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«Solicitation is open to: Afghan Nationals Only Position Title: Computer Management Assistant Type of vacancy: Multiple Opening date: November 16, ...»

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Solicitation is open to: Afghan Nationals Only

Position Title: Computer Management Assistant

Type of vacancy: Multiple

Opening date: November 16, 2015

Closing date: November 30, 2015

Work hours: 40 hours (Full time)

Position Grade: FSN-08

Vacancy announcement USAID/306/16/13/OM

The United States Government (USG), represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Afghanistan, is seeking applications from qualified Afghan Nationals to provide personal services as Computer Management Assistant under a personal services contract, as described in the attached solicitation.


This position is located in the Information and Resource Management Division (IRM) in the Executive Office and the position is responsible for assisting in the management of computer systems and automated programs. The incumbent of this position will be involved in the day-to-day operations, development, installation, repair, maintenance, support and management of Windows, PC/LAN and PC hardware, software, peripherals, accessories, and automation. The incumbent is responsible for the development, installation, operation, and maintenance of the Mission's network and desktop installations. The work involves providing management advisory services, user support and training. The incumbent is expected to develop, implement and manage computer-training program on different Applications and Operating Systems. The incumbent provides USAID/Afghanistan Information Technology systems and application support to users on all Mission Offices. Application support incorporates the use and refinement of hardware, software and user expertise in Mission Standard Applications. The incumbent works with other IT members in developing, maintaining and updating USAID/Afghanistan Intranet website. Works under the Supervision of the Computer Management Specialist at all times. Performs systems development and maintenance of applications related to the operations of the Division.


Systems Support, User Support and Troubleshooting  The incumbent will serve as the primary contact person for users with PC, Laptop, Smartphone problems. Promptly investigates problem, if unable to solve the same day, writes a technical support notice, and makes a plan to solve expeditiously with the supervisor. Incumbent also serves as the primary contact person to escort external storage devices (CDs, USB devices) and laptops brought in by visitors into the Mission and scan for vulnerabilities before being used in the Mission. The incumbent assists in planning and scheduling adequate technical support for all systems this would include Routine Preventive Maintenance schedule (RPM) for all equipment at least once every four months.

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 The incumbent provides software support services designed to maximize ADP systems utilization and increase office productivity. These services include telephone assistance; onsite technical assistance; answers to queries; software installation and reinstallation, update and fixes; recovery of operating and optional software; hardware or software problem isolation, identification and resolution; and ADP consultations. The incumbent conducts computer training to the LAN users. Generally training will be one-on-one; however, when there is a need s/he will organize larger, more formal classes. Training will include commercial applications such as Cloud Technologies, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Exchange and Outlook. The incumbent will also be called on frequently to assist users in learning department specific software. The incumbent may also be called on to teach locally developed software.

 For all diagnosed hardware problems incumbent reports the nature of the problem to the supervisor while keeping detailed maintenance log to monitor equipment down time, turnaround time from repair shops, which components fail most and why. Responsible for scheduling preventative maintenance and cleaning for all PC’s printers and UPS’s. The incumbent serves as the primary contact person for all visits by contractors and vendors for PC and UPS maintenance and regular preventative maintenance checks; is responsible for notifying them in advance of any special needs or requirements. The incumbent must have the understanding and be vigilant about internet, system and communication security, including anti-virus software updates, network intrusion detection, and proper file security settings.

 The incumbent recommends to the supervisor the acquisition of professional engineering services from outside contractor on situations such as ADP System is under warranty or maintenance contract; special tools, software or documentation is necessary which is not available to the Mission; critical services requiring experienced specific professionals.

Local Area Network (LAN) Administration

 The incumbent Performs LAN administration routines such as adding/removing users, support of Windows 2008 Servers, PC/LAN and PC hardware, software, applications, peripherals (Workstations, printers, scanners, tapes and disk drives, OCR and CD-ROM readers, etc.), data communication equipment (Server, router, bridge, cards or controller and LAN wiring, etc.), accessories and auxiliary equipment (Central UPS, small to medium UPSs, monitor server room temperatures etc.) Mail Server configurations and User management.

Sets up user’s Access Rights to system files and software applications in the Windows File and Print Server. Carries out the installation and setup of new equipment in a PC-LAN network which includes setup of network devices, applying mission standard operating system image, configure desktops and procedures.

