür Videoreihe Vorwort Dies Ding wird lang. Die 737 NGX von PMDG ist das detailgetreuste Addon Flugzeug das ich ...»
  91. «sight Financial and Performance Audits Directorate Quality Control Review September 29, 1997 Report Number PO 97-055 Additional Copies To obtain ...»
  92. «Types of metric feet: Pyrrhic: uu Spondee: // Tribrach: uuu Molo′ssos: /// IAMB: u/ TROCHEE: /u ANAPEST: uu/ DACTYL: /uu Ba′cchius: u// ...»
  93. «Master’s thesis Developing a geographic data management component for a car-sharing support information system Bc. Petr Pokorn´ y Supervisor: Ing. ...»
  94. «DEFINITIONS Postdoctoral education is an important element in the research and scholarship environment at the University of Pittsburgh. In general, a ...»
  95. «PowerVault™ MD3200 and MD3200i Storage Arrays Data Migration from the Dell PowerVault™ MD3000i/MD3000 to MD3200i/MD3220i Series Storage Arrays ...»
  96. «Implementing a Master Data Strategy Part III: Architecture and Tools by Neil Foshay Assistant Professor of Information Systems at St. Francis Xavier ...»
  97. «Diploma Thesis Ergonomy of Human-machine 3D Visualisation Interface for Air-Traffic Control Bc. Zdenˇk B´rnet ea Supervisor: Mgr. Pˇemysl Volf r ...»
  98. «1st Edition, January 2011 GUIDELINES FOR PREVENTION OF TRANSFUSION-ASSOCIATED GRAFT-VERSUS-HOST DISEASE (TA-GVHD) (Update of the Guidelines for Gamma ...»
  99. «Atmospheric Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases This indicator describes how the levels of major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have changed over ...»
  100. «Problem A Cubist Artwork Input: A.in International Center for Picassonian Cubism is a Spanish national museum of cubist artworks, dedicated to Pablo ...»
  101. «Abstract. Data integration problems are commonly viewed as interoperability issues, where the burden of reaching a common ground for exchanging data ...»
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