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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to a number of serious diseases. Compensation may be available under schemes administered by the Department for ...»
  2. «SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES FOR AP EMPLOYEES REVISED MAY 2013 AP’s Social Media Guidelines are based on our Statement of News Values and Principles. ...»
  3. «Soldier Quick Start Training GoArmyEd Module 3 Requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) Module 3: Requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) Overview Requesting TA ...»
  4. «Alexander Italianer Director-General for Competition, European Commission Competitor agreements under EU competition law 40th Annual Conference on ...»
  6. «School of Public Policy Working Paper Series: ISSN 1479-9472 Working Paper 27 Trade Associations as Industry Reputation Agents: A Model of ...»
  7. «EU external migration spending in Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Neighbourhood countries until 2014 together with the replies of the Commission ...»
  8. «* Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar, University of Florida Levin College of Law. I thank Jonathan Baker, Malcolm Coate, Joseph Harrington, Jeffrey ...»
  9. «Analysis of State K-3 Reading Standards and Assessments SM Analysis of State K-3 Reading Standards and Assessments Final Report By E. Allen Schenck ...»
  10. «Failed States, Collapsed States, Weak States: Causes and Indicators ROBERT I. ROTBERG Nation-states fail because they are convulsed by internal ...»
  11. «Status of the Artist: An Overview This report will look at Status of the Artists acts and alternative models from across Canada and the globe as a ...»
  12. «Since its original publication in 1989, Refusing to Be a Man has been acclaimed as a classic and widely cited in gender studies literature. In ...»
  13. «ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS Stony Brook, July 2006 http://home.uchicago.edu/~rmyerson/research/stonyb06.pdf Deioces had always been ...»
  14. «Center for Strategic Research Institute for National Strategic Studies National Defense University Institute for National Strategic Studies National ...»
  15. «The European Union’s Framework Contract Commission 2011 ean Lot 1 - Contract N° 2012/299193 Assessing the impact of biofuels production on ...»
  16. «March 2001 ARTICLE 19 The Global Campaign for Free Expression ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This report was written by Dr. Bonaventure Rutinwa, a consultant to ...»
  17. «Turkish Associations in Metropolitan Stockholm: Organizational Differentiation and Socio-Political Participation of Turkish Immigrants Yasemin Akis ...»
  19. «Supporting Statebuilding in Situations of Conflict and Fragility POLICY GUIDANCE DAC Guidelines and Reference Series Supporting Statebuilding in ...»
  20. «The Swiss experience had a positive influence on the American Revolution, figured in the debates on adoption of the United States Constitution, and ...»
  21. «Goethe University Frankfurt Die politischen Systeme Skandinaviens Proseminar Sommersemester 2015 Seminarpavillon – SP 0.04 Montag, 10-12 Uhr ...»
  22. «The Liberal Arts in Action Past, Present, and Future UGEN T GEOR GI A N SSAY B Y S. AN E About the CIC Public Information Campaign for the Liberal ...»
  23. «Political Analysis (2013) pp. 1–31 doi:10.1093/pan/mps028 Text as Data: The Promise and Pitfalls of Automatic Content Analysis Methods for ...»
  24. «© The Law Society of Scotland 2012 INTRODUCTION The Law Society of Scotland aims to lead and support a successful and respected Scottish legal ...»
  25. «© The Law Society of Scotland 2012 INTRODUCTION The Law Society of Scotland aims to lead and support a successful and respected Scottish legal ...»
  26. «Research and Innovation EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B — Innovation Union and European Research ...»
  27. «Reconsidering the theories of optimum currency area – a critique Jan Priewe 1. Does optimum currency area theory still hold true? When Robert ...»
  28. «The seventh data protection principle requires that organisations processing personal data take appropriate measures against unauthorised or unlawful ...»
  29. «ABSTRACT The transformation of numerous and often disparate data sources into knowledge that supports critical decisions in a timely manner is ...»
  30. «The Christmas Cowboy The effort helps with it seem to waste, excel, many pressure all with that chinese solvers of, recover, quality. A products ...»
  31. «I. Introduction Let us say that you are my epistemic peer regarding the truth-value of P if I reasonably think that you possess the same evidence and ...»
  32. «Civil ServiCe employeeS politiCal aCtion Fund 143 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12210 1-800-342-4146 LEGISLATIVE AND POLITICAL ACTION ...»
  33. «Hot Topics in Employment Law CLE (Nov. 3, 2015) The Law Governing Non-Compete Agreements in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Lynne Bernabei ...»
  34. «† † Email: Jacob.Vigdor@duke.edu. Address: 176 Rubenstein Hall, Sanford School of Public Policy, 302 Towerview Road, Duke University, Durham, NC ...»
  35. «Jon Coaffee Abstract Urban areas are prime targets for international terrorists given the array of valuable physical and social infrastructure they ...»
  36. «Paper published in the Journal: Higher Education Forum, 7(1): 85-101, 2010 Research Institute for Higher Education Hiroshima University. ∗ ...»
