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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «Environment and Behavior July 1998 v30 n4 p450(22) Page 1 Social structural and social psychological bases of environmental concern. by Thomas Dietz, ...»
  2. «Methoden der Denk- und Problemlöseforschung. In J. Funke (Ed.), Denken und Problemlösen (=Enzyklopädie der Psychologie, Themenbereich C: Theorie ...»
  3. «Acknowledgements Acknowledgements The Special Olympics movement is profoundly grateful for the support of the Annenberg Foundation which has ...»
  4. «I. A PLEA FOR ECUMENICISM The question of animal belief (or animal intentionality) often degenerates into a frustrating and unproductive exchange. ...»
  5. «ESOTERIC COMMUNITY BUILDING IN CAMPHILL COMMUNITIES Camphill communities provide a home, education, care and support for vulnerable people. They are ...»
  6. «the dalai lama’s heart of wisdom teachings translated and edited by geshe thupten jinpa A Note from the Publisher We hope you will enjoy this ...»
  7. «Essentialism, Culture, and Power: Representations of Social Class Ramaswami Mahalingam∗ University of Michigan This article argues that beliefs ...»
  8. «Basic Concepts And Methods In Ethics (ESSAY #2) Introduction As with any other higher-order intellectual activity, resolving moral problems requires ...»
  9. «There are as many adoption search and reunion scenarios as there are people involved. Everyone who has worked in this field, who has been part of the ...»
  10. «Joel osteen New York Boston Nashville Copyright © 2013 by Joel Osteen All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, the ...»
  11. «Running Head: MENTALLY DISORDERED FIRESETTERS Explanations of Firesetting in Mentally Disordered Offenders: A Review of the Literature. Nichola ...»
  12. «Expressivism: ‘Good art is moving or ca ptures a mood or feeling’ The numbered artworks referred to in this handout are listed, with links, on ...»
  13. «External Thought—Does Sketching Assist Problem Analysis? PIERRE SACHSE*, WINFRIED HACKER and SVEN LEINERT Dresden University of Technology, Germany ...»
  14. «1. Lerntheorien Der Nachteil der Intelligenz besteht darin, dass man ununterbrochen gezwungen ist, dazuzulernen. George Bernard Shaw Die Formen des ...»
  15. «Istanbul was Constantinople, Now it ̓s Istanbul not Constantinople, Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it ̓s turkish delight on a ...»
  16. «Im 19. Jahrhundert wurde der – gewiss sehr vage – Begriff der „Sozialen Frage“ bei Sozialtheoretikern verschiedener politischer Couleur zum ...»
  17. «Erica Zaiser University of Kent Roger Giner-Sorolla University of Kent Author Note Erica Zaiser, School of Psychology, University of Kent at ...»
  18. «I am a terrible bowler. On a good night, I break 100. (For those of you who have never bowled, the highest possible score is 300 and a score below ...»
  19. «Consensus and Controversy Essays in Honour of Arthur Jensen Falmer International Master-Minds Challenged Psychology Series Editors: Drs Sohan and ...»
  20. «Autoren: Robert Donoghue und Fred Hicks Editoren der Originalausgabe: Fred Hicks, Lydia Leong Übersetzung: Frank Sennholz Unglaublich hilfreicher ...»
  21. «Bachelorarbeit Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Fachbereich 02 – Sozialwissenschaften, Medien und Sport Psychologisches Institut, Abteilung ...»
  22. «Lehrstuhl für Empirische Pädagogik und Pädagogische Psychologie Michael Henninger und Michael Balk Integrative Evaluation: Ein Ansatz zur ...»
  23. «fB the sound and the fury David Erler · Countertenor John Potter · Tenor Klaus Wenk · Tenor Colin Mason · Bass Richard Wistreich · Bass « ...»
  24. «Close Engagements with Artificial Companions: Key Social, Psychological, Ethical and Design Issues by Malcolm Peltu Oxford Internet Institute Yorick ...»
  25. «Abstract Integrating data sources is a general problem in many scenarios. The main problem is the heterogeneity between data sources which were ...»
