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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «OIG-03-009 October 24, 2002 Office of Inspector General ******* The Department of the Treasury Contents Audit Report Results in Brief Background ...»
  2. «Jews and Power: Literature, Philosophy, Politics December 1, 2014 – December 12, 2014 Participant Biographies Benjamin Bilski Netherlands Benjamin ...»
  3. «Ugur OMURGONULSEN (Assistant Professor, Hacettepe University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, 06800, Ankara-Turkey, ...»
  4. «Dr. Ugur OMURGONULSEN (Assistant Professor, Hacettepe University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Beytepe Campus, 06800, ...»
  5. «In his study of recent developments in Guinea-Bissau, Lars Rudebeck seeks to investigate how democratic rule emerges and functions in real life. His ...»
  6. «BARRIERS TO EDUCATION IN CONFLICT-AFFECTED COUNTRIES AND POLICY OPPORTUNITIES By Patricia Justino, Institute of Development Studies This paper was ...»
  7. «Abstract: The current practices of research funding do not yet use means of communication and collaboration of the Internet age effectively. Combined ...»
  8. «OPHI WORKING PAPER NO. 36 Human Development: Definitions, Critiques, and Related Concepts Background paper for the 2010 Human Development Report ...»
  9. «OPP Working Paper Series 29 Digital Tornado: The Internet and Telecommunications Policy March 1997 Note: The graphics associated with this document ...»
  10. «Jason Oxman* Counsel for Advanced Communications Office of Plans and Policy joxman@fcc.gov Office of Plans and Policy Federal Communications ...»
  11. «Michael Kende∗ Director of Internet Policy Analysis Office of Plans and Policy mkende@fcc.gov Office of Plans and Policy Federal Communications ...»
  13. «Special Notice Before using and/or reading any book published by BOOKYARDS.com, you must read and accept the following conditions: By using and ...»
  14. «Offering Monetary Rewards to Public Whistleblowers: A Proposal for Attacking Corruption at Its Source Charles J. Stiegler* Inci Akpinar, the vice ...»
  15. «Sheltering and Discriminating: Homosexuality and Immigration Law in the United States By Claire O’Sullivan In the United States, there exists an ...»
  16. «Confessions of a Terrorist Sympathiser RICHARD JACKSON I confess that I am a terrorist sympathiser. Of course, it is a profanity, a kind of ...»
  17. «Introduction This Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) tutorial provides an overview of the confirmatory testing process for engines and ...»
  18. «* Bruno Latour dialogue prepared for a volume in honor of Donna Haraway edited by Sharon Ghamari “Duces caeci, excolantes culicem, camelum autem ...»
  19. «City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a municipal Corporation c/o Tulsa Performing Arts Center 110 East Second Street Tulsa, OK 74103-3204 TULSA PERFORMING ARTS ...»
  20. «Instructor: Dr. Benjamin Clark How to contact/find me: Email: Via Blackboard (preferred) or b.y.clark@csuohio.edu AIM: Talk2ProfClark (may only be ...»
  21. «1. eclipse by politics Commentary on the 1960s has been massive. Law and politics in that turbulent decade are well documented but remain ...»
  22. «Previous versions of this paper were presented at the 2014 meetings of the American Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science ...»
  23. «Paper prepared for panel 44, ‘Street-level policy research: expanding the boundaries’, first ICPP conference, June 2013, Grenoble, France. Draft; ...»
  24. «Democratic Deficit: The Dark Side of Weberian Bureaucracy in Nigeria By Ogunrotifa Ayodeji Bayo School of Social and Political Sciences, University ...»
  25. «Get to Know your Bureaucracies. Mapping Subnational Bureaucratic Bodies with Evidence from Official Household Surveys.Argentina2003-2011 Lorena ...»
  26. «Augustina Adusah-Karikari, PhD Lecturer Public Services School Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration P. O. Box AH 50 Green ...»
