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«House Bill 5 A Brief Overview Key Provisions • Graduation • Assessment • Other Provisions – District Self-Evaluations – Financial ...»

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House Bill 5

A Brief Overview

Key Provisions

• Graduation

• Assessment

• Other Provisions

– District Self-Evaluations

– Financial Implications

– Reporting Implications

• Accountability



General Overview

• HB 5 changed the graduation programs

from MHSP, RHSP, and DAP to a

Foundation Program with options for:

– Endorsements;

– Distinguished Level of Achievement;

and/or – Performance Acknowledgements.

• This becomes effective with 2014-2015 freshmen but students enrolled in high school prior to 2014-2015 will have the option of transitioning to this graduation program.

Graduation Overview • 22-credit Foundation Program – 17 specified credits + 5 electives • 26-credit Endorsements – 19 specified credits + 7 electives • 26-credit Distinguished Level of Achievement – 19 specified credits, including Algebra II + 7 electives

• For ANY student:

– Performance Acknowledgements What is currently happening?

• TEA and SBOE are working to transition and implement the requirements of HB 5

• The bill gives SBOE decision-making authority on a number of issues.

• There will be opportunities to provide input and feedback once SBOE begins the rulemaking process.

• TEA’s Commissioner must adopt a transition plan to implement the bill and replace the existing MHSP, RHSP, and DAP with the Foundation High School Program beginning with the 2014-2015 school year.

Anticipated Timelines

• August 2013:

– SBOE meeting and work session in regard to necessary decisions – Archived files of this work session are available online

• http://streaming.aanet.org/ramgen/tea/TEA_ WS080113-1.rm

• http://streaming.aanet.org/ramgen/tea/TEA_ WS080113-2.rm Anticipated Timelines

• September 2013 – SBOE Board Meeting

• Discussion item regarding necessary decisions

• Likely public hearing held in conjunction with meeting

• No action expected to be taken Anticipated Timelines

• November 2013 – SBOE Board Meeting

• TEA hopes to present a proposal for first reading and filing authorization – 30 days required public comment period, but possibly extended until January SBOE meeting

• Possible public hearing Anticipated Timelines

• January 2014 – SBOE Board Meeting

• Earliest possible vote for final adoption of rules Anticipated Timelines

• Students beginning high school in 2014-2015 must complete the requirements of the new graduation program.

• Students enrolled in high school prior to 2014-2015 will have the choice to complete their current (MHSP, RHSP, or DAP) graduation program or to transition to the new Foundation High School Program.

Foundation High School Program

–  –  –

Total: 26 credits including the completion of at least one endorsement Course has a required EOC assessment *TBD by SBOE **Course does not yet exist Performance Acknowledgements

• Any student may earn a performance acknowledgement (requirements TBD

by SBOE):

– For outstanding performance

• In a dual credit course

• In bilingualism and biliteracy

• On an AP test or IB exam

• On the PSAT, the ACT-Plan, the SAT, or the ACT – For earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license Notes

• Students could graduate under the Foundation High School Program without earning an Endorsement, Distinguished Level of Achievement, or Performance Acknowledgements.

• Reminders:

– There must be written parental permission on file to allow graduation under the Foundation High School Program without any endorsements.

– These students are eligible for general admission (not automatic admission) into an institution of higher education.

th 4 Year HS Students During 2013-2014 • 4th year high school students currently participating in MHSP, RHSP, or DAP can choose to graduate under the Foundation High School Program – in accordance with Commissioner Rules.

TEXAS Grant Eligibility

• Effective 2014-2015

• Students graduating under the Foundation High School Program are eligible for Texas GRANT – Flexibility in the required additional criteria for eligibility due to advanced technology applications courses Higher Education

• Effective 2014-2015 – Notice must be provided to parents and students regarding automatic admission to IHE and financial aid.

• Timeline: entering freshman, AND AGAIN eligible (top 10%) junior & seniors

• TEA will develop forms to be used by district.

• Forms must be signed by student and parent (and the form for entering freshmen must be signed by the counselor as well).

– Counselor and senior class advisor must explain automatic admission requirements to eligible students.

PEIMS Reporting

• Effective 2014-2015

• Report the number of students who were:

– Enrolled in Foundation High School Program – Pursuing Distinguished Level of Achievement – Enrolled in a program to earn an endorsement

• Information disaggregated by all student groups Credit by Examination

• Effective: Immediately – Not part of HB 5 (in HB 2694/SB 1365)

• At least 4 examinations for acceleration or for credit for each subject area required – Must include AP and CLEP exams

• Exams administered at least 4 times per year (unless schedule is not determined by district) • 2 attempt limit – May not attempt after they would be enrolled in the course Credit by Examination

• Effective: Immediately

• Not part of HB 5 (in HB 2694/SB 1365)

• Credit must be awarded if the student


– 3 of higher on an AP exam – 60 or higher on a CLEP exam – 80% of higher on another test

• No EOC required 90% Attendance

• Effective 2013-2014

• A student cannot receive course credit or a final grade in a course without 90% attendance.

• Applies to K-12 Dual Credit Courses

• Effective 2013-2014

• A student may not enroll in more than 3 courses outside a student’s junior college service area.

– Early High School Colleges are exempted Locally Developed CTE Courses/Activities

• Allows districts to offer courses or other activities, including apprenticeships or training hours needed to obtain an industry-recognized credential or certificate under certain conditions

• Requires approval of School Board – Does not require approval of SBOE

• Must be reported to TEA College Preparatory Courses • 2013-2014 – Districts must partner with at least one IHE to develop college prep courses in math and ELA for 12th grade students who do not meet college readiness standards or whose performance indicates they are not ready to perform entry-level college coursework.

– District must, in consultation with the IHE, develop or purchase materials for these courses.

– Note that the courses will now be developed by the district and IHE, not SBOE.

College Preparatory Courses

• Effective 2013-2014 (with courses to be provided no later than 2014-2015)

• High school faculty and IHE faculty must meet regularly as necessary to ensure courses are aligned with college readiness expectations.

• Authority is given to Commissioner to adopt rules governing this.

College Preparatory Courses

• Effective 2014-2015

• College prep courses must be in place.

• These courses are to be provided at the high school or through distance learning/online and may count as an advanced ELA or math course under foundation program, or a dual credit course.

College Preparatory Courses

• Effective 2014-2015

• College Preparatory Courses:

– May be offered for dual credit (at the discretion of the IHE) – Provide TSI exemption with IHE partner College Preparatory Courses

• Effective 2013-2014 (with courses to be provided no later than 2014-2015)

• Districts must provide notice to eligible students and parents regarding benefits of enrolling in these courses College Preparatory Courses

• Mathematics courses:

– May be allowed to count as an Advanced Math under the Foundation Program – May be offered for dual credit (at the discretion of the IHE)

• Districts must offer Algebra II to each student (effective 2014-2015).


• Special Education Rules regarding graduation (19 TAC §89.1070) will have to be updated by TEA to align with new graduation requirements.

Counseling Regarding Postsecondary Education

• Effective 2014-2015

• Elementary, middle school, or junior high school: School counselors must advise students and parents of the importance of postsecondary education.

• High school: Counselors must annually provide information about postsecondary education, including advantages of earning an endorsement, performance acknowledgment, and distinguished level of achievement to the student and parent.

Personal Graduation Plans:

Junior High/Middle School

• Effective 2014-2015

• PGPs must be developed for students who are identified as being at-risk of not completing a high school diploma before the fifth year after entering 9th grade and for students who did not pass a state assessment.

Personal Graduation Plans:

Junior High/Middle School

• Principal must designate a counselor, teacher, or other appropriate individual to develop and administer PGPs.

• PGPs must be transmitted electronically through TREx.

Personal Graduation Plans: High School

• Effective 2014-2015

• Universal PGPs must be developed for all high school students.

• PGPs must be transmitted through TREx.

Personal Graduation Plans: High School

• High School Principal must designate a school counselor or school administrator to review PGP options with each student entering 9th grade together with the parent.

• PGP must be signed by student and parent before the end of the school year.

• Students may amend their PGP but written notice of the amendment must be sent to the parents.

Personal Graduation Plans: High School

• Notice to Parents – State-developed document explaining advantages of Endorsements and Distinguished Level of Achievement

• Benefits of choosing a PGP that includes Distinguished Achievement and Endorsements in order to be eligible for automatic (top 10%) admission

• Encourages parents to have the student choose this PGP

Personal Graduation Plan:

High School

• Notice to Parents – Districts must publish the information in this document on their website and ensure it is available to students and parents in grades 9 and above in the language in which they are most proficient

• Note: State document will be available in English and Spanish

• District must provide translation to other languages only if at least 20 students in a grade level primarily speak a different language Assessment Implications Testing Procedures

• TEA testing procedures and district implementation of the procedures must minimize disruptions to school operations and the classroom environment.

Grades 3-8

• Testing will generally continue as is.

EOC Exams

• Effective Immediately – 5 required EOC exams

• English I & English II – Reading and Writing combined by Spring 2014

• Algebra I

• U.S. History

• Biology

• Spring 2016 – 2 optional EOC exams administered

• Algebra II

• English III

• Applies to students who enter grade 9 in 2011-2012 and thereafter Transition Period

• TEA News Release (August 2, 2013) – Proposed flexibility for students graduating in 2015 and 2016

• Pass one assessment (either Reading or Writing);

• Meet at least the minimum score on the other; and

• Achieve a combined scale score of 3750.

Above Grade Level Testing

• Effective 2013-2014

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