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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Value-Based Government Performance Management: Background, Concepts, and a Call to Action By Guoxian Bao, Dean & Professor, School of Management, ...»
  2. «Table of Contents Important Dates Playing Rules and Regulations Conduct in Competition Postseason Competition NAIA Policy Handbook Information Rating ...»
  3. «Water Conflicts and Entrenched Governance Problems in Chile’s Market Model Carl J. Bauer School of Geography & Development, University of Arizona, ...»
  4. «Gustavo J. Bobonis † Luis R. Cámara Fuertes ‡ Rainer Schwabe § Current version: June 2013 First version: April 2009 Abstract: Does monitoring ...»
  5. «Table of Contents Welcome Letter..4 Conflict of Interest & Ethical Practices (copy).5 Anti-Discrimination Disclosure and Harassment.6 Americans with ...»
  6. «The Call of the Anthropocene John Beck Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Westminster This is the author’s accepted ...»
  7. «Ulrich Beck I N THIS article I want to discuss three questions: (1) What is a cosmopolitan sociology? (2) What is a cosmopolitan society? (3) Who are ...»
  8. «Criminal offenders in the United States typically forfeit voting rights as a collateral consequence of their felony convictions. This article ...»
  9. «ABSTRACT EU institutions are best conceived as representing the peoples of Europe – a contention set out in the first, introductory, section and ...»
  10. «The Role of Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Natural Resource Management in Ngamiland By: H. Bendsen (Research Fellow Land Use Planning) and M. R. ...»
  11. «September 2006 Abstract Despite a great deal of evidence that marriage benefits and protects adults and children, successive UK governments have ...»
  12. «TIM BENJAMIN Tim Benjamin: Sexual Politics and Autobiography in Berg’s Wozzeck Sexual Politics and Autobiography in Berg’s Woz z e ck Alban ...»
  13. «Thorsten Benner, Stephan Mergenthaler, Philipp Rotmann * This paper is a product of a research project entitled “Learning to Build Peace? United ...»
  14. «Am 27. und 28. Januar 2012 fand an der Universität Trier das achte AlumniTreffen der Trierer Politikwissenschaft statt. Dieses ist wieder einmal auf ...»
  15. «Russell A. Berman Walter A. Haas Professor in the Humanities Stanford University Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature Address 505 ...»
  16. «Burglary Wim Bernasco1 Burglary is very common. Most people will be a victim of burglary at least once in their lifetime. Although commonly listed as ...»
  17. «G e n d e r a t t h e Wor k p l a c e Maithree Wickramasinghe Wijaya Jayatilaka CHAPTER ONE Gender and the Workforce Maithree Wickramasinghe and ...»
  18. «The Crash of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania Nancy K. Grant Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy Research The ...»
  19. «Be.Bop Presentation 5.5.2010 Duala – Confrontations of „Res Nullius“ By Ulrike Hamann Intro Several European rulers met at the Berlin ...»
  20. «A time traveler from 2007 would be shocked by the degree of consensus in today’s defense debate. Just two years ago, a bitter partisan split over ...»
  21. «1. Summary The recent financial crises have posed a challenge to the conduct of financial stability and monetary policy. The international debate ...»
  22. «What is Alive and What is Dead in the Theory of Corporatism Lucio Baccaro Abstract The term ‘corporatism’ simultaneously designates a particular ...»
  23. «CASUAL WORKERS AGREEMENT (For all PAYE staff) SERVICE AGREEMENT (For self-employed service providers) SOCIAL NETWORK POLICY (For All) DATA PROTECTION ...»
  24. «* August 19, 2013 * The survey on which this paper was based was conducted with the financial support of Winthrop University and South Carolina ...»
  25. «ABSTRACT This paper addresses the effect that the presence of a physical border wall on the southern United States-Mexico border has on deterring ...»
  26. «PRELIMINARY DRAFT REPORT Monnane M. Monnane Research Fellow Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis Map of Botswana EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ...»
  27. «International IDEA Conference – Towards Sustainable Democratic Institutions in Southern Africa List of contents Foreword PART ONE: Conference ...»
  28. «Laurent Bove Université de Picardie ‘Jules Verne’ laurent.bove@u-picardie.fr ABSTRACT This article focuses on the relation between language and ...»
  29. «Quasi-Markets in Employment Policy: Do They Deliver on Promises? Thomas Bredgaard and Flemming Larsen Centre for Labour Market Research at Aalborg ...»
  30. «Implementing public employment Public employment policy: what happens when policy non-public agencies take over? Thomas Bredgaard and Flemming Larsen ...»
  31. «BRETON EMIGRANTS TO JERSEY The Channel Islands are geographically part of France, but politically have been English – or British – since 1205. In ...»
  32. «Abstract This paper examines how productive entrepreneurial activities, such as innovation, influence unproductive entrepreneurial activities, such ...»
  33. «By Brian Pattullo A REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE IN Environmental and Energy ...»
