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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute Working Paper No. 195 ...»
  2. «Global Commission on HIV and the Law Oakland (CA), USA GLOBAL COMMISSION ON HIV AND THE LAW UNDP, HIV/AIDS Practice Bureau for Development Policy 304 ...»
  3. «O What is statistics? Statistics is the branch of mathematics that deals with data. Data (technically a plural word; the singular is ‘datum’) is ...»
  4. «Policy, People, and the New Professional De-professionalisation and Re-professionalisation in Care and Welfare A ...»
  5. «I. INTRODUCTION The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) is constructing the Animas-La Plata Project (ALP) in southwest Colorado, near Durango and the ...»
  6. «The Foundations of the Scientific Study of Public Bureaucracy The study of bureaucracy is the analysis of how administrative agencies function as ...»
  7. «Why the Need for a Scientific Study of Public Bureaucracy? The literature on how political institutions (i.e., chief executives, legislatures, and ...»
  8. «Writing legislation is but the first step in creating public policy. It is through the implementation of policy that legislation is given substance ...»
  10. «There is a computer data base called NEXIS which is used by lexicographers and which has 26,170 recorded uses of the word 'entertainment'. For a ...»
  11. «THIS VERSION: June 6, 2005 ABSTRACT This paper presents an empirical study of GDP per worker (and per capita) convergence across German labour market ...»
  12. «October 2007 Final Report This document is available to the public through the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Springfield, Virginia ...»
  14. «Inflation has been low in the past decade, in Sweden as well as internationally. It is commonly believed that one reason for this is increased ...»
  15. «Abstract: This chapter considers what policy advisers and practitioners arguably need from researchers, and what they can reasonably expect. It goes ...»
  16. «About this publication Shared governance of the security sector responds to the question of the involvement of all components of a nation in managing ...»
  17. «Draft Environmental Assessment December 2010 Agency Contact Cindy Eck Biotechnology Regulatory Services 4700 River Road USDA, APHIS Riverdale, MD ...»
  18. «Final Environmental Assessment May 2011 Agency Contact Cindy Eck Biotechnology Regulatory Services USDA, APHIS Riverdale, MD 20737Phone: (301) ...»
  19. «by Günther G. Schulze** University of Konstanz and Björn Frank University of Hohenheim Abstract This paper reports on an experiment of corruption ...»
  20. «European Integration online Papers ISSN 1027-5193 Vol. 14 (2010), Art. 4 How to cite? Vanhoonacker, Sophie, Hylke Dijkstra and Heidi Maurer (2010): ...»
  21. «TENNESSEE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION UNIFORM GRADING POLICY 3.301 Uniform Grading System Local school systems shall use the following uniform grading ...»
  22. «Physical Plant Issues Speaker: Ron Banks, D.V.M., DACLAM, DACVPM, Director, Office of Animal Welfare Assurance, Duke University Moderators: Jerry ...»
  23. «Based on a full-size pitch 15m 5m 5m DIRECTION OF PLAY 40m 22m 22m 10m 10m 60m 5m Half Half Way Way 5m 60m 10m 10m DIRECTION OF PLAY 40m 22m 22m 5m ...»
  24. «INTERPRETING CONFLICTING PROVISIONS OF THE NEVADA STATE CONSTITUTION William D. Popkin* Guinn v. Legislature of State of Nevada' placed the Supreme ...»
  25. «© 2003, International Council on Human Rights Policy © 2003, International Council on Human Rights Policy 48, chemin du Grand-Montfleury, PO Box ...»
  26. «The Brethren Mutual Insurance Company v. Ember Louise Buckley, Case No. 10, September Term, 2013, Opinion by Adkins, J. INSURANCE LAW - SCOPE OF ...»
  27. «The Uses of Brevity: Valuing the “No More to Be Said” in Jean Echenoz’s Plan of Occupancy and the Transcontinental “Critical Novel” Thomas ...»
  28. «Titel der Dissertation “The 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow and the Soviet Artistic Reaction to the Abstract Art” Verfasserin Mag. ...»
  29. «Project Summary for The Netherlands Ministry of Justice and its Scientific Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) Letizia Paoli Max Planck ...»
  30. «INFORMATION NOTE Re-organization of the Government Secretariat 1. Background 1.1 After the handover in 1997, the policy bureaux of the Government ...»
  31. «Stuart Lister David Wall Jane Bryan Home Office Online Report 44/04 The views expressed in this report are those of the authors, not necessarily ...»
  32. «Competing Values in Public Administration Paradigm (Case Study in American Context) + Thesis Submitted as the Final Requirement for the Completion on ...»
  33. «May 2013 Agency Contact Cindy Eck USDA, APHIS, BRS 4700 River Road, Unit 91 Riverdale, MD 20737-1237 Phone: (301) 734-0667 Fax: (301) 734-8910 ...»
  34. «Geschlechterdifferenz als (diskriminierendes) Gestaltungsprinzip materieller Sicherung Analyse der Alterssicherungssysteme in den USA, in Österreich ...»
