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«Marri House Compendium Welcome to Marri House! We trust that you will enjoy your stay at Marri House and the tranquillity and attractions of the ...»

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Marri House Compendium

Welcome to Marri House! We trust that you will enjoy your stay at Marri House

and the tranquillity and attractions of the area.

The following information about Marri House is provided for your comfort,

convenience and safety. Entries are in alphabetical order, as follows. Original

Instruction Manuals for major appliances and a copy of the Terms & Conditions,

House Rules and other information are also provided in the Compendium.

Queries? Please contact us on 0438 447 795 or at info@marrihouse.com.au.

Index Attractions & Activities Page 1 Clothes Dryer Page 4 Bathrooms 1 Iron & Ironing Board 4 Hair Dryer 1 Washing Machine 5 Bedrooms 2 Linen 5 Check-in & Check-out Times 2 Living Room 5 Check-out / Departure 2 Air Conditioning 5 Compendium 2 Board Games 6 Emergency Evacuation Response Plan 2 DVD Player 6 Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket 2 Furniture 6 First Aid Kit 2 Stereo HiFi 6 Garden 2 Television 6 Internet 2 Wii 7 Keys / Security 3 Wood Heater 7 Kitchen 3 Mobile Phones 7 Dishwasher 3 Parking 7 Gas Cooktop 3 Reticulation 7 Microwave Oven 3 Rubbish & Recycling 7 Nespresso Machine 3 Smoking 8 Oven 4 Terms & Conditions 8 Refrigerator 4 Vacuum Cleaner 8 Laundry 4 Visitor Book 8

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Attractions & Activities Pemberton is set in an idyllic location surrounded by the magnificent forests of the southwest. Attractions and activities in the area abound and include bushwalking, swimming, bird watching, cycling, fishing, National Parks, wineries, discovery tours, arts and crafts and fine local produce. We suggest a visit to the Pemberton Discovery Centre or the Pemberton Visitor Centre on Brockman Street to obtain full details on the attractions and activities that most appeal to you. And/or you can just relax in fully-equipped luxury at Marri House!

Bathrooms The two bathrooms are equipped with shower, double vanity, mirror and wall-mounted hair dryer. Mats/bathmats, hand towels and hand & body soap and shampoo are also provided. Please squeegee the showers after use.

Towels for guest use are in the bedrooms.

Hair Dryer

1. Switch the power outlet on at the wall

2. Release the dryer by pressing the two side buttons on the mount

3. Take the dryer from the docking station

4. Adjust the power switch to “1” of “2” to dry your hair

5. After use push the power switch to “0” to turn the dryer off

6. Put the dryer back into the docking station

7. Switch the power outlet off at the wall.

Bedrooms All three fully carpeted bedrooms are equipped with cupboards/robes, window blinds, bedside tables, bedside lamps and a chair or ottoman. The master bedroom has a queen bed, writing desk, ensuite bathroom and walk-in robe (with two bathrobes). The second bedroom has a double bed and French doors opening onto the veranda. The third bedroom has two single beds. Pillows in striped pillowcases are Medium to Firm; pillows in plain pillowcases are Soft. Please place any pillows and towels you will not be using in the cupboards/robes in each room.

Check-in & Check-out Times Check-in and check-out times are 2pm and 10am respectively unless otherwise arranged.

Check-out / Departure The 2 sets of keys provided are to be placed in the lockable Key Safe outside the single-door entry to the Property on departure and the Key Safe left locked (the Key Safe is opened using the PIN number provided). Please leave all windows and doors locked for security and to prevent damage from rain.

Please wash any dishes used or place in the dishwasher and start the cycle.

Please place all rubbish and recycling in the respective wheelie bins in the small lean-to shed behind the back corner of the house.

Used towels should be left in the bathrooms. If the bathrobes have been used, please also place these in the bathroom.

Compendium The Compendium contains this information and these instructions, operating manuals for the major appliances, a copy of the Emergency Evacuation Response Plan including Emergency Contacts, and the Terms & Conditions and House Rules which apply to the use of Marri House.

Emergency Evacuation Response Plan An Emergency Evacuation Response Plan showing the location of safety equipment and Emergency Contact Numbers is located on the wall next to the sliding door in the kitchen. A copy of the plan is also provided in the Compendium.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are located on the wall next to the sliding door in the kitchen. The extinguisher is suitable for most types of fire.

First Aid Kit A First Aid Kit is provided in the kitchen above the stove. Please note on the Contents List any items used so that they can be replenished by the owners.

Garden Marri House is on a 1-acre block shared with a cottage and shed used by the owners. You are welcome to enjoy the garden/grounds at your leisure but please be aware of hazards, such as building materials, holes and snakes. Two chickens wander around the block during the day.

Internet ADSL internet is not available in this part of Pemberton. Portable USB broadband devices can be used to connect with the Telstra mobile network to access the internet.

Keys / Security Two sets of door keys are provided. They each open all 4 of the external doors. Please leave all windows and doors locked whenever you are away from the House and on check-out please lock the keys in the Key Safe outside the single-door entry using the PIN number provided.

Kitchen The kitchen is equipped with a double sink, waste bins beneath the sink, dishwasher, electric wall-oven, gas hob, fridge/freezer with filtered water and ice dispenser, microwave oven, extractor fan above the gas hob (please note that the extractor fan lights get HOT – do not touch!), crockery and cutlery, glasses, wine carafe, pots, pans, Nespresso machine, toaster, electric kettle, juicer, dishes and other kitchen items.