  26. «Michael C. Frank Department of Psychology, Stanford University Noah D. Goodman Department of Psychology, Stanford University Many thanks to Allison ...»
  27. «Toward a Science of Other Minds: Escaping the Argument by Analogy DANIEL J. POVINELLI Cognitive Evolution Group, University of Louisiana at Lafayette ...»
  28. «Naomi Tsur, Saint Lazare Holy Land Organization - Green Pilgrim Jerusalem initiative Arch. Osnat Post, Green Pilgrim Jerusalem Planning Head Avner ...»
  29. «Firesetting: Psychopathology, Theory and Treatment Theresa A.Gannon & Afroditi Pina University of Kent, UK Please cite as Gannon, T. A., & Pina, A. ...»
  30. «Faculty Focus 2010 The College of Wooster MISSION STATEMENT The College of Wooster is a community of independent minds, working together to prepare ...»
  31. «Forgotten Prime Minister An option grocery country can have you during your online free snapshot. Yourself ago mention things and with you need rack, ...»
  32. «Research Into Practice From Research to Practice and Back: The Animation Tutor Project Stephen K. Reed1,2 The Animation TutorTM is a curriculum ...»
  33. «Im Auftrag des Ausbildungsinstituts für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse (ABILE), Kaiser-Josef-Platz 52, 4600 Wels, zu Händen Herrn Dr. Otmar ...»
  34. «Free associations to ‘‘food:’’ the effects of gender, generation, and culture Paul Rozin,* Nicole Kurzer, and Adam B. Cohen Department of ...»
  35. «Assessors and use of assessment centre dimensions: a fresh look at a troubling issue FILIP LIEVENS* Department of Personnel Management and Work and ...»
  36. «At dawn, the first thing Napoleon had on his mind was to make sure whether Wellington still held his position. From several reports it soon became ...»
  37. «Enactive Artificial Intelligence: Investigating the systemic organization of life and mind Tom Froesea and Tom Ziemkeb a Center for Computational ...»
  38. «1.1 Die Botschaft Paul vertritt als Evangelium/Botschaft von Jesus Christus/dem Gesalbten, daß jeder Mensch von G’tt für gerecht erklärt wird ...»
  39. «Abstract. In this paper, we analyze the locative alternation of the spray/load-type with beprefixation in German on the basis of the analysis of free ...»
  40. «Release Notes 3.3 Release Notes 821-1407 Release Notes Oracle® Solaris Cluster 3.3 Geographic Edition Release Notes 821-1407 Copyright © 2007, ...»
  41. «Gesundheit 1 Gesundheit Gesundheit des Menschen ist laut Weltgesundheitsorganisation „ein Zustand des vollständigen körperlichen, geistigen und ...»
  42. «Unbelieving the Unbelievable Some Problems in the Rejection of False Information Daniel T. Gilbert University of Texas at Austin Douglas S. Krull ...»
  43. «Glory by Fifi Colston Fifi Colston Awards are not provide to humans like us, Florence Bright, Mum might say, one hand on her hip and the opposite ...»
  44. «Old photographs of the interior of a house in Los Angeles, 1972, are projected on the wall of a gloomy classroom. These pictures are stunning. On top ...»
  45. «Interamerican Journal of Psychology, in press A capital sin: Dispositional envy and its relations to wellbeing Running Head: Dispositional envy and ...»
  47. «Report Q192 in the name of the Canadian Group by Bruce E. MORGAN Acquiescence (tolerance) to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights Questions ...»
  48. «Imprisonment of the Psyche and the Ensuing Enfranchisement Elicited by the Perusal of Twentieth Century Cross-Cultural Literature Society inculcates ...»
  49. «Stephen Gros,sberg Boston University ABSTRACT Samuel, van Santen, and Johnston (1982,1983) reported a word length effect in a word superiority ...»
  50. «• Why Consolidate • Where to Start • Getting It Done • Driving It Home Produced by For additional copies or to download this Guidebook, ...»
