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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «United States Wood Decay in Living Department of Agriculture and Dead Trees: Forest Service Northern A Pictorial Overview Research Station General ...»
  2. «Guidance on Assessment under the EU Air Quality Directives – FINAL DRAFT Guidance on Assessment under the EU Air Quality Directives Final draft ...»
  3. «EMC VNXe3200 File Deduplication and Compression A Detailed Review Abstract This white paper describes EMC® VNXe™ File Deduplication and ...»
  4. «Hagg, W., Mayer, C., Steglich, C., 2008: Glacier changes in the Bavarian Alps from 1989/90 to 2006/2007. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und ...»
  5. «Master’s thesis Data structures for ray tracing on specialized hardware Bc. Michal Hapala Supervisor: Ing. Vlastimil Havran, Ph. D. Study ...»
  6. «Healthcare Data Management for Providers Expanding Insight, Increasing Efficiency, Improving Care This document contains Confidential, Proprietary ...»
  7. «Practical data mining in a large utility company Georges Hébrail ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE, R&D Division, 1, Av. du Général de Gaulle, 92141 Clamart, ...»
  8. «L¨sungsprozessierte Zinkoxid D¨ nnschichttransistoren o u Der Technischen Fakult¨t der a Universit¨t Erlangen-N¨rnberg a u zur Erlangung des ...»
  9. «Data Quality and Record Linkage Techniques Thomas N. Herzog Fritz J. Scheuren William E. Winkler Data Quality and Record Linkage Techniques Thomas N. ...»
  10. «Presented by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration BRIDGE MANAGEMENT Practices in Idaho, Michigan and Virginia Cover: ...»
  11. «E-mail addresses: dave@cogsci.indiana.edu french@cogsci.indiana.edu dughof@cogsci.indiana.edu To appear in Journal of Experimental and Theoretical ...»
  12. «Contents 1 Introduction and General Context 2 Non-Technical Aspects 2.1 Conventions 2.2 Sub-granted Activities and Budget 2.3 Evaluation Criteria 2.4 ...»
  13. « ...»
  14. «GB Operating Manual Radio remote control 12 buttons HM-RC-12, HM-RC-12-B Page 20 - 34 1. Ausgabe Deutsch 04/2011 Dokumentation © 2007 eQ-3 Ltd., ...»
  15. «Operating Manual GB Radio remote control 19 button HM-RC-19, HM-RC-19-B Page 22 - 39 1. Ausgabe Deutsch 1/007 Dokumentation © 007 eQ-3 Ltd., Hong ...»
  16. «Arthur R. Butz Theses & Dissertations Press PO Box 257768, Chicago, Illinois 60625 September 2003 The Author Arthur R. Butz was born and raised in ...»
  17. «WHITE Competitive Advantage This document contains Confidential, Proprietary and Trade Secret Information (“Confidential Information”) of ...»
  18. «Chapter 2 Jump-Diffusion Models for Asset Pricing in Financial Engineering S.G. Kou Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, ...»
  19. «In some circumstances it really pays to know how to make a smooth escape from stocks, hand and leg irons, chains (with associated ball), knotted ...»
  20. «automation, End-to-end automated application design and deployment poses a deployment, utility significant technical challenge. With increasing scale ...»
  21. «Bachelor’s thesis Viewer of HDR images in different color spaces Jiří Hruška Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Filip, Ph.D. May 17, 2013 Acknowledgements ...»
  22. «User Guide Blackbaud Hosting Services ©2011 Blackbaud, Inc. This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form ...»
  23. «Bachelor Thesis Authenticated LAN access Viktor Hubina Supervisor: Ing. Jan Kubr Study Programme: Software technologies and management, Bachelor ...»
  24. «The Energetic Ear A. J. Hudspeth Abstract: As the gateway to human communication, the sense of hearing is of enormous importance in our lives. ...»
  25. «Banner S#: Employee Job Title Evaluation Period From:_ To: Supervisor Name/S# Reason for Evaluation _Annual _Other (Please Specify)_ Evaluation ...»
