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«2012-2013 Annual Allocation Form (STFC) Introduction The Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) formally invites entities to submit requests for ...»

Date Submitted: 2/21/2013 4:03 PM

Submitted by: Timothy Bostelle

2012-2013 Annual Allocation Form (STFC)


The Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) formally invites entities to submit requests for Annual Allocation funding. STFC

is a funding committee that is comprised of solely UW Tacoma students. STFC operates as a branch committee of the

Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma (ASUWT), and is the only budgeting committee within ASUWT. As

a budgeting committee, STFC is charged with allocating several hundred thousands of dollars per year for the sole purpose of catering student needs through technology related programs, equipment and employment.

According to the STFC Policies and Procedures, Annual Allocation requests are to be technology related and "designed to review and determine expenditures on improving existing technology and acquiring new technology programs, licences or employment to be utilized and available for the students of UW Tacoma".

STFC Complete Policies and Procedures can be found here.

http://www.tacoma.washington.edu/studentaffairs/SI/Documents/STFC%20_Policies_Procedures_2013.pdf Proposal Title Zeta Book Scanner for the Learning Commons Proposal Author (First and Last name) Timothy Bostelle Department Name Library Contact Email (example@uw.edu) tbostell@uw.edu Contact Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) 253-692-4650 Additional Authors (First and Last name; First and Last name) No Response Contact Email (example@uw.edu) No Response Contact Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) No Response UWT Affiliation Staff Page 1 of 6 *Please Read* Terms and Agreement: In completion of this form, all written content provided must be true and have the utmost integrity to the benefit of the students of the University of Washington Tacoma. All quotes and prices provided for the request of funding must be authentic and reasonably accurate. Any false or fabricated information provided may be subject to the immediate denail of the proposal in question. You will be asked to validate these "Terms and Agreements" at the end of your proposal.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact uwt_stfc@uw.edu Page 2 of 6 General Request Information Introduction STFC Allocates money for technology purposes only. Within those purposes are different types of requests in which STFC considers. These different types of requests include Licensing, Items and Employment. For each type of request, STFC may require additional and more in clarifying information or the committee to consider in order to make reasonable decisions on proposals. The following is an explanation of each type of request to help aid you in your proposal writing process.

What are the type(s) of requests available and what constitutes each request?

Licensing: Licensing is generally requested to implement technology based program(s) or software in which students may be able to utilize for academic and non-academic purposes. For academic purposes, all proposals requesting licenses should include detailed explanations of what specific students (if not all) would benefit from this license. If for non-academic purposes, all proposals requesting licenses should include detailed explanations of what specific purpose this license would serve and how it would benefit students as a whole.

Items: Item(s) or equipment requested from STFC are to implement new or improved technology that students may be able to utilize physically to better campus life or to aid in academic purposes. All item(s) that are requested from STFC must serve a purpose to UWT students in some capacity. All proposals requesting item(s) must include an explanation of the benefit the item (s) provides to students.

Employment: Requested funding for employment from STFC primarily serve to provide more availability of service within departments that require student workers. Employment funding should be equitable to students (if for student employment) and should serve as an improvement to campus resource accessibility in whole.

For more clarification on types of requests please contact STFC at uwt_stfc@uw.edu.

License: Are you requesting funding for a License? (Check One) No Item: Are you requesting funding for Item(s)? (Check One) Yes Employment: Are you requesting funding for Employment?(Check One) No


If you are applying for more than one(1) type of request (ex:licensing and employment) you will be required to provide additional information.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact uwt_stfc@uw.edu

–  –  –

Background: Review and discuss the context of the proposed technology in detail. Explain how this proposal will be used in conjunction with an original proposal or existing technology.

The STFC funded an iVina Dawg Prints Scan Station last year which allows students to quickly scan books and papers and email them to themselves or store them to USB. This device presents students with a cost savings over traditional photocopying and as a result it is one of the most popular devices in the Learning and Research Commons receiving rave reviews and at times lines of people waiting to scan.

The reason there are lines is because the machine is somewhat slow because users have to open the book to the right page, put the book on the glass, close the top, press the scan button, and repeat until the book is scanned.

