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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «By Kristine Schuerger June 2002 INFORMATION PACKET Fatherhood Prepared by Kristine Schuerger The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity ...»
  2. «Ruling masculinity and sexuality1 Kopano Ratele Jacob Zuma and “a better life for all” It may well be that the High Court of South Africa will ...»
  3. «Working Paper Series: No. 7 Regime Performance and Support for Democratization Eric C. C. Chang Michigan State University Yun-han Chu Fu Hu National ...»
  4. «Bruce Hicks Cumberland College 2005 Kentucky Political Science Association Annual Meeting Western Kentucky University March 4-5 Bureaucratic Politics ...»
  5. «Anyone who thought the fast breeder was extinct should think again. Despite the demise of the US Clinch River project, the fast breeder is alive and ...»
  7. «Education Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, 1993. Dissertation title: “Protocol Compilation: High-Performance ...»
  8. «April 2015 This document was produced through a partnership between UNICEF and FHI 360, as part of UNICEF’s Peacebuilding Education and Advocacy ...»
  9. «Human rights in the Maldives: an update at the occasion of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group meeting in London, April 2013 By Maldivian ...»
  10. «The Honorable Jack A. Panella Superior Court of Pennsylvania _ This Benchbook on Crimes of Sexual Violence in Pennsylvania is published by the ...»
  11. «Leif Ohlsson, PhD. Dept. of Social Sciences, University of Örebro (SE-701 82 Örebro, Sweden) & Dept. of Peace and Development Research, University ...»
  12. «Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Association of Nurse ...»
  13. «Gender, Religion and the Quest for Justice in Pakistan Farida Shaheed Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre, Lahore, Pakistan Final Research ...»
  14. «Stefano Fiorini Indiana University Bloomington Assessment and Research Maxwell Hall 025 750 E. Kirkwood Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405-7101 (812) ...»
  15. «Content 1. Twenty Years of Independent Namibian Fiscal Policy 3 2. Theories on Fiscal Policy, Growth and Competitiveness 4 2.1 What is long-run ...»
  16. «Ricardo-AEA Gemini Building, Fermi Avenue, Harwell, OX11 0QR, UK, jan.rosenow@ricardo-aea.com University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute ...»
  17. «NANCY M. FITZSIMONS, PhD, MSW, LISW Minnesota State University Mankato Department of Social Work 358 Trafton Science Center N Mankato, MN 56001 ...»
  18. «I n 1798 the English clergyman-philosopher Thomas Malthus published “An Essay on the Principle of Population,” in which he argued that while the ...»
  19. «Food crises doomed to repeat until leaders find courage to fix problems Futures prices for food staples rise by 50% as droughts hit harvests • ...»
  20. «MEDIA WAVES AND MORAL PANICKING: THE CASE OF THE FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 Monique Emser and Suzanne Francis Political Science Programme University of ...»
  21. «Kulachet Mongkol A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy The University of Canberra Canberra October 2007 Abstract This thesis is ...»
  22. «Varieties of Participation in Complex Governance 2 §1. Thinking About Participation How much, and what kind, of direct citizen participation should ...»
  23. «Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO): FY 2016 Communities Connecting Heritage ...»
  24. «How we achieve our goals is equally important as the end result. Operating safely and ethically is something Finning has stood for since the ...»
  25. «Sean Gailmard† and John W. Patty‡ October 2006 ∗ For helpful comments we are grateful to Neal Beck, Marcus Berliant, Dan Carpenter, Jeff ...»
  26. «Abstract In this paper we investigate how “civil service” systems of public personnel management interact with bureaucratic discretion to create ...»
  27. «*WWZ University of Basel and Swiss National Bank, Petersgraben 51, Basel 4003, Switzerland, Corresponding author: Tel:. +41-61-267-3344; Fax: ...»
  28. «Abstract How do rulers induce bureaucratic compliance? In weakly institutionalized environments, commitment problems undermine the use of ...»
  29. «California Lottery General Policy Summary The California Lottery (Lottery) has certain policies that you need to know as a new Retailer. These ...»
  30. «John O’Loughlin and James E. Bell1 Institute of Behavioral Science University of Colorado Campus Box 487 Boulder, CO. 80309-0487 USA Fax: ...»
  31. « ...»
  32. «Abstract For obvious reasons, radical right mobilisation in Germany faces formidable institutional, political, and cultural obstacles. Previous out ...»
  33. «AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Meredith A. Giordano for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geography presented on March 7, 2002 Title: ...»
  34. «Prepared for: Office of Interstate and Border Planning Federal Highway Administration U.S. Department of Transportation Prepared by: Planning and ...»
  35. «International Relations (IR) as well as Public Administration scholars have started to rediscover bureaucracies as important and powerful actors in ...»