  26. «ABSTRACT. It is argued that in order to efficiently tackle complex problems, user and support system should intimately interact, complementing each ...»
  27. «Hangzhou, China March 22-23, 2009 Contents Meeting Summary 1. Welcome and Introduction .. 2 2. Objectives of the meeting .. 3 3. Action items from ...»
  28. «Adopted by resolution of the IBA Council on Thursday 23 October 2014 IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration Adopted by ...»
  29. «Report of the ICES Advisory Committee, 2011 Book 11 Technical Services International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Conseil International ...»
  30. «Lei Jiang1, Alex Borgida2,1, Thodoros Topaloglou1, John Mylopoulos1 University of Toronto, 2Rutgers University leijiang@cs.toronto.edu, ...»
  31. «Abstract. This paper introduces a new project, InfraWatch, that demonstrates the many challenges that a large complex data analysis application has ...»
  32. «IECEx OD 203 Edition 1.0 2014-04 IECEx OPERATIONAL DOCUMENT IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive ...»
  33. «Prof. Ming Xue, Principal Investigator Prof. Frederick H. Carr, Co-Principal Investigator Prof. Alan Shapiro, Co-Principal Investigator School of ...»
  34. «Data Leakage Detection Using RSA Algorithm Supriya Singh United College of Engineering & Research, Gautam Buddh Technical University, Allahabad, ...»
  35. «Classification and Evaluation the Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques by using a Data Modification–based Framework MohammadReza Keyvanpour ...»
  36. «Secret Detection of Sensitive Data Leakage Miss. Pooja Kolte Post Graduate Student, Department of Computer Engineering, RMD Sinhgad School of ...»
  37. «International Journal of Inventions in Computer Science and Engineering ISSN (Online): 2348 – 3539, ISSN (Print): 2348 – 3431 Volume 1 Issue 10 ...»
  38. «International Journal of Software and Web Sciences (IJSWS) www.iasir.net Data Mining Techniques for Software Defect Prediction Ms. Puneet Jai Kaur1, ...»
  39. «Abstract The distribution of collagen fibres plays a significant role in the mechanical behaviour of artery walls. Experimental data show that in ...»
  40. «Development of a Traceable Atomic Force Microscope with Interferometer and Compensation Flexure Stage Vorgelegt der Fakultät für Maschinenbau Der ...»
  41. «Irina Nicoleta Cimalla AlGaN/GaN sensors for direct monitoring of fluids and bioreactions AlGaN/GaN sensors for direct monitoring of fluids and ...»
  42. «M-sequence based ultra-wideband radar and its application to crack detection in salt mines Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Herrmann Dissertation zur Erlangung des ...»
  43. «Cytotaxonomic studies of three ornamental aroids Emmanuel Jonah Kalu, Anulika Mercy Kanu Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Nigeria ABSTRACT ...»
  44. «Ab st ract- Environmental regulators must have confidence in the complete measurement sequence: from sample point to measurement report. Thus, they ...»
  45. «Rasmus R. Paulsen Kongens Lyngby 2004 IMM-PHD-2004-134 Technical University of Denmark Informatics and Mathematical Modelling Building 321, DK-2800 ...»
  46. « Stem Cell Differentiation  inside Extracellular Matrix Functionalized  Microcavities   ...»
  47. «INDUSTRY AND COMPETITOR ANALYSIS This guide provides an overview of techniques useful in conducting an industry or competitor analysis and a listing ...»
  48. «TECHNICAL MANUAL 96-02735-00-01 Revision C CONFIDENTIAL and INOGEN ONE G2 OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR Page 1 of 20 96-02735-00-01 revC PROPRIETARY TECHNICAL ...»
  49. «This document contains an overview of the data contained in the Inspection dashboard and information to assist in interpreting the charts. For more ...»
  50. «F R A N K MI ELE A Member o f the Perseus Books G roup All rights reserved. Printed in the U n ited States o f America. N o part o f this publication ...»
  51. «Author: Yves Louis – November 2011 I would like to acknowledge Max Ardica, Patrice Bellagamba and Victor Moreno for their significant contributions ...»