  51. «Legal and Criminological Psychology (2004), 9, 121–133 © 2004 The British Psychological Society www.bps.org.uk Confessions and denials and the ...»
  52. «Man’s thoughts and loves and hates! / Earth is my vineyard. (R. Browning, Epilogue to Pacchiarotto) Good, to forgive; Best, to forget! Living, we ...»
  53. «Sleep, Sense of Coherence and Suicidality in Suicide Attempters Nils Sjöström Göteborg 2009 Sleep, Sense of Coherence and Suicidality in Suicide ...»
  54. «To that end, we need a model for spiritually formed and enlivened leadership that serves not only our own sense of mission, but contributes to the ...»
  55. «Concern for Truth: What it Means, Why it Matters1 Susan Haack Department of Philosophy University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida 33124 1 A century or ...»
  56. «Throughout the Suez Crisis of 1956, the communist government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) gave consistent, outspoken support to the ...»
  57. «Hamburger Forschungsberichte zur Sozialpsychologie HAFOS Leonard Reinecke, Sabine Trepte, & Katharina-Maria Behr Why Girls Play. Results of a ...»
  58. «1 Einleitung Die Konzepte „Erwartung“ und „Anreiz“ sind für die Motivationspsychologie von zentraler Bedeutung. Die meisten Theorien der ...»
  59. «Identity Fusion: The Interplay of Personal and Social Indentities in Extreme Group Behaviour William B. Swann, Jr., Ángel Gómez, D. Conor Seyle, J. ...»
  60. «KIMANI ROMANCE “Hey!” she protested. “I thought this was supposed to be touch football.” “Exactly,” he whispered against her neck. His ...»
  61. «Vom Fachbereich Humanwissenschaften der Technischen Universität Darmstadt zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der ...»
  62. «zur Psychologie und Soziologie der Arbeit Nr. 18, September 1999 Wibke Derboven, Michael Dick & Theo Wehner: Erfahrungsorientierte Partizipation und ...»
  63. «1. Introduction Where does Spinoza stand on the question of the universality of natures or – to put it in what are arguably equivalent terms within ...»
  64. «HUMAN SOCIAL BEHAVIORL SYSTEMS: ETHOLOGICAL FRMEWORK FOR A UNIFIED THEORY Liane J. Leedom University of Bridgeport, Psychology Department, CT, US ...»
  66. «I. Abteilung: Veröffentliche Schriften 1910-1976 Primera Sección: Escritos Publicados [801-900] 1. Frühe Schriften (1912-1916) / Primeros escritos ...»
  67. «Inhalt Einführung in die Grundsätze der biblischen Erziehung. Erziehungsprinzipien bei Ellen G. White. Erziehungsauftrag und Erziehungsbotschaft ...»
  68. «cism by ALEX HENDERSON* Georgetown University Abstract This article employs Cicero’s assault on Stoic philosophy in Pro Murena as a point of ...»
  69. «1 The New Faces of Assimilation: 2 “’Koomar;’ what kind of name is that, like five O’s and two U’s?” Although this lewd joke left ...»
  70. «Von Immanuel Swedenborg Aus der lateinischen Urschrift übersetzt. Band 5 Enthaltend 1. Buch Mose Kapitel 27- 31 mit Nr. 3486 - 4228 Orthographisch ...»
  71. «MIDDLE EAR Fluid and HIGH FREQUENCY HEARING The Impact on listening and learning By: Alvin. H. Shapiro PhD, Psychologist & Errol R. Davis M.A. ...»
  72. «The Denationalization of Constitutional Law Gráinne de Búrca∗ Oliver Gerstenberg∗∗ Introduction International law, in general, and ...»
  73. «January 19th 2012 Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Hirschi, A. & Herrmann, A. (in press). Difficulties in career decision-making among Swiss ...»
  74. «1. Einleitung In der Psychotherapieforschung wird der Einfluß von Klientenmotivation auf den Erfolg psychotherapeutischer Maßnahmen allgemein ...»
  75. «How To Work With The Spectroscope Of the most How to Work with the Spectroscope income is to pay around your person outsourcing has rental and is of ...»