  27. «Final Version: Accepted in March 2009 for Publication in the European Political Science Review, (Cambridge University Press). Authors: Paul Statham* ...»
  28. «Mitra Akhtari** Diana Moreira† Laura Trucco‡ October 21, 2014 ** Preliminary draft: please do not cite or circulate. ** Abstract We study the ...»
  29. «Problems with Early Reading Tests: Confounded Statistical Analyses and Policy Recommendations Scott Paris National Institute of Education 1 Nanyang ...»
  30. «Beryl A. Radin American University radin@american.edu Panel # 617 The contribution of the concept of multilevel governance to studies of federalism ...»
  31. «PARROt BREEdInG And KEEPInG: thE IMPACt Of CAPtuRE And CAPtIvItY POLICY PAPER How the pet trade results in long-term harm to wild and captive birds ...»
  32. «The partition of India and retributive genocide in the Punjab, 1946–47: means, methods, and purposes1 PAUL R. BRASS Labels Genocide studies suffer ...»
  33. «by Shiri Pasternak A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Program in Planning, Department of ...»
  34. «This Ghibelline sirventes dates from 1268 and celebrates the famous expedition to Italy of Conradin, the young heir to the Hohenstaufen dynasty, ...»
  35. «Abstract The means by which governments select bureaucratic officials are likely to be closely associated with the performance of state ...»
  36. «Last Revised 6/29/2015 Table of Contents Introduction I. Administrative Capability II. Financial Aid Code of Conduct Standards for Safeguarding ...»
  37. «Werner Jann | Sylvia Veit Politicisation of Administration or Bureaucratisation of Politics? The case of Germany Potsdamer Diskussionspapiere zur ...»
  38. «Release 1.0 September 2005 Hugh L. McManus, PhD The Lean Aerospace Initiative Sept. 2005 Product Development Value Stream Mapping (PDVSM) Manual 1.0 ...»
  39. «Repeat Victimisation: Taking Stock Ken Pease Editor: Barry Webb Home Office Police Research Group 50 Queen Anne’s Gate London SW1H 9A T Crown ...»
  40. «Working Paper PEIF-3 Tax Reforms and “Modell Deutschland”: Lessons from Four Years of Red-Green Tax-Policy by Achim Truger and Wade Jacoby ...»
  41. «Open Access. Some rights reserved. As the publisher of this work, Demos wants to encourage the circulation of our work as widely as possible while ...»
  42. «Item type Article Authors Young, Craig; Light, Duncan Citation Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 2013, vol. 38, no.1, pp.135-148 ...»
  43. «Treatment of VOBA, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets under PGAAP EXPOSURE DRAFT February 2014 American Academy of Actuaries Life Financial ...»
  44. «Wolfgang Gründinger, Prospectus, draft as of 19th June 2012 – yet to review Abstract Lobbyism has witnessed surprisingly scant scholarly ...»
  45. «Università degli Studi di Cagliari        DOTTORATO DI RICERCA  IN STUDI FILOLOGICI E LETTERARI  Ciclo XXIII        THE ONLY ...»
  46. «Party Government. By E.E. Schattschneider. (New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1942). Referred to in the text as PG. Critical Elections and the ...»
  47. «EDUCATION: Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, School of Public Policy and Social Research, Department of Social Welfare Dissertation Title: ...»
  48. «Kenneth J. Meier* Texas A&M University and Cardiff University and Laurence J. O’Toole, Jr. University of Georgia *Corresponding Author Kenneth J. ...»
  49. «Vicky M. Wilkins Brian N. Williams Department of Public Administration and Policy University of Georgia 204 Baldwin Hall Athens, GA 30602 ...»
  50. «State of the Art The politics-bureaucracy interface: impact on development reform Niheer Dasandi October 2014 www.dlprog.org The Developmental ...»
  51. «Bureaucracy and Public Policy POL-UA 0350 Fall 2011 Professor Sanford Clark Gordon I. Introduction Bureaucracies are inescapably embedded in the ...»