  52. «ORIGINAL ISSUE DATE: December 28, 2012 REVISION 1: March 14, 2013 REVISION 2: March 21, 2013 EVALUATION CENTER Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. 1500 ...»
  53. «IFRS Foundation® Invitation to Comment IFRS Taxonomy™ Due Process Comments to be received by 3 February 2016 November 2015 Invitation to comment ...»
  54. «Entwicklung und Charakterisierung eines wolframfaserverstärkten Wolfram-Verbundwerkstoffs IPP 17/39 Dezember, 2013 Technische Universität München ...»
  55. «d -Schränke für Brandmeldeanlagen 19-inch installations and cabinets for fire alarm systems D 798635 Technische Änderungen vorbehalten! 03.2007 ...»
  56. «Mapping Performance Data for High-Level and Data Views of Parallel Program Performance1 R. Bruce Irvin Barton P. Miller rbi@informix.com ...»
  57. «Hellenistic Time Lords An Introduction to Timing by Planetary Periods and Ascensional Times of the Signs By Demetra George Hellenistic astrology is ...»
  58. «1. Introduction In this article, we attempt to develop a speech synthesis process driven by vocal tract contours acquired from cineradiographic data, ...»
  59. «Data Governance and Stewardship Overview The U.S. Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as a ...»
  60. «Data Security: Top Threats to Data Protection Overview The U.S. Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as ...»
  62. «General Information First and last name: Jacqueline Romkes Year of birth: 1973 Nationality: Dutch Marital status: married, 1 son Address: Laboratory ...»
  63. «To What Degree Can Log Data Profile a Web Searcher? Bernard J. Jansen1, Mimi, Zhang1, Danielle Booth1, Daehee Park1, Ying Zhang3, Ashish Kathuria2, ...»
  64. «RSP Notes This newsletter contains information on research funding opportunities, foundations and services offered by Western Washington ...»
  65. «Curriculum Vitae Jon Holbrook _ Work Address: NASA Ames Research Center Mail Stop 262-2 Bldg. 262, Rm. 290A P.O. Box 1 Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001 ...»
  67. «How Knowledge Shapes Collective Action: Professionalism, Market Closure and Bureaucracy in the Fields of University and Non-university Research ...»
  68. «Social Connectedness on Facebook – An Explorative Study on Status Message Usage Felix K¨bler∗ Christoph Riedl† C´line Vetter‡ o e Jan Marco ...»
  69. «                                        Please quote as: Blohm, I.; Bretschneider, U.; Leimeister, J. M. & Krcmar, H. (2011): ...»
  70. «Master of Science Thesis Data mining analysis of defect data in Software Development Process by Joan Rigat Supervisors Dr.ir. Jos .J.M. Trienekens ...»
  71. «STUDIENGANG FÜR RESTAURIERUNG, KUNSTTECHNOLOGIE UND KONSERVIERUNGSWISSENSCHAFT A 15th century polychrome wood sculpture from the Burrell Collection ...»
  72. «Bill Johnston died on November 5, 1972, leaving this world a better and more interesting place for his 73 years on it. Few geologists have touched ...»
  73. «Lombard'sches Paradoxon Lässt sich das Lombard`sche Paradoxon beim Gehen an der Ischiokruralmuskulatur anhand eines selbst erstellten, mechanischen ...»
  74. «The University of California, Riverside Unmanned Aerial Systems team will be participating in the 13th annual AUVSI SUAS competition for the second ...»
  75. «RESEARCH AND PRACTICE J. Softw. Maint. Evol.: Res. Pract. 2008; 20:227–247 Published online 9 July 2008 in Wiley InterScience ...»
  76. «Tom´ˇ Jur´ˇka as as Virtualizace operacn´ ˇ ıch system˚ ´u Katedra poˇ´ c˚ cıtaˇu Vedouc´ diplomov´ pr´ce: ı ea ˇ Ing. Ivan ...»
  77. «Abstract It is well known that it is impossible for a mechanism to be strategyproof, Pareto efficient, and eliminate justified envy. However, ...»