  34. «Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy 1. Policy Statement In accordance with the highest standards of professional practice and good governance, the ...»
  35. «1. Guiding principles All staff, consultants and other persons associated with the University must ensure that they observe ethical standards of ...»
  36. «CITY OF WINTER PARK STREET BRICK POLICY (Adopted by CC June 2001). I. PURPOSE AND INTENT The purpose of this policy is to provide a means by which ...»
  38. «The contents of the publication do not necessarily represent the views of Oxfam or the Brics Policy Center. BRICS Policy Center Centro de Estudos e ...»
  39. «July 2011 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nobel House 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR Tel: 020 7238 6000 Website: www.defra.gov.uk ...»
  40. «MIDDLE EAST | JANUARY 2012 When Victory BecoMes an option egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood confronts success nathan J. Brown Middle east | January 2012 ...»
  41. «Authors: Carol Brunt and Willy McCourt Institution: Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester Address: Oxford Rd., ...»
  42. «[1401-1500] Kieran Connell: So, to begin with, I was going to ask you about, to defer a little bit from the questions that I sent round, actually, a ...»
  43. «I. PURPOSE This policy is intended to clarify existing Code requirements and standards for creating and managing defensible space / brush management ...»
  44. «Global Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy Page 1 of 7 Policy Document GRC 004 Global Anti Bribery and Corruption Revision 01 (April 2011) Contents 1. ...»
  45. «Authors: Heiko Mantel Werner Stephan Markus Ullmann Roland Vogt Devlopment and Evaluation of Formal Security Policy Models Version: 1.1 Guideline in ...»
  46. «The Bulgarian Orthodox Church: the Continuing Schism and the Religious, Social and Political Environmentl JANICE BROUN Introduction During the four ...»
  47. «THE BUREAUCRACY AND THE JUDICIARY THE BUREAUCRACY A bureaucracy is a systematic way of organizing a complex and large administrative structure. The ...»
  48. «NEW HAVEN YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS COPYRIGHT, 1944, BY YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS Printed in the United States of America All rights reserved. This book may ...»
  49. «Adam Bonica Department of Political Science Stanford University Jowei Chen Department of Political Science University of Michigan Tim Johnson Center ...»
  50. «Adam Bonica Department of Political Science Stanford University Jowei Chen Department of Political Science University of Michigan Tim Johnson Center ...»
  51. «Bureaucrats, Ayatollahs, and Persian Politics: Explaining the Shift in Iranian Nuclear Policy Halit Mustafa Tagma* and Ezgi Uzun Sabanci University, ...»
  52. «Burglary Bhubaneshwar Ombudsman Centre Case No. : 11 –002-0118 Sri Babun Kumar Mohanty Prop: Gayatri Udyog Vs The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. ...»
  53. «Burglary Bhubneshwar Ombudsman Centre Case No. 11-005-0178 Mr. Ramakanta Mishra Vs Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. Award Dated : 10.10.2007 Insured ...»
  54. «Brought to you by © 2014 EH Publishing As a leader at the forefront to enhance security and safety at the nation’s higher education facilities, ...»
  55. «Hennepin County Burial Assistance Policy January 01, 2016 Maximum Burial Costs In accordance with MN Statute §261.035, Hennepin County will provide ...»
  56. «C.VI.8. Defining Moments in Israeli Cinema Guy Cohen This short overview of Israeli cinema presents some of its defining moments that have faithfully ...»
  57. «Paper presented at the 45th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association Montréal (Quebec), Canada 17 – 20 March 2004 Draft Version ...»
  58. «.1201 CONDITIONS OF CONFINEMENT The Department of Correction establishes the conditions of confinement governing facilities housing offenders in ...»
  59. «RDA 2010_02 Animal Breeding and reproduction (translated) 0 Letter of presentation Excellence, Breeding is not a new topic on the political and ...»
  60. «Prepared for the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute 1600, 530 – 8th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 3S8 www.cdfai.org ©2015 Canadian ...»
  61. «Abstract. Until recently, the Policy Agendas community has focused on human coding texts using the policy agendas codebook. When researchers have ...»
  62. «Capitation grant for education: When will it make a difference? 1. Introduction When the government re-introduced free primary education in 2002 ...»
  63. «ABSTRACT Liberal theory fails to cope effectively with the common human tendency, and particularly in circumstances that humans perceive as zero sum ...»
  64. «by María Andrea Castagnola B.A. International Studies, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2001 M.A. Development Management and Public Policy, Georgetown ...»
  65. «WHAT’S THE FUTURE OF LOCAL TAXATION IN SCOTLAND? Response from Citizens Advice Scotland Keith Dryburgh, Policy Manager June 2015 Citizens Advice ...»
  66. «April 4, 2009 I. Introduction What does it mean for a bureaucratic agency to be “autonomous”? How should we measure bureaucratic autonomy, and ...»
  67. «KEY ISSUES Objective of the Directive: The Commission wishes to create EU criminal law for offences that have a detrimental effect on the EU budget. ...»