  52. «Recognizing our responsibilities to ensure that the church will be a safe place, we the members of the congregation of Beacon Heights Church of the ...»
  53. «1. GLOSARY 1.1. Indigent Indigent is defined as those people, due to a number of factors, who are unable to make monetary contribution towards basic ...»
  54. «James Finn Garner POLITICALLY CORRECT BEDTIME STORIES To the Theatre of the Bizarre, including Pepe, Armando, Egon, Ted, Matteo, Nick and Julietta; ...»
  55. «Politicians, Managers, and Street-Level Bureaucrats: Influences on Policy Implementation Peter J. May University of Washington Søren C. Winter The ...»
  56. «Abstract When do politicians prompt bureaucrats to provide effective services? Leveraging the uneven overlap of jurisdictions in India, we compare ...»
  57. «Post Party Politics Can participation reconnect people and government? Involve Involve exists to put people at the heart of decision-making. Who. ...»
  58. «RESOURCE BOOK ON PPP CASE STUDIES June 2004 Resource Book on PPP Case Studies Ce Resource Book est publié sur le site internet de la Commission ...»
  59. «september 2009 Copyright © 2009 by the Investment Company Institute. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a ...»
  60. «The Quiet Continent: Religion and Politics in Europe. In: The Political Quarterly 71(s1), 90-103 (2000). Wiley-Blackwell The original publication is ...»
  61. «PRODUCED BY THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT Anti-Bribery Policy CONTENTS 1. About this policy...3 2. Who must comply? 3. What is bribery? 4. How do you comply? ...»
  62. «Senate Gate-Keeping, Presidential Staffing of “Inferior Offices,” and the Ideological Composition of Appointments to the Public Bureaucracy Adam ...»
  63. «Viviane Reding Member of the European Commission responsible for Information Society and Media The role of libraries in the information society CENL ...»
  64. «Stagnation of a “Miracle”: Botswana’s Governance Record Revisited Christian von Soest No 99 April 2009 www.giga-hamburg.de/workingpapers ...»
  65. «The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action part tthree of: The Politics of Nonviolent Action Gene Sharp With the editorial assistance of Marina Finkelstein ...»
  66. «Revised April 2013 Table of Contents Statement from the President and CEO Visteon International Data Protection Policy 1.0 Purpose 2.0 Scope 3.0 ...»
  67. «! Proceedings of the Policy Studies Organization New Series, No. 22! ! ! ! ! 1527 New Hampshire Ave, NW Washington DC, 20036 Tel: (202) 483 2512 Fax: ...»
  68. «Gaius meets Cicero Leesen, Tessa Publication date: Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Leesen, T. G. (2009). Gaius meets ...»
  69. «Philip S. Thomas, William Dabney, Sridhar Mahadevan, and Stephen Giguere School of Computer Science University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, MA ...»
  71. «ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION GRANT APPLICATION GUIDELINES This document lays out the content and formatting requirements when writing a grant proposal ...»
  72. «To regulate or not. Politicians, prostitution and the police Greg Swensen (September 1989) Introduction There has been a renewed interest by ...»
  73. «Malthus Reconsidered: Population, Natural Resources, and Markets BY ROSS B. EMMETT ROGER MEINERS SERIES EDITOR SPECIAL ISSUE IN HONOR OF JULIAN SIMON ...»
  74. «Abstract: The paper reports on research into the role of consultants, consultancy and consultocracy in educational administration in England. Drawing ...»
  75. «Photo courtesy of Zac Davis February 26, 2015 SOUTHEAST SEATTLE EMERGING EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT COALITIONS COMMUNITY REPORT Authors: Ubax Gardheere, ...»
  77. «Module Name: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods Module Code: PUBLG100A/B Teaching: 2 hours of lecture, 1 hour of seminar (Note: Seminars ...»
  78. «Jacques Delors: Mensch und Methode Heinrich Schneider Reihe Politikwissenschaft Political Science Series Jacques Delors: Mensch und Methode Heinrich ...»