 The incumbent manages network resources for Windows such as accessing the print services and print queues; ensures that USAID IT Security Guidelines are being followed and patches/hotfixes are applied immediately when vulnerabilities are reported. Antivirus software is updated promptly on the LAN and the workstations and oversees that Software Copyright laws are strictly followed in the Mission. The incumbent takes the responsibility to perform the job of the Systems Administrator (SA) of secured systems.

 Responsible for scheduling all disks to take backups, including all document libraries and all automated systems. Maintains a detailed log of all the tapes being used for backup.

Responsible for off shore tape backups, schedules and maintain a log of all tape backups sent to the off-site storage each week and also the tapes that are retrieved from the off-site storage. This includes complete system backup, incremental backups. Performs all data recovery operations. The incumbent also carries out activities relating to the various telecommunications links of the USAID network.

System Development, Maintenance and Implementation

 The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring all authorized United States Government (USG) programs are being used in the Mission along with application to be developed and maintained for the better work flow in the Mission. Develops an information system to prioritize and schedule the implementation of all possible and planned information systems.

Writes the basis for such prioritizing and discusses it with the Computer Management Specialist. In consultation with the Computer Management Specialist performs periodic housekeeping activities required on PC/LAN servers to remove unnecessary files, release unused disk space, re-organize databases, delete outdated mails, archive inactive documents, etc. with the ultimate goal of balancing workload, minimize system degradation, improve system performance, data integrity and maximum utilization of disk space.

 The incumbent Identifies, analyzes and writes technical specifications for possible new information systems for eventual implementation. Estimates the hardware and manpower resources necessary to implement them. The incumbent evaluates and recommends PC and LAN hardware configurations, and software package appropriate for Mission use. Tests and implements all automation software from AID/Washington and other Missions. The incumbent provides in-depth training to all the Computer Center staff on the Automation software and applications being used in the Mission so as to back-up on technical issues during absence; and provides prompt repair and maintenance services to automation equipment by utilizing contractor engineers working under various repair and maintenance contract agreements with the Mission for the repair and maintenance of network equipment including LAN servers and PC hardware, software, applications, peripherals, accessories, auxiliary equipment and testers.

 The incumbent makes recommendations to supervisor as to how hardware resources should be balanced between offices, particularly whenever any significant percentage of hardware is down; performs development and maintenance services on applications that: electronically logs service calls; monitors of repair and maintenance services; records of parts replaced;

status and conditions of ADP systems; and preventive maintenance schedules. The incumbent ensures the compliance to Mission-adopted development and documentation standards, performs systems analysis and design of application and databases;

programming coding, compilation, testing and debugging using standard macro programming, standard desktop publishing, forms designer software and related tools;

parallel run using live data to beta test completed programs; implement application, input data, regular and ad hoc reports generation; maintains applications to cope with management and technology changes.

Management support and coordination

 Makes recommendations to supervisor as to how hardware resources should be balanced between offices, particularly whenever any significant percentage of hardware is down;

suggest Budget Planning for yearly procurement of IRMS and should also plan the allocation of Hardware to the entire mission Users. This position helps in setting up multimedia equipment as per the request from different offices within the office building (conference rooms) as well as in outside locations (hotels). This includes setting up laptop, speakers and multimedia projectors and microphone and audio/video. The incumbent is required from time to time maintain files such as Mission Notices, Mission Orders, Agency General Notices on the mission intranet.

 The incumbent will be required to design and develop dynamic Intranet Web Pages using web page development tools and language like ASP/PHP; will also be required to develop highly informative, precise and animated presentations, charts and maps using Graphical Software such as Photo Shop, Power Point etc. coordinate work with Department of State (DOS) General Service Office (GSO) section on all Computer related items. The incumbent maintain database and inventory of all computer hardware (NXP and EXP) as assigned to office. Logs all movements and maintenance activities and reports changes to the DOS GSO section.

Administrative Functions

 Incumbent Receive, inspect, and record all automation-related deliveries, warranty claims, short shipment claims, out-of-office or out-of-country repairs, inter-office transfers, and disposal. Regularly updates the Mission inventory of automation hardware, software, peripherals, and auxiliary equipment. Incumbent manages the automation facilities implementing time-in and time-out log, pull-out and return log, spare parts control and issuance, physical security, cleanliness, non-smoking and other administrative policies applicable.

 The incumbent Prepares purchase requisitions for any PC hardware and software required.

Does follow-ups with Department of State Procurement office until the equipment arrives.

Keeps record of all correspondences and fillings of the Computer Center. This position also conducts requisition of office supplies for IT department.


Education: A bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology or closely related field of study is required.

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