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«Table of Contents INTRODUCTION System Requirements Installing AssetExplorer Uninstalling AssetExplorer Registering AssetExplorer Contacting ZOHO ...»

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ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation

Table of Contents


System Requirements

Installing AssetExplorer

Uninstalling AssetExplorer

Registering AssetExplorer

Contacting ZOHO Corporation






Scanning Windows Machine

Modes of Scan:Agent and Agentless

Agent Mode

Methods of Agent Deployment

Un-installing the Agent

Agentless Mode

Scanning Linux, Solaris, MAC and AIX machines

Scanning Printers, Routers, Switches and Access Points

Windows Domain Scan

Network Scan

Workstation/Device Scan

Scanning Machines outside a domain/network

Ports used during Scan

Scanning WAN environment

Schedule Scan

Distributed Asset Scan



Asset Mannagement

Configuring Product Types

ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation Configuring Products

Configuring Vendors

Adding Workstation Additional Fields

Adding Asset Additional Fields

Import Assets from CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files

Adding Resource State

Adding IT Services


Configuring Software Type

Adding Software Category

License - Additional Fields

Software License Types

License Agreement- Additional Fields

Importing Software Licenses from CSV

Organization Details

Adding Company details

Configuring Regions

Adding Sites

Configuring Departments

Adding New User

Configuring Roles

Adding Technicians

Configuring Active Directory Authentication

LDAP authentication


Mail Server Settings

Notification Rules

Back-up Scheduling

General Settings


IT Assets

Adding IT Asset

Adding Bulk of IT Assets to Group

Assigning Bulk of IT Assets to Department/Site

Modifying Bulk of IT Assets State

Change log-in Credentials for bulk of IT Assets

ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation Bulk Scan of IT Assets

Viewing IT Asset Details

Copy Resource

Attach Asset

Attach Component

Attach Document

Assigning IT Asset to User/Department/Asset

Adding New Workstation

Scanning Bulk of Newly Added Workstation

Changing Workstation As Server

Viewing Workstation Details

Copy Workstation

Print Preview of Workstation Details

Modify Type

Adding Software

Importing Workstation Details from CSV


Adding New Component

Viewing Component Details

Copy Resource

Attaching Document

Associate Asset

Adding Components to Group

Non-IT Assets

Adding Non-IT Asset

Adding Non-IT Assets to Group

Assigning Bulk of Non-IT Assets to Department/Site

Modify Bulk of Non-IT Asset State

Viewing Non IT Asset Details

Copy Resource

Attach Asset

Attach Component

Attach Document

Assigning Non-IT Assets to User and/or Department

ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT

Scanned Software

Adding New Software

Viewing Software Details

Changing Software Type

Changing Software Category

Associate Software Minor Versions

E-mailing Users

License Agreement

Editing and Deleting License Agreement

Printing the License Agreement

Software License

Adding Software Licenses

Viewing Software Licenses

Editing and Deleting Software License

Attaching Document to Software Licenses

Service Packs

Editing and Deleting Service Packs


Creating Asset - Groups

Editing and Deleting Groups

Removing Assets from Static Group


Populating CIs in CMDB

CMDB - Admin Configurations

Configuration Item Types (CI Types)

Relationship Types

Configuring Impact

Import CI(s) from CSV

CMDB List View

Defining CI Relationships

Relationship Map


Purchase Order Configurations

Cost Center

ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation GL Code

Purchase Additional Fields

Purchase Default Values

Viewing PO based on filters

Creating a Purchase Order

Purchase Order Approval Process

Ordered Purchase Order

Receiving Purchase Order Items

Reconcile Workstations

Adding Invoice details and Notification

Adding Payment details & Notifications

E-mailing the PO Owner

E-mailing the Vendor

Editing Purchase Order

Printing Purchase Order

Deleting Purchase Orders

Closing a PO


Contracts - Additional Fields

Custom Contract Notification Template

Contracts List View

Contracts Based on Filters

Creating New Contracts

Viewing Owner Details

To Renew a Contract

Printing Contracts

E-mailing the owner

Notifying the Vendor


About AssetExplorer Reports

New Custom Reports

New Query Reports

Schedule Reports

ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer –Help Documentation Custom Settings

Exporting Report as PDF


System Log Viewer

Database Configuration

Changing Web Server Port

Back up and Restore

Moving AssetExplorer to a new server


–  –  –

Introduction Asset Management ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a comprehensive Asset Management Software that helps to manage all your IT and Non-IT assets. AssetExplorer offers a single view to track and manage all your assets.