  79. «Study und Konjunkturforschung Macroeconomic Policy Institute Kai Daniel Schmid1, Ulrike Stein2 Explaining Rising Income Inequality in Germany, ...»
  80. «Working Paper Christian Schoder1 Endogenous capital productivity in the Kaleckian growth model. Theory and Evidence November 12, 2012 Abstract An ...»
  81. «Working Paper Christian Schoder1 Instability, stationary utilization and effective demand: A synthesis of Harrodian and Kaleckian growth theory ...»
  82. «Working Paper Thomas I. Palley1 Global imbalances and the Revised Bretton Woods hypothesis: Wrong before the crisis and wrong after January 2013 ...»
  83. «Working Paper Thomas I. Palley1 Monetary policy in the liquidity trap and after: A reassessment of quantitative easing and critique of the Federal ...»
  84. «Working Paper Alexander Herzog-Stein1, Fabian Lindner1, Simon Sturn2, Explaining the German Employment Miracle in the Great Recession – The Crucial ...»
  85. «Working Paper Moritz Drechsel-Grau and Kai D. Schmid1 Consumption-Savings Decisions under Upward Looking Comparisons: Evidence from Germany, ...»
  86. «Working Paper Silke Tober1 Debt Redemption Fund: Conditio Sine Qua Non? Government Bonds in the Euro Area Crisis Abstract Fiscal austerity has not ...»
  87. «Working Paper Fabian Lindner1 The Interaction of Mortgage Credit and Housing Prices in the US April 28, 2014 Abstract This paper looks at the ...»
  88. «Working Paper Ingo G. Bordon1, Kai D. Schmid2 and Michael Schmidt3 Hypnosis Before Wake-up Call? The Revival of Sovereign Credit Risk Perception in ...»
  89. «Working Paper Sebastian Gechert, Katja Rietzler and Silke Tober1 The European Commission’s New NAIRU: Does it Deliver? First Version: December 2014 ...»
  90. «Working Paper Marc Lavoie1, Eckhard Hein2 Going from a low to a high employment equilibrium3 Abstract This paper presents an extensive, but ...»
  91. «Working Paper Marc Lavoie1 The Eurozone: Similitudes and differences with Keynes’s Plan2 Abstract The eurozone is often considered to be the ...»
  92. «Working Paper Sarah Godar1, Christoph Paetz2 and Achim Truger3 The scope for progressive tax reform in the OECD countries: A macroeconomic ...»
  93. «Working Paper Till van Treeck Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK), Düsseldorf Did inequality cause the U.S. financial crisis? Abstract In his ...»
  94. «Working Paper Thomas I. Palley * Keynesian, Classical and New Keynesian Approaches to Fiscal Policy: Comparison and Critique Abstract The short-run ...»
  95. «Working Paper Sebastian Gechert* | Henner Will** Fiscal Multipliers: A Meta Regression Analysis Abstract Since the fiscal expansion during the Great ...»
  96. «Eckhard Hein* WSI – Discussion Paper No. 95 June 2001 * WSI in der Hans Böckler Stiftung, Bertha von Suttner Platz 1, 40227 Düsseldorf, Germany, ...»
  97. «Thorsten Schulten WSI Discussion Paper No. 101 Düsseldorf, May 2002 Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut in der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung ...»
  98. «CoerCion or Conformism? Censorship and selfCensorship among russian media personalities and reporters in the 2010s ElisabEth schimpfossl thE ...»
  99. «Contents Executive Summary Executive Summary Network congestion is defined as the situation in which an Introduction to QualityGuard smaller (or even ...»
  100. «What type of policy should you buy? Depending on the extent of liability you would like to bear, you can choose from 2 different types of covers. ...»
  101. «Student questions: Mark Quigley colloquium on “The 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence: From Paleoseismology to Policy” 4/6/16 Question 1: ...»
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