  76. «doi:10.1068/p6538 Cross-modal influences on representational momentum and representational gravity Timothy L Hubbard, Jon R Courtney Department of ...»
  77. «Hume’s psych olog y: the principles of association, ima gination and belief THE PRINCIPLES OF ASSOCIATION How does the mind work? Hume claims that ...»
  78. «IAN 270209 Before reading, unfold the page containing the illustrations and familiarise yourself with all functions of the device. Przed ...»
  79. «Abstract. In several fields there is a divide between formal and associative models of concepts and reasoning. For example, in AI associative models ...»
  80. «28 ASCENSIONS ON HIGH IN JEWISH MYSTICISM human faculty involved in contact with a supernal power resonates to the very nature of that power. Thus, ...»
  81. «Assign an IP Address and Access the Video Stream Liability Every care has been taken in the preparation of this document. Please inform your local ...»
  82. «Islands of Innovation or Comprehensive Innovation. Assimilating Educational Technology in Teaching, Learning, and Management: A Case Study of School ...»
  83. «0 N E o F T H E c u R I o u s D E v E L o P M E N T s in intellectual circles over the past few years is that the subject of imperialism is no longer ...»
  84. «Abstract If the promise of computational modeling is to be fully realized in higher-level cognitive domains such as language processing, principled ...»
  85. «Citation: British Psychological Society (2013). Ethics Guidelines for Internet-mediated Research. INF206/1.2013. Leicester: Author. Available from: ...»
  86. «Designing Information Technology, Richard Coyne, 1995 Technoromanticism: Digital Narrative, Holism, and the Romance of the Real, Richard Coyne, 1999 ...»
  87. «Insertion of discrete phonological units: An articulatory and acoustic investigation of aphasic speech Adam B. Buchwald Department of Psychological ...»
  88. «A Guide for Horticulture Industries This guide was prepared independently by the Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture with ...»
  89. «Essay Johanns L. Brandl: Das Problem der Intentionalität in der Philosophie des Geistes Unter Intentionalität versteht man in der Philosophie des ...»
  90. «Intellectual Property in Heriot Watt – A Guide to the Policy What’s this policy all about ? Heriot-Watt University wishes to encourage, alongside ...»
  91. «Second IPCP Progress Report, November 2014 At the 5th International Congress on Licensure, Certification and Credentialing of Psychologists it was ...»
  92. «Advancing Toward the Equality of Women and Men 8 December 2009 Establishing the equality of women and men in society is a matter of vital importance ...»
  93. «REPRESENTATIONALISM AND THE CONCEIVABILITY OF INVERTED SPECTRA Brad Thompson bthompso@smu.edu 1. Introduction A natural view to hold regarding the ...»
  94. «Itineraris Pel Pirineu Andorra Ascensions I Escalades As the mind, we will consider possible supplies in many correspondence the report. One over the ...»
  95. «Herausgeber: Wolfgang Eirund und Joachim Heil ISSN: 1869-6880 IZPP | 10. Ausgabe 1/2014 | Themenschwerpunkt „Online – Offline“ | Arbeiten zu ...»
  96. «P s ychologi schen Beratung s stelle für Eltern, Kinder und Ju gendliche Hemer de s zfb vorgelegt vom Team der Beratung s stelle 58675 Hemer, ...»
  97. «Sponsorship-Linked Marketing: The Role of Articulation in Memory T. BETTINA CORNWELL MICHAEL S. HUMPHREYS ANGELA M. MAGUIRE CLINTON S. WEEKS ...»
  98. «The impact of strong assimilation on the perception of connected speech M. Gareth Gaskell and Natalie D. Snoeren Department of Psychology, University ...»
  99. «Please quote as: Gierczak, M. M.; Englisch, O. & Bretschneider, U. (2015): Minding the Gap – An Expectation-Disconfirmation Approach to ...»
  101. «Ascertaining the validity of individual protocols from Web-based personality inventories John A. Johnson Pennsylvania State University, Penn State ...»
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