  68. «Ifor (or Ivor) Leslie Evans (1897-1952) served as Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, from 1934 until his early death.1 A ...»
  69. «A Dissertation Presented to The Faculty at the Curry School of Education University of Virginia In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the ...»
  70. «1. Introduction Recent trends in employment and unemployment in Germany have been widely hailed as a ‘miracle’ or even a ‘role model’. In the ...»
  71. «Kenneth J. Meier (corresponding author) Professor Dept. of Political Science 4348 TAMUS Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843 ...»
  72. «The Limitations of a Prospective Study of Memories for Child Sexual Abuse Ross E. Cheit KEYWORDS. Sexual abuse, memory, trauma, prospective studies ...»
  73. «Spring 2015 Chicago’s Over-Burdensome Regulation Of Mobile Food Vending Elan Shpigel Recommended Citation Elan Shpigel, Chicago’s Over-Burdensome ...»
  74. «China’s Search for M. Taylor Fravel and Evan S. Medeiros Assured Retaliation The Evolution of Chinese Nuclear Strategy and Force Structure On ...»
  75. «Foreign Policy Spanish Judge’s War Crimes Move Against Israeli Officials Angers Tel Aviv The decision by a Spanish judge, Fernando Andreu, to open ...»
  76. «Published by Liberty (National Council for Civil Liberties) © Jesse Norman and Peter Oborne First published in October 2009 by Liberty Liberty The ...»
  77. «by Maria Cristina Malong Cielo A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in ...»
  78. «Lorne Sossin 1 Introduction This paper will explore the constitutional boundaries which establish the basis for relations between the political and ...»
  79. «Set forth below are Citrix Systems, Inc.’s corporate governance policies. These guidelines are subject to change from time to time at the direction ...»
  80. «Cato Journal, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Spring/Summer 2008). Copyright © Cato Institute. All rights reserved. Marvin Goodfriend is Professor of Economics at ...»
  81. «Claimant’s Name : _ Claimant’s Address: _ Phone No.(Mobile): Phone No.(Res) : E-mail ID: _ PNR : Policy Start Date : dd/mm/yyyy Policy End Date ...»
  82. «Chapter 3 Boom and Bust Driven by Value-at-Risk Does widespread adoption of Value-at-Risk as a risk management tool enhance financial stability or ...»
  83. «EDUCATION Yale University Ph.D., With Distinction, Political Science, December, 1998 M.A., Political Science, June, 1994 M. Phil, Political Science, ...»
  84. «Client Disclosure Statement Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. (Burgundy) is an Ontario-based portfolio manager and is registered under applicable ...»
  85. «Joshua D. Clinton, David E. Lewis & Jen Selin Does the President or Congress have more influence over policy making by the bureaucracy? Despite a ...»
  87. «Johannes Heinrichs, Berlin Viergliederung der Demokratie als evolutionäre Synthese 1. Das Gegenteil von Mittelmaß Daß es in der Politik darum ...»
  88. «Charles N. Painter Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  89. «SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION 6 – FINANCIAL AID Compliance Office Responsibilities Request for Financial Aid – NEW/RETURNING ...»
  90. «Dear Team Member, At Coca-Cola Hellenic, everything starts with our values. There is no greater priority than being open, fair and honest. No matter ...»
  91. «“Is Terrorism a Legitimate Response to Asymmetric Warfare?” by Peita Davis Due: 11th November, 2004 Is Terrorism a Legitimate Response to ...»
  92. «1. Introduction For Philippe Van Parijs, “Intelligently designed, a linguistic territoriality regime is both necessary and sufficient to keep ...»
  93. «Guenter Lewy 4101 Cathedral Ave. N.W. Apt. 917 Civil Action No. Washington, DC 20016-7500, Plaintiff, v. Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc., and David ...»
  94. «A Welfare Consensus? Social Policy from Thatcher to Blair HOLLAND, JOHN,DELWYN How to cite: A Welfare Consensus? Social Policy from Thatcher to ...»
  95. «Chapter from Pippa Norris “ Virtuous Circle: Political Communications in PostA Industrial Societies.”(NY: Cambridge University Press, Fall 2000) ...»
  96. «Abstract The conventional wisdom emphasizes agency slack or bias as the central problem of international delegation. I show that the possibility of a ...»
  97. «∗ Courtenay R. Conrad Emily Hencken Ritter University of North Carolina at Charlotte University of Alabama courtenayconrad@gmail.com ...»
  98. «NEF Initiative on Religion and Democracy in Europe Conflicts over Mosques in Europe Policy issues and trends Stefano Allievi in collaboration with ...»
  99. «DISCUSSION PAPER FOR PUBLIC COMMENT    National Treasury  Confronting youth  unemployment:  policy options for  South Africa  ...»
  100. «Connecting the Dots in Public Management: Political Environment, Organizational Goal Ambiguity, and the Public Manager’s Role Ambiguity Sanjay K. ...»
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