  37. «By Frank P. Harvey, PhD Fellow of the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute J. William Fulbright Research Chair in Canadian Studies State ...»
  38. «Literacy Guide for Primary Schools: 2012/2013 Literacy Guide for Primary Schools 2012-2013 © National Literacy Trust, August 2012 1 Literacy Guide ...»
  39. «The Sri Lankan National Left, Imperialism and the Tamil National Question Athithan Jayapalan Introduction The unitary state administration and ...»
  40. «Transnational Governance and Legitimacy by Thomas Risse Author's Address: Center for Transatlantic Foreign and Security Policy Otto Suhr Institute of ...»
  41. «To Die Ascending A blue commission upon meeting by likelihood companies should focus clear procedures having to ] numerical but accounting company ...»
  42. «To What Extent Does Public Opinion Impact Upon The Making And Development Of US Foreign Policy Den Donnerstag wird sich kurz, bieten Champion ...»
  43. «H. Scherer: Kopfschmerzen im Alten Europa Als Agnes mich vor ein paar Monaten gefragt hat, ob ich mir vorstellen könnte, in der Eröffnungssitzung ...»
  44. «© The State of Queensland (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) 2012 Disclaimer This document has been prepared with all due diligence ...»
  45. «Framework for Applying Data Masking and Geo-Perturbation Methods to Household Travel Survey Datasets Kelly Clifton, PhD Associate Professor ...»
  46. «Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units 79 Fed. Reg. 34830 (June 18, 2014) Docket ID ...»
  47. «Table of Contents                     PURPOSE This MAPP describes CDER’s Master Data Management Services (MDM Services) policies and ...»
  48. «Human Rights Committee Concluding observations on the fourth report of the United States of America* 1. The Committee considered the fourth periodic ...»
  49. «Religious Denomination – Diversity – Musical Multitude In the theme year “Reformation and Tolerance” of the Luther Decade, there could hardly ...»
  50. «Page 1 of 9 Background Following the endorsement by Cabinet of an e-government vision, the State Services Commission, together with the Chief ...»
  51. «Civil Society Report on March 2013 Implementation of the First US National Action Plan March 12, 2013 Two years ago, in early 2011, the Obama ...»
  53. «Data for Management: It’s Not Just Another Report Vaccine Supply Chains: Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series April 2015 2900 Eastlake Ave. E. ...»
  54. «Virgil Finlay An Astrology Sketch Book Audit success fulfilment question sold in solutions and borrowers that are then opposed to have the others and ...»
  55. «Arthur Dyevre, Page 1 of 11 ARTHUR DYEVRE Research Fellow arthurdyevre@hotmail.com Max Planck Institute for International and Comparative Law tel ...»
  56. «Table of Contents Downloading Horizon Toolbox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 ...»
  57. «Far Right Violence in Berlin 2003 bis 2006 Manchester, 28th February, 2008 Ladies and gentlemen: Dealing with the topic of “far-right violence“ ...»
  58. «34 JOURNAL OF 2 n d Qtr In this issue: Artful Solidarity .1 Intern profiles P.2 VOTE’S MISSION: VOTE in the Community P. 3 Profiles cont’d P. 4 ...»
  59. «Institut für Politikwissenschaft Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis Wintersemester 2014/2015 - Bachelor-Studiengang - Master-Studiengang ...»
  60. «CHILD PROTECTION POLICY AUGUST 2013 1 Child Protection Policy 1.1 Introduction Everyone who participates in WABA BOXING is entitled to do so in an ...»
  61. «Walter Heath A information on indexes read online Fraser areas of pressure is the most financial objects are of Kiyosaki demand nods have overall ...»
  63. «Discussion paper Civil society meets the State: A model of associational democracy DP/138/2002 Decent Work Research Programme Lucio Baccaro P.O. Box ...»
  64. «Empowering Filipino Migrant Workers: Policy Issues and Challenges Rene E. Ofreneo Isabelo A. Samonte SOCIAL PROTECTION SECTOR INTERNATIONAL ...»
  65. «Abstract This paper presents a simple model that incorporates two types of sovereign default cost: first, a lump-sum cost due to the fact that the ...»
  66. «Max Weber and the Reinvention of Popular Power* Jeffrey Edward Green Abstract Political scientists are not generally accustomed to treating Max ...»
  67. «PUBP500: Theory and Practice in Public Policy School of Public Policy Spring 2016 Course Syllabus* Instructor: Dr. Paul Weissburg Email: ...»
  68. «Draft paper – presented at the conference The EU’s Diplomatic System: post-Westphalia and the European External Action Service, paper ...»
  69. «Adaptive Asset Allocation Policies Adaptive Asset Allocation Policies William F. Sharpe1 November 2009 Abstract Many institutional and individual ...»
  70. «What’s Art Good For: Critical Diversity, Social Justice and Future of Art and Culture in Canada A speech to the Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) ...»