  35. «Version of attached le: Accepted Version Peer-review status of attached le: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Gorard, S. and Cheng, S.C. ...»
  36. «April 2001 Gliederung 1 Das Programm 1.1 Die Programmplattform 1.2 Programmprofil E&C 1.3 Gemeinsame Sozialräume/ E&C spezifische Sozialräume 2. ...»
  37. «SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS POLICY FOR FINANCIAL AID All students who have applied for federal financial aid through the Title IV assistance ...»
  38. «Smithsonian Institution Office of Policy & Analysis Smithsonian Institution May 2013 Table of Contents Table of Figures Preface Abstract Summary ...»
  39. «Photo: Yanan Li/mediabank.visitstockholm.com. This is an event organized through the European Academies Science Advisory Council (http://easac.eu), ...»
  40. «Department of Political Science What Cosmopolitanism? Exploring Cosmopolitanism in Political Philosophy Anna Ek Abstract During the last decade or ...»
  41. «Victor Lapuente QoG WORKING PAPER SERIES 2008:23 THE QUALITY OF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg Box 711 ...»
  42. «= = = = = Dimensions of bureaucracy II: A cross-national dataset on the structure and behaviour of public administration Carl Dahlström Victor ...»
  43. «WORKING PAPER SERIES 2011:18 QOG THE QUALITY OF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg Box 711, SE 405 30 ...»
  44. «CARL DAHLSTRÖM WORKING PAPER SERIES 2011:20 QOG THE QUALITY OF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg Box ...»
  45. «Putting Cruelty First Judith N. Shklar The following article first appeared in Daedalus 111:3, Summer, 1982, pp. 17-28 (Copyright 1982 by the ...»
  46. «The paper forms a part of the project “Social aspects of housing and its change during the transition in the Czech Republic in context with the ...»
  47. «African political unity must be more selective: A blueprint for change by William Gumede Introduction There cannot be any clearer illustration of the ...»
  48. «Market advice on the lottery sectors 1. You have asked the Gambling Commission (“the Commission”), in its capacity of the Secretary of State‟s ...»
  49. «Street-level bureaucrats in the digital reform state: deadlocked conflict or challenging dialogue? A Danish case. John Storm Pedersen, professor & ...»
  50. «Fabian Klein Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies Freie Universität Berlin fabian.klein@fu-berlin.de June 10, 2015. Abstract Over the ...»
  51. «“Better Regulation”: a bureaucratic simplification with a political agenda — Éric Van den Abeele Working Paper 2015.04 “Better ...»
  52. «Offering Monetary Rewards to Public Whistleblowers: A Proposal for Attacking Corruption at Its Source Charles J. Stiegler* Inci Akpinar, the vice ...»
  53. «ality, or Mythic Reality? K R BOLTON A s in much associated with Zionism and Talmudic Judaism,1 there are two formulae’s at work, one for Jews, and ...»
  54. «FINANCIAL AID STANDARD WITHDRAWAL POLICY AND INTENSIVE DROP AND WITHDRAWAL POLICY Financial Aid Standard Withdrawal Policy When students cease ...»
  55. «MIKAEL HOLMGREN WORKING PAPER SERIES 2015:3 QOG THE QUALITY OF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg Box 711, ...»
  56. «WORKING PAPER SERIES 2015:13 QOG THE QUALITY OF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg Box 711, SE 405 30 ...»
  57. «Eric Beshers Hagler Bailly Services, Inc, Arlington, VA Prepared for: Volpe National Transportation Systems Center In Support of: Federal Railroad ...»
  58. «IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY “GREEN BOOK” (Volumes I&II) Commitment to the Republican Movement is the firm belief that its struggle both military and ...»
  59. «by Robyn Wilhelmina Ray A thesis submitted to the faculty of The University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of ...»
  60. «The International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies (ISSN 2321 - 9203) www.theijhss.com THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES & SOCIAL STUDIES ...»
  61. «*** DRAFT - Please do not cite without the permission of the authors. *** Authors Anna Hyvärinen L.L.M., Doctoral candidate, Faculty of Law, ...»
  62. «American General Life Insurance Company, P O Box 1500, Nashville, TN 37202-1500 A member of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) PART A - To be ...»
  63. «The Contingency of Corporatist Influence: Incomes Policy in the Netherlands JAAP WOLDENDORP and HANS KEMAN Political Science, Free University of ...»
  64. «WASHINGTON LAWS, 1979 1st Ex. Sess Ch. 265 contractor, subcontractor, or supplier to damages or an equitable adjustment arising out of unreasonable ...»
  65. «TITLE: C N GORBACHEV'S REFORMS SUCCEED A AUTHOR: George W. B r e s l a u e r University of C a l i f o r n i a , Berkeley CONTRACTOR: National ...»
  66. «Notizen D O C U M E N T S O N BRITISH POLICY OVERSEAS Bereits seit einigen Jahren läuft das im Auftrag des Foreign und Commonwealth Office ...»
  67. «Corporatist Governance and Europeanisation: No Future in the Multi-level Game? Gerda Falkner European Integration online Papers (EIoP) Vol. 1 (1997) ...»