With AssetExplorer, you can track and manage ownership of, IT & Non-IT Assets Software Asset Management Purchase Orders Contracts IT & Non-IT Asset Management AssetExplorer helps you to manage, IT assets such as, workstations, switches, routers, printers, and access points Non-IT assets such as basic fixtures, furniture, chairs, tables, projectors, scanners and desk phones Asset Components such as keyboards, mouse and printer inks.

Software Asset Management

Software License Management

AssetExplorer helps you to manage software licenses installed across the enterprise. You can consolidate and manage all your software licenses from a single screen. AssetExplorer will scan and automatically pickup license keys for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word. You can key-in all the licenses purchased earlier and track future purchase of software licenses through the Purchase module.

–  –  –

AssetExplorer helps you to track the usability of the installed software across organization. It gives the count of rarely used, frequently used and occasionally used software.

Software Compliance AssetExplorer tracks purchased versus installed licenses helping you to ensure software license compliance. The scheduled scan alerts you when an unauthorized software installation is detected, ensuring software compliance on an on-going basis.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Configuration Management Database (CMDB) lets you track and manage all your Configuration Items (CIs) in a single repository. Unlike the asset database that comprises of a bunch of CIs, the CMDB in AssetExplorer is designed to support a vast IT structure where the interrelations between the CIs are maintained and supported successfully. It’s the CI relationship that makes the CMDB an effective decision making tool, impact and root cause analyzer.

Purchase Orders AssetExplorer offers a complete Purchasing system that helps you manage POs with approvals.

Detailed reports based on POs such as POs by required date help you plan your asset roll out in advance.

–  –  –

Contracts AssetExplorer helps you effectively manage contracts with different vendors. It keeps a check on the expiry date and alerts for renewal. Detailed reports based on contracts such as contracts by maximum spend and contracts by vendors helps you negotiate and make informed decisions.

–  –  –

System Requirements Hardware The following table list the hardware system requirement, according to the number of nodes, for installing AssetExplorer application.

–  –  –

In Windows Follow the steps given below to install and set up the ManageEngine AssetExplorer.

1. Download ManageEngine_AssetExplorer.exe file.

2. Click the.exe file to start the installation. The AssetExplorer installation wizard appears.

Follow the instructions given in the wizard to successfully set up AssetExplorer.

3. On accepting the license agreement, the installation wizard provides you with an option to choose between Trial Edition and Free Edition of the AssetExplorer application. Free Edition never expires but is restricted to a single technician login and 25 nodes (workstation) discovery. The Trial Edition is valid only for 30 days and provides two technician login. There are no other restrictions.

4. The next step is choosing the installation directory. By default, the application is installed in C:\ManageEngine\AssetExplorer directory. If you want to change the installation directory, then, click the Browse button beside the directory path.

Note: The installation directory or its parent directories must not have any space character in its name.

5. From the file chooser window, choose the directory of your choice and click Next.

6. Provide a name that needs to appear in the Programs folder. By default, it is ManageEngine AssetExplorer.

7. Click Next.

8. Enter the port number that has to be used to run the web server. The default port number provided is 8080. If you already have any application running in that port, then enter the number of the port that is free and can be used by the web server to run the AssetExplorer application server and click Next.

9. The Registration for Technical Support form is displayed. This is an optional form and this enables you to register for technical assistance. By registering, it helps the technical support team to be better informed about your organization and its specific needs and hence provide a more focused support. Enter the details such as Name, contact E-mail ID, Phone Number (helps in making calls for immediate support), Company Name, and Country.

10. Click Next.

11. The details that you have provided till now will be displayed as below for your confirmation:

Installation Directory : C:\ManageEngine\AssetExplorer Folder Name : ManageEngine AssetExplorer WebServer Port : 8080 If the displayed information is correct, then click the Next button, or else click the Back button and make the necessary changes and proceed with the installation.

–  –  –

12. After you confirm the above details, the application is installed. On successful installation, the following screen is displayed.

13. When you choose to start the AssetExplorer Service, the AssetExplorer Server is started automatically and the client window opens. If you do not wish to view the readme file or start AssetExplorer as a windows service, de-select the options provided.

14. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Following the instruction as suggested above, the ManageEngine AssetExplorer program group is created in the Start menu. Also, the AssetExplorer server will be started and the client window opens with the login page. Enter the User Name as "administrator" and Password as "administrator" to log in to the application.

To manually start the AssetExplorer application

1. Click Start - Programs - ManageEngine AssetExplorer - AssetExplorer Server to start the web server. This takes approximately 2 minutes in a Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, and 1.0 GHZ processor. Generally, the server is started and the web client is also launched in the default browser.

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