  71. «EUROPEAN CIVIL SOCIETY FOR EDUCATION When competences become occupational opportunities How informal and non-formal learning can be recognised and ...»
  72. «WILDE AND SHAKESPEARE IN SHAW’S YOU NEVER CAN TELL The friendly rivalry between Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde began when the two exchanged gift ...»
  73. «Stiefmütterlich Forschung zum Thema Linksextremismus in der Bundesrepublik von Claus-M. Wolfschlag Die Forschung zum Extremismus in Deutschland ...»
  74. «International Water Management Institute Working Paper 94 Centre Commissioned External Review (CCER) of the IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program ...»
  75. «The Local Politics of Transnational Cooperation on Development(s) and Migration in Spanish Cities Paper presented at the conference on ...»
  76. «OTA Papers is an occasional series of reports on the research, models and datasets developed to inform and improve Treasury’s tax policy analysis. ...»
  77. «BIZDATAX IS AN EKOBIT BRAND Executive Summary Test Data Management (TDM), as a part of the quality assurance (QA) process is more than ever in the ...»
  78. «An international comparison of approaches to assisting partnered women into work by Jo Ingold Department for Work and Pensions Working Paper No 101 ...»
  79. «Conceptualising Forced Migration David Turton October 2003 This paper is the text of a lecture given at the RSC’s International Summer School in ...»
  80. «Asset Bubbles: Re-thinking Policy for the Age of Asset Management Brad Jones WP/15/27 Copyright 2015 International Monetary Fund 2 IMF Working Paper ...»
  81. «Testing Shock Transmission Channels to LowIncome Developing Countries By Nina Biljanovska and Alexis Meyer-Cirkel © 2016 International Monetary Fund ...»
  82. «Working Paper Series Synopsis of EIF project “EU Policies in a Global Perspective”1 Gerda Falkner und Patrick Müller Working Paper No. 01/2014 ...»
  83. «Kanykey Jailobaeva Edinburgh Working Papers in Sociology No. 30 January 2008 Copyright: Kanykey Jailobaeva, 2008 ISBN: 1-900522-33-0 Edinburgh ...»
  84. «WPS3404 The Corporate Governance of Banks: A Concise Discussion of Concepts and Evidence Public Disclosure Authorized Ross Levine** Public Disclosure ...»
  85. «A Compilation of Water Quality Goals 17th Edition January 2016 CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY State of California Edmund G. Brown Jr., ...»
  86. «Fantasy, Mysticism, and Eroticism in Raja Alem’s Fatma Ghadir K. Zannoun Abstract: This paper is a close reading of Raja Alem’s 2005 novel, ...»
  87. «THE CRIMEAN CRISIS IN THE CONTEXT OF NEW RUSSIAN GEOPOLITICS The Crimean Crisis in the Context of New Russian Geopolitics OKAN YEŞİLOT* ABSTRACT ...»
  88. «Eizo MATSUKI The Law Code of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich (Ulozhenie), being formed of 25 chapters and divided into 976 articles, is the last and the ...»
  89. «Crimea and Civil Society: Challenges, Antagonisms and Models of Cooperation for Ukraine and Russia 9–10 April 2015, Bonn and Duisburg ©KHK/GCR21, ...»
  90. «November 2010 THE JAMESTOWN FOUNDATION Published in the United States by The Jamestown Foundation 1111 16th St. N.W. Suite 320 Washington, D.C. 20036 ...»
  91. «Evaluation of UNHCR’s programme to prevent and reduce statelessness in Crimea, Ukraine By Greta Uehling, consultant EPAU/2004/03 Uehling@unhcr.org ...»
  92. «NATO and Russia after Crimea: From Failed Socialization to Renewed Containment – March 2014 NATO and Russia after Crimea: From Failed Socialization ...»
  93. «RUSSIAN IDEOLOGY AFTER CRIMEA Andrei Kolesnikov SEPTEMBER 2015 RUSSIAN IDEOLOGY AFTER CRIMEA Andrei Kolesnikov © 2015 Carnegie Endowment for ...»
  94. «by Audrey Bazos and Jessica Hausman UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research Department of Policy Studies March, 2004 TABLE OF CONTENTS ...»
  95. «INTRODUCTION TO CHARGEABLE EVENT TAXATION. Gains arising on a non-qualifying single premium whole of life assurance policy – such as an Investment ...»
  96. «7-2014 Crimea and the International Legal Order William W. Burke-White University of Pennsylvania Law School, wburkewh@law.upenn.edu Follow this and ...»
  98. «ECRI RESEARCH REPORT NO. 4 SEPTEMBER 2002 The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) is a non-profit international association established in ...»
  99. «Irish Political Prisoners and Post HungerStrike Resistance to Criminalisation Declan Moen Abstract Political prisoners in the North of Ireland have a ...»
  100. «ABSTRACT: This article considers the applicability of the Coase theorem (in both its positive and normative formulations) to the political market. ...»
  101. «Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute Working Paper No. 172 ...»
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