  36. «Doc Number: EDCS 1122054 th Last Revision Date: June 8 , 2014 Policy Owner: Jeremy Wilson Policy Owner’s Org: Compliance Systems th Next Review ...»
  37. «By Gijs Jan Brandsma Utrecht School of Governance Utrecht University The Netherlands Email: G.J.Brandsma@uu.nl & Jens Blom-Hansen Department of ...»
  38. «Student Handbook Glynco Facility THE FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTERS f Mission We train those who protect our homeland. Vision Training ...»
  39. «Process, Polit ics, and Policy n March 12, 1999, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine O Albright stood with the foreign ministers of Poland, Hungary, ...»
  40. «Bureau of Geographic Information Systems Office of Information Resource Management June 8, 2011 1.0 Introduction 2.0 GPS Receiver Hardware and Data ...»
  41. «A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (History and Women’s Studies) in the ...»
  42. «Sofia Gradin University of Bristol © Sofia Gradin School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies University of Bristol Working Paper No. ...»
  43. «ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATE PROGRAM DOCUMENT1 Nothing in this handbook/document supersedes any NSHE, UNLV, or Graduate ...»
  44. «Contemporary Controversies Surrounding Capital Punishment: How does the deterrence theory, victim participation and human rights impact upon current ...»
  45. «PART ONE - THE INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT The instrument of government is the prime political problem confronting human communities (The problem of the ...»
  46. «American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets Fifth Edition American ...»
  47. «Nathanael Greene Elementary School 2013-2014 Parent Handbook Nathanael Greene Elementary 3525 S. Honore Chicago, IL 60609 773-535-4560 ...»
  48. «The exclusivist tendency among Brethren can be traced to their early nineteenth-century origins, finding its primary source in the pessimism of ...»
  49. «Revised: March 2015 This guide is provided to assist the Pastor/Pastoral Leader and those associated with them to prepare for the celebration of Mass ...»
  50. «Organized Crime in Sweden: an analysis of “the Syriac mafia” in the city of Södertälje NB. First draft – do not quote without the permission ...»
  51. «Law as the Continuation of Politics by Other Means - the Unconstitutional ESM and the ECB's Unlawful Bond Buying Programme oder der Rechtsstaat als ...»
  52. «Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies after CRA 3– Regulatory All-or-Nothing Approaches Between Immunity and Over-Deterrence White Paper Series ...»
  53. «230 Commerce, Suite 190 Irvine, CA 92602 Phone: 949-341-3250 Fax: 949-341-3253 TABLE OF CONTENTS Agenda Minutes Consent Agenda Item#1A Staff Credit ...»
  54. «Bottled Water: Beneficial Industry or Super Con Job James E. Hairston Professor and Water Program Coordinator Agronomy & Soils Department, and ...»
  55. «We are seated in the courtroom of the Inter-American Human Rights Court in San Jos´ , Costa Rica, in mid-November 2000. On the right are Edmundo ...»
  56. «B.A. (University of California, Berkeley) 1995 A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of ...»
  57. «Racing to the Bottom? The Equality, Security, and Community project, conducted during a six-year period, was conceived as a multidisciplinary ...»
  59. «Email: nhashemi@du.edu Tel: (303) 871-2447 EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS 2008 – Currently Director of Center for Middle East Studies ...»
  60. «Hybrid Text and Hybrid Reader: Concept Conflation in Erasmus Darwin’s The Loves of the Plants By Alana Rigby Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said of ...»
  61. «Schwerpunkt Griechenland Regierungs- und Politikwechsel in Elena Panagiotidis Griechenland nach den Parlamentswahlen am 25. Januar 2015 Regierung ...»
  62. «Abstract According to Herder, the “human being” (Mensch) is by nature a creature of its own invention: “He constitutes himself” (Er ...»
  63. «Yoshiko M. Herrera Associate Professor Department of Political Science University of Wisconsin, Madison Comments welcome: yherrera@wisc.edu 11/29/07 ...»
  64. «Richard Herring* Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Current draft: July 2002 * Prepared for the Second Annual International Seminar on Policy ...»
  65. «University of Huddersfield Repository Hirschfield, Alex, Newton, Andrew D. and Rogerson, Michelle Linking Burglary and Target Hardening at the ...»
  66. «Abstract Methods of bureaucratic recruitment are widely viewed as having a critical effect on governance outcomes. Yet the literature – ...»
  67. «Abstract The means by which governments select bureaucratic officials are likely to be closely associated with the performance of state ...»
  68. «Professor Ken Pease OBE and Professor Martin Gill September 2011 Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International (PRCI) Ltd 148 Upper New W alk · ...»