  78. «Juvenile Firesetting - An Appropriate Response by Damian Smith, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service ...»
  79. «Validation of a fully autonomous phosphate analyser based on a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip C. Slater*, J. Cleary*, K. -T. Lau*, D. Snakenborg**, B. ...»
  80. «Modellierung des Transports kohäsiver Sedimente und des Verbleibs sedimentgebundenen Hexachlorbenzols (HCB) im Einzugsgebiet der mittleren Elbe Vom ...»
  81. «1. Introduction One of the goals of K42 is to develop a platform that can become a basis of operating systems research for a broad community. To ...»
  82. «Variational Assimilation (§5.5) We now turn from Optimal Interpolation to another approach to objective analysis, the variational assimilation ...»
  83. «Bitte machen Sie von dieser Hotline Gebrauch, da technische Probleme meist hier schon behoben werden können, ohne dass Sie Ihr Gerät einsenden ...»
  84. «Mikrolernen in der betrieblichen Weiterbildung unter Berücksichtigung der Persönlichkeitsdimension Extraversion Masterarbeit im Studiengang Master ...»
  85. «Zur ästhetischen Umsetzung von Musikvideos im Kontext von Handhelds – eine Einführung Henry Keazor, Hans W. Giessen, Thorsten Wübbena „[1101-1200] ...»
  86. «Introduction Material Modernity, Consumable Tradition When Taebok turned the knob of the radio on the little table beside Master Yun’s bed, ...»
  87. «Public Reason 2(2): 41-51 © 2010 by Public Reason ”Scales of Justice” and the Challenges of Global Governmentality Ina Kerner Humboldt ...»
  88. «Future renewable energy costs: onshore wind How technology innovation is anticipated to reduce the cost of energy from European onshore wind farms ...»
  89. «by Seth Kim-Cohen The Continuum International Publishing Group Inc 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038 The Continuum International Publishing Group ...»
  90. «Technology and Culture, Volume 55, Number 3, July 2014, pp. 591-621 (Article) DOI: 10.1353/tech.2014.0072 For additional information about this ...»
  91. «Technisc Dokumentation Technische tation EPM Mueller® Knee Extractor KN2 www www.epm-mueller.de Technische Dokumentation ® Inhalt: EPM Mueller Knie ...»
  92. «i ii Czech technical university in Prague Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department of Computer graphics and Interaction Bachelor’s thesis ...»
  93. «VIRTUAL REALITY FOR iDTV ENVIRONMENT Jiří Kratochvíl Diploma Thesis Supervisor: Ing. Ladislav Čmolík Department of Computer Graphics January ...»
  94. «ROSALIND KRAUSS Lip Synch: Marclay Not Nauman Bruce Nauman’s video Lip Synch (1969) shows the artist’s head upside down and close up, his ...»
  95. «Master’s Thesis Web content management system: architecture, concepts and application Bc. Josef Kunhart Supervisor: Ing. Miroslav Bureš, Ph.D. ...»
  96. «Self Contained Ice Making System Revised: 5-5-06 L-2448A TABLE OF CONTENTS Installation Instructions Installation Drawings Start-up Procedure Trouble ...»
  97. «One of the most worrisome conditions to find in any movement is an escape wheel with damaged teeth. For most of us, it is the first thing we look for ...»
  98. «Erfassung von Dimensionen der Selbstregulation. Der Locomotion-Assessment-Fragebogen (L-A-F)1 Assessing dimensions of self-regulation. The locomotion ...»
  99. «NOSEK AND GO ASSOCIAT ION TASK T HEG O/NO- BANAJI THE GO/NO-GO ASSOCIATION TASK Brian A. Nosek and Mahzarin R. Banaji Yale University Theory is ...»
  100. «Lebedev К.К., Pankratova D.А. The article includes a few sound arguments, allowing asserting that foreign-made cars’ assembly practice, working ...»
  101. «Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques Chapter I: Introduction to Data Mining We are in an age often referred to as the information age. In this ...»
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