Dishwashing detergent, cloths and tea towels are provided.

A starter supply of tea & coffee and milk & sugar are provided.


Starting the Cycle:

1. Load baskets with dishes

2. Please place the detergent provided in the detergent dispenser on the inside of the door and close the dispenser cover before use – never place detergent in the dishwasher cabinet

3. Close door – a click can be heard when door is closed correctly

4. Press ON/OFF button

5. Turn the knob located on the right of the control panel in a clockwise direction until the number of the cycle is selected. (1) Intensive-160mins, (2) Heavy-155mins, (3) Normal -140mins, (4) Rinse-70mins, (5) Rapidmins, (6) Soak-8mins

6. Press the Start/Reset button to start the cycle

7. When washing is complete please shut off the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Instruction Manual in the Compendium.

Gas Cooktop The gas cooktop in the kitchen is fed by a gas cylinder on the back wall. Should the gas run out please advise the owners who can change the gas supply to the second bottle. If the second bottle is in place, you can change the gas supply to it as follows.

1. Turn off the valve on top of the empty gas cylinder

2. Turn the brass tap - which is located on the very top of the gas regulator and gas pipes which feed gas from the bottles to the house - in the direction of the full gas bottle

3. Turn on the valve on top of the full gas bottle.

To get the gas flowing through the pipe to the cooktop, turn on one of the burners to “bleed” any air out of the gas pipe. This could take up to a minute before the gas reaches the cooktop and the gas is ignited.

Microwave Oven The Microwave is located directly above the wall oven in the kitchen. Detailed instructions on its use are provided in the Instruction Manual in the Compendium.

Nespresso Machine A Nespresso machine together with a small number of capsules is located in the kitchen. Instructions for use follow.

1. Ensure there is sufficient water in the water tank

2. Switch machine on. Blinking light will change to steady light after approximately 25 seconds

3. Lift the lever completely and insert a Nespresso capsule

4. Close the lever and place a cup under the coffee outlet

5. During the heat-up you can press the coffee button when it is still blinking. The coffee will flow automatically when the machine is ready

6. Take the cup away, lift and close the lever to eject the capsule into the used capsule container.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Instruction Manual in the Compendium.

Oven The oven is an electric fan-forced type.

The mode of cooking is selected using the rotary selector towards the centre of the control panel. There is a timer switch located on the left of the control panel and a temperature selector located on the right of the control panel.

Modes of cooking are as follows:

Fan Oven – provides even heat and allows for different dishes to be cooked on different levels at the same time; Grill Mode – heat is provided by the top element; Fan Assisted Grill Mode – provides quick browning.

Refrigerator The refrigerator is equipped with a freezer/ice maker and filtered water dispenser. The filtered water is not chilled.

The control panel on the front of the fridge can be used to change temperature settings if necessary as follows:

1. Press MODE button on the left of the panel and keep pressing to select fridge or freezer graphic.

2. Use the arrows to adjust the bar graph to make the temperature Colder or Warmer.

Laundry The laundry is located behind two doors in the passage to the left of the kitchen. The laundry contains a washing machine, wall-mounted dryer, clothes airer/drying rack, iron & ironing board and a broom and dustpan. The light switch and fan switch for the laundry are located just around the corner in the passageway - please ensure the fan is switched on whenever the dryer is in use.

Clothes LineA washing line is located behind the external wall of the carport.

Clothes Dryer

1. Press main power switch until the light displays

2. Open the door and load clothes

3. Select a programme using the rotary programme selector. An LED light appears next to the selected programme. Auto Dry and Auto Normal Dry end automatically when the load is dry. Auto Dry gives a slightly drier laundry than Auto Normal Dry. Auto Iron Dry shuts off heat once the load is just damp enough for ironing or pressing. When selecting Timed Dry be careful not to over-dry items. Revitalise will re-fresh, air or soften up items

4. Press Start button and the estimated remaining drying time will be displayed

5. Please clean the lint filter on the inside of the door of the dryer after each load.

You can stop the dryer at any time by opening the door or pressing the Stop button.

For further options please refer to the Instruction Manual in the Compendium.

Iron & Ironing Board A steam iron and an ironing board are located in the laundry.

The iron has a power ON light positioned at the top of the handle which illuminates when the iron is switched on and heating.

Turn the temperature dial to the desired setting by aligning the setting on the dial with the temperature indicator light. The boost light will illuminate to indicate the iron is heating to the selected temperature and will go out when the iron has reached the selected temperature and is ready to use.

For Dry Ironing, select Dry on the STEAM/DRY dial.

For Steam Ironing, turn the STEAM/DRY dial to the desired steam setting. Please ensure the temperature dial is set to any temperature within the steam band and that the tank is at least ¼ full of distilled water (supplied in cupboard above laundry tub).

Shot of steam can be used when either Steam or Dry ironing when the temperature dial is set above the two dot (..) setting.

The Spray Mist can be used when either Steam or Dry ironing to pre-dampen hard-to-iron fabrics.

1. After use please turn the STEAM/DRY dial to DRY

2. Turn the power off and remove the plug from the power outlet

3. Allow the iron to cool before winding the cord around the built-in cord wrap

4. Please store the iron on its heel rest.

Washing Machine

1. Turn on the main power switch on the left of the control panel

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