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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - History.

  1. «More Praise from the Pros “Trust me, this book will open your eyes again and again. It’s packed with so many good tactics that you’ll read it ...»
  2. «Although freedom of conscience, the legal foundation of conscientious objection, was incorporated into the South Korean Constitution in 1948, ...»
  3. «Where and What Is This? The first person to correctly identify the site in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please ...»
  4. «ED NEW YORK UNIVERSITY A private University in the Public Service IV H C AR PUBLISHED BY NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Issued April 2014 Table of Contents ...»
  5. «© Aquis Exchange Limited 2014. All rights reserved. Table of Contents 1 Scope 1.1 Version History 2 Trading Services and Protocols 2.1 Market Data ...»
  6. «The introduction of conscription in the Ottoman Empire of course was closely linked to the introduction of a European-style army, but it did not ...»
  7. «Mark L. Ascher* Thomas Jefferson famously wrote that “the earth belongs . . . to the living.”1 Sadly, the statement has never been an accurate ...»
  8. «THERMAL TREATMENT UNIT SOIL SAMPLING AND ANALYSIS PLAN Utah Test and Training Range Attachment 9B-Thermal Treatment Unit Soil Sampling and Analysis ...»
  9. «Prisoners of the Home Front Studies in Canadian Military History The Canadian War Museum, Canada’s national museum of military history, has a ...»
  10. «Introduction: Sport and Animation: A Good Match?: Why Animation? 1. ‘Rotoshopping’ featured in Richard Linklater’s A Waking Life (2001) and A ...»
  11. «April 2005 Beach Bluffs Restoration Project Steering Committee Ann Dalkey and Travis Longcore, Co-Chairs Editor’s Note This document includes text ...»
  12. «Ayoun, Richard. “Recherches sur le Judaïsme entre Islam et Chrétienté du Moyen Age à l’époque contemporaine”. Revue des etudes juives, 160 ...»
  13. «PUBLISHED SOURCES OF GENEALOGIES AND BIOGRAPHIES 1. AUTHOR: McKinzie, Edith Kawelohea. TITLE: Hