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«Note: The competitor bed is available with half-rails (not shown). See page 16 for installation instructions. Assembly Instructions 1. Remove ...»

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The bed may be equipped with locking casters. When transferring into or out of the bed, always lock the locking caster(s). Inspect for correct locking action on caster locks before using bed. Even with casters properly locked, some flooring surfaces such as tile or wood, will allow the bed to move under some conditions. Use on surfaces such as these must be evaluated by the care provider.

The initial set up of this bed must be performed by a qualified technician.


The total weight limit of the Drive Medical 36-inch (91.4 cm) wide Manual/Electric bed (including accessories, mattress, occupant and any other person/object positioned on the bed) is 450 pounds (204 kg.); 350 pounds (158 kg) patient weight.

Use this bed only for its intended use as described in these instructions. DO NOT use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.

After raising/lowering the head/foot end of the bed, check the distance between the bottom of the bed rail and the mattress. If there is excessive distance between the bottom of the bed rail and the mattress in which individuals may become entangled, adjust the height of the bed rail (if applicable), or provide alternative means of patient protection.

Once patient assessment concludes that the patient’s condition increases the chance of entrapment, the bed MUST be in the flat position when left unattended.

Proper patient assessment and monitoring, and proper maintenance and use of equipment is required to reduce the risk of entrapment. Variations in bed rail dimensions, and mattress thickness, size or density could increase the risk of entrapment. Visit the FDA website at http://www.fda.gov to learn about the risks of entrapment.

Replacement mattresses and bed side rails with dimensions different than the original equipment supplied or specified by the bed frame manufacturer are not interchangeable. Variations in bed side rail design, width and thickness or firmness of the mattress could cause/contribute to entrapment. Use only authorized Drive Medical replacement parts and/or accessories otherwise the warranty is void. Drive Medical will not be responsible for any damage or injury that may result.

To reduce the risk of entrapment make certain that the bed rail cross braces DO NOT exceed the width of the mattress. Mattress MUST fit bed frame and side rails snugly to reduce the risk of entrapment.

When operating this bed, ALWAYS ensure that the individual utilizing the bed is positioned properly within the confines of the bed. DO NOT let any extremities protrude over the side or between the bed rails when performing these functions.

Drive Medical recommends that the mattress be centered on the bed frame. Otherwise, individuals may become entangled between the bed rail and the bed frame.

Mattress MUST fit bed frame and assist rails snugly to reduce the risk of entrapment.


NOTE: Updated versions of this manual are available on www.Drive Medical.com.




Although bed rails are not rated to any specific weight limitation, the bed rails may become deformed or broken if excessive side pressure is exerted on the bed rails. The bed rail is not an assist rail for getting into or out of bed. DO NOT use the bed rails as push handles when moving the bed.

Always test to make sure that the side rails are properly and securely in place before using the bed.

DO NOT install the optional bed rails without reading and understanding all of the instructions in the instruction sheet that accompanies the bed rail kit.

DO NOT use the side rails as push handles for moving the bed.

These bed rails are intended to prevent an individual from inadvertently rolling out of bed. DO NOT use for restraint purposes.

When used with a manual/electrical bed, the bed rails DO NOT fall under any weight limitations. Bed rails can be deformed or broken if excessive side pressure is exerted on the bed rails. These bed rails are used for the purpose of preventing an individual from inadvertently rolling out of bed. The bed rails are NOT intended nor may be used for restraint purposes. If an individual is capable of injuring himself/herself, a physician or a healthcare professional should be consulted for alternative means of safe restraint.


A safety feature of this product includes protection against overheating caused by excessive or extended periods of operation. Depending on the duration, this includes multiple or repeated adjustments or the use of multiple functions at one time. To ensure trouble free operation, always allow a slight pause between multiple adjustments and avoid pressing more than one function button at a time. If thermal protection activation should occur, the bed will not respond to pendant commands. Given this situation, release the pendant button and allow the bed unit to sit for several minutes. This will allow the protection function time to reset and restore bed function. Depending on severity of the initial overheating, this could take up to 30 minutes.

Allow a slight pause between adjustments and avoid pressing multiple buttons at the same time. If pendant buttons are depressed too rapidly or multiple buttons are pressed at the same time, the desired feature may not activate. Simply release the pendant button, permit a slight pause and then activate the next operation.

ALWAYS remove manual crank(s) before performing electronic functions. Otherwise, the crank(s) will turn when the motor is on and could cause personal injury or damage to the bed.

Always unplug the bed from the electrical outlet before cleaning.

DO NOT open assemblies such as the motors, pendant, junction boxes or gear boxes. No user serviceable parts are inside. Only qualified technicians are permitted to repair these parts. If unqualified individuals perform any work on these beds, the warranty is void.


DO NOT place pendant under or between objects. This may unintentionally press the buttons and may cause injury or damage.

Electronic equipment may be influenced by Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Caution should be exercised with regard to the use of portable communications equipment in the area around such equipment. If RFI causes erratic behavior, unplug the electric bed IMMEDIATELY. Leave unplugged while transmission is in progress.

Ensure all cables and cords are routed such that they will not become entangled or pinched. Otherwise damage or injury may result.

If a button on the pendant does not release or sticks, the bed spring will not stop moving.

If a liquid is spilled in or around the electric bed, unplug the electric bed before cleaning. Clean up the spill and allow the electric bed or the area around the electric bed to dry thoroughly before using the electric controls again.

Inspect the covering of the bed’s control panel and the patient control panel to assure that the covering is not cracked or damaged.

Keep all electrical cords away from heated or hot surfaces.

Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.

NEVER operate if the unit has a damaged cord or plug. If it is not working properly, call a qualified technician for examination and repair.

NEVER operate this bed if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped, damaged, or dropped into water. Return the bed to a service center for examination and repair.

On Full Electric beds, the Hi/Lo crank MUST be removed before the bed is used. Failure to remove the crank may cause damage or personal injury.

Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. Grounding reliability depends upon a properly grounded wall outlet.

The pendant and power cords must be routed and secured properly to ensure that the cords DO NOT become entangled, pinched and/or severed during operation of the electric bed.

Unplug from the outlet before servicing.

Unplug the power cord from its power source before performing any maintenance on the manual/electric bed. DO NOT unplug the power cord from the junction box. Damage to cord will result.



Use caution when disconnecting the pendant. DO NOT press pendant buttons.

When bed is not to be used for an extended period, unplug electric bed from the wall outlet.

When using an extension cord, use only a three wire extension cord having at least 16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire and the same or higher electrical rating as the device being connected. Use of improper extension cord could result in a risk of fire and electric shock. Three to two prong adapters should not be used. Use of three prong adapters can result in improper grounding and present a shock hazard to the user.

When using nasal or masked type oxygen administering equipment, the oxygen or air tubing MUST be routed and secured properly to ensure that the tubing does not become entangled and/or severed during normal operation of the bed.

DO NOT use near explosive gases.

Possible fire hazard when used with oxygen administering equipment other than nasal or masked type.

Use masked or nasal type oxygen administering equipment only in conjunction with this bed. The use of ANY other type of oxygen administering equipment can result in a fire hazard.

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