  68. «Do political and fiscal decentralization make it easier or harder to control inflation? If high inflation reflects the time inconsistency problem, ...»
  69. «Strengthening Public Safety Nets from the Bottom Up Jonathan Morduch and Manohar Sharma∗ Helping to reduce vulnerability poses a new set of ...»
  70. «DRIVING ASSESSMENT 2003 COMMITTEES Conference General Chairs Daniel McGehee John Lee Matthew Rizzo Mireille Raby Linda Boyle University of Iowa ...»
  71. «Regional Venture Capital Policy Ron Martin, Christian Berndt, Britta Klagge, Peter Sunley and Stephan Herten UK and Germany Compared Anglo-German ...»
  72. «Monetary Policy Neglect and the Great Inflation in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Edward Nelson Working Paper 2004-008A ...»
  73. «Some Reflections on National and International Responsibility in Situations of Internal Displacement* Roberta Cohen Internally displaced persons have ...»
  74. «Analysis of Differences between Consumer- and Creditor-Purchased Credit Scores Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview of ...»
  75. «by Chenchen ZHANG A dissertation submitted to the Department of Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli University; and the Faculty of Social and ...»
  76. «OECD Trade Policy Papers No. 135 Trade and Innovation SYNTHESIS REPORT Nobuo Kiriyama JEL Classification: F13, F23, L60, O24 OECD TRADE POLICY ...»
  77. «Center for the Prevention of Genocide Series of Occasional Papers No. 2 / September 2014 James P. Finkel A former member of the senior civil service, ...»
  78. «The Hossbach Memorandum (Abridged) BERLIN, November 10, 1937. Minutes of a Conference in the Reich Chancellery, Berlin, November 5, 1937, From 4:15 ...»
  79. «European Forum Alpbach 2015 InEquality UnGleichheit 19.08.–04.09.2015 Cultural Programme Kulturprogramm 19.08.–04.09.2015 Seminar Week ...»
  81. «Jennifer Groff, Ed.M. Visiting Fulbright Scholar Futurelab Bristol, United Kingdom In E. Clapp (ed.), 20UNDER40: Reinventing the Arts and Arts ...»
  82. «Published: 2011-01-01 Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Fredin, G. (2011). Children As Eyewitnesses: Memory recall and face ...»
  83. «International Crisis Group Headquarters Avenue Louise 149 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 502 90 38 Fax: +32 2 502 50 38 brussels@crisisgroup.org ...»
  84. «International Conference on Consumer Research | ICCR 2014 Challenges for Consumer Research and Consumer Policy in Europe September 29-30, 2014 | RRC ...»
  85. «What’s behind the budget? Politics, rights and accountability in the budget process Andy Norton Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure Overseas ...»
  86. «'And I saw that the delicacies were many': A Commentary on Food and Eating in the Book of Tobit Jacobs, Naomi S. How to cite: Jacobs, Naomi S. (2007) ...»
  87. «Bureaucracy and Scientific Management No morality can be founded on authority, even if that authority were divine. A.J. Ayer The basis of what I will ...»
  88. «Young children learning and understanding number and mathematical reasoning using BSL Collins, Judith M. How to cite: Young children learning and ...»
  89. «Published: 1918 Categorie(s): Fiction, Short Stories Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/1466 About Gorky: Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov (March 28 ...»
  90. «Frail patriarchy and the authority of the repressed in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure1 Carmen María FERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ University of ...»
  91. «An Accidental Participant in the Golden Age of German Mathematics Constantin Carathéodory: Mathematics and Politics in Turbulent Times. By Maria ...»
  92. «Author: Al-Zude, Raid Title: Critical evaluation of the rights and remedies of owners of cargoes carried by sea under English law General rights The ...»
  93. «An analysis of a broad selection of the poetry and philosophical prose of James Beattie within its eighteenth-century context. Sampson, Virginia Lynn ...»
  94. «William A. Galston* In the course of his lecture, Professor Levinson remarked: “[1101-1200]ll of us believe that there must be some limits to political ...»
  95. «Stephen Padgett School of Politics and Communication Studies University of Liverpool Liverpool L69 3BX European Consortium for Political Research ...»
  96. «Abstract What a legal object is — its identity or essence — is co-determined by how it is: its mode of existence, or the way it manifests itself ...»
  97. «Call for proposals for the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) January 2016 EUDP, Amaliegade 44, 1256 Copenhagen K, ...»
  98. «File document 3 Cd Set For Use With World Of Music at our online library. Also reading 3 Cd Set For Use With World Of Music PDF file at any device 3 ...»
  99. «Publicerad: 2011-01-01 Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Flores, F. (2011). Enciclopedia de las tecnologías rotas : el ...»
  100. «Evaluation of Texte policy measures and methods to reduce 06 diffuse water pollution ISSN (Evaluierung von Politikansätzen und Maßnahmen zur ...»
  101. «Brittany M. Lewis, Ph.D. Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Bowdoin College 7100 College Station Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 721-5061 ...»
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