There is now a faster and better machine out there called the Zeutschel Zeta. This device allows users to place the book face up and in one motion scans both pages. Then the user simply flips the page and it scans two more pages. Scanning books has never been easier.

The Library is proposing that the STF Committee fund one of these devices and place it in the new Tioga Library Building where users can rapidly scan reserves and other books.

Benefit to Students: Discuss how students will benefit from this proposal.

The Zeutschel Zeta guarantees decreased scanning times, decreased printing costs, and creates digital files that can be emailed and stored.

Access: Describe who will be using or will have access to the resources being proposed.

The Library is looking to buy one of these machines for our staff use. If the STF Committee funds this device students would have their own machine and would have priority use for their machine at all times.

Timeline: Provide a timeline showing how the proposed technology can be completed during the requested period. Describe when you would like to see this proposal initiated and completed, and why.

The Zeutschel Zeta is plug and play. Once funding is released the item will be purchased and Contract/Warranty: Please explain whether the items or equipment you are requesting will include a contract with the purchase. Also, please provide a detailed explanation of the warranty (if any) that will be included with purchase of the proposed technology.

90 days parts and labor Resources/Budget: Discuss available financial, personnel and space resources devoted to the proposed technology and level of support. Proposal must detail all the items/resources requested to be purchased. This includes filling out the Item Detail.

Please provide all necessary invoices as a file upload below.

Support staff provided by UW Tacoma Library:

(1) Head of Library Information Technology (FT) (1) Student Systems Specialist (PT)

Other UW Tacoma Library support staff :

(8) Librarians (7) Library staff (13) Student employees (PT)

–  –  –

This item will be located near the circulation desk in the Tioga Library Building. This will put the item in proximity of the books that most students need to scan (reserves, etc.).


Please provide the following technical information of what you’re requesting from the STFC budget. Please be as accurate as possible and attach any further information that would be helpful to the Student Technology Fee committee.

Required: Please use the following Excel Spreadsheet to complete your 2012-2013 Winter Quarter Annual Allocation Form. All other information please upload on next step.

Click on this link: https://tacoma.collegiatelink.net/organization/asuwt/DocumentLibrary/View/135728 Uploaded File: Zeta.xlsx Total Purchase Request($) $14,832.18 Please upload any additional information you feel will be necessary for the STF Committee to consider while reviewing this


Uploaded File: Zeuts-Zeta-Screen-en.pdf If you have any questions about the application, please contact uwt_stfc@uw.edu

–  –  –

What happens next?

After you have checked the agreement box and your proposal is submitted, your proposal will be up for consideration by the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC). The committee will review your proposal and determine first whether your proposal and the information you have provided is sufficient enough to make a decision upon. If it is NOT, then you will be notified to either provide additional information (per request of the committee), or you will be asked to conduct a presentation in which you will be required to explain your proposal in depth and may be asked question by committee members for further clarification.

You are responsible to answer questions whether they be via dawgden messenger or email in a timely manner. You will only be contacted via email if the STF Committee requires your appearance for a presentation.

To know when the STFC meetings will be held, please follow this link: (copy and paste if necessary) http://www.tacoma.washington.edu/studentaffairs/SI/funding_stfc_requests.cfm You will be notified of "approval" or "denial" only until all deliberations of proposals have been finalized.

By checking this box you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the content listed above. You also agree that all content and information provided by person(s) listed as "proposal author(s)" is true and follows the terms and agreements as stated in the front page of your proposal. All fabricated or false information provided may result in immediate denial of your proposal. All submissions are subject to the discretion of the STF Committee and final approval of the ASUWT senate.



To view your submissions and their status, please visit "My Involvement" and then "Submissions".

–  –  –

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That makes the zeta the ideal multifunctional system for scanning and copying in libraries, archives, universities and schools. But authorities, copy shops, banks, insurance companies, solicitor’s offices and media companies also quickly appreciate the performance of this compact office aid. The perfect completion of an up-to-date office.

–  –  –

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Zeutschel: The Future of the Past.

–  –  –

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