  69. «Japanese Public Bureaucracy in the Era of Globalization H O R I Masaharu Abstract Since the late 1990s, Japanese public bureaucracy has dram atically ...»
  70. «Study und Konjunkturforschung Macroeconomic Policy Institute Heike Joebges1, Sebastian Dullien2, Alejandro Márquez-Velázquez3 What causes housing ...»
  71. «Abstract It is well established in the literature that younger voters (age 18-24) turn out in far fewer numbers than their older counterparts. Some ...»
  72. «Introduction “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person,” affirms article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.4 ...»
  73. «Margaret Hunter (mhunter@mills.edu) is Associate Professor and Edward Hohfeld Chair in Sociology at Mills College in Oakland, California. Her ...»
  75. «by Zainub Ibrahim A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the degree of Master of Environmental ...»
  76. «ENERGY CHARTER Follow-up Report on the Investment Climate and Market Structure in the Energy Sector Energy Charter Secretariat TABLE OF CONTENTS MAIN ...»
  77. «Learning from Productive Development Agencies in Brazil: Policies for Technological Innovation Final Report Paulo Furquim de Azevedo (Project leader) ...»
  78. «Jon Pevehouse Department of Political Science University of Wisconsin Timothy Nordstrom Department of Political Science University of Mississippi ...»
  80. «International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 41 (2013) 81e99 www.elsevier.com/locate/ijlcj Italian civil society against the Mafia: From ...»
  81. «Il Danno Ambientale What sparkplugs fully are on will download you include a trend and way by the systems if quality? The company from policy member ...»
  82. «Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung Macroeconomic Policy Institute The Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies ...»
  83. «Forthcoming American Journal of Political Science Joshua D. Clinton ∗ David E. Lewis + Jennifer L. Selin ↑ Does the President or Congress have ...»
  84. «FINAL JUNE 2014 Executive Summary In consultation with key stakeholders, the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) Infrastructure ...»
  85. «REFLECTIONS The Inhumanity of Government Bureaucracies —————— ✦ —————— HANS SHERRER T he media attention focused on elected ...»
  86. «David Tucker October 2006 This publication is a work of the U.S. Government as defined in Title 17, United States Code, Section 101. As such, it is ...»
  87. «Innovative Software Use In An Educational Setting Not, spread you pre-made capacity on a have. Cancel expecting regards of figure, and coming skills ...»
  88. «Bottlenecks in the Growth of Coastal Shipping India Resident Mission Policy Brief Series S. Sundar and Pragya Jaswal Asian Development Bank Asian ...»
  89. «Trade Unions and the unemployed: towards a dialectical approach Jean Faniel Abstract The relationship between trade unions and the unemployed is ...»
  90. «Subrata K. Mitra/Bernd Rill (Hrsg.) Indien heute Brennpunkte seiner Innenpolitik Argumente und Materialien zum Zeitgeschehen 41 Subrata K. ...»
  91. «Intimate Bureaucracies ! ! ! ! INTIMATE BUREAUCRACIES A Manifesto dj readies punctum books ✶ brooklyn, ny ! ! INTIMATE BUREAUCRACIES: A MANIFESTO ...»
  92. «July 22, 2014 INVESTIGATION REPORT Complaint against Jonathan Waters, Director of the OSU Marching Band EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On May 23, 2014, a parent ...»
  93. «• TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Background 2. Summary 3. Amnesty International’s view on impunity: investigations and prosecutions are vital. . 3 4. ...»
  94. «Beyond a Cosmopolitan Ideal: the Politics of Singularity1 Nick Vaughan-Williams Department of International Politics, University of Wales, ...»
  95. «DIRECTORATE GENERAL FOR INTERNAL POLICIES POLICY DEPARTMENT D: BUDGETARY AFFAIRS How do Member States handle contributions to the EU budget in their ...»
  96. «BOTSWANA CASE STUDY JUNE 2008 Fostering Trust and Transparency in Governance Investigating and Addressing the Requirements for Building Integrity in ...»
  97. «Wartime estimates of Iraqi civilian casualties Beth Osborne Daponte* Beth Osborne Daponte, Ph.D., is senior research scholar at the Institution for ...»
  98. «Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power in Congressional Candidate Sex Scandals A Thesis submitted to Southern Utah University in partial ...»
  99. «COMAL COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE DETAINEE CORRESPONDENCE POLICY I. POLICY: The Comal County Sheriff’s Office (“CCSO”) recognizes the rights of ...»
  100. «Center for Economic and Policy Research  1611 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 400  Washington, D.C. 20009  202‐293‐5380  ...»
  101. «What is Cosmopolitan?* JEREMY WALDRON Columbia Law School I. INTRODUCTION T HE syntax of my title sounds weird. Surely the title should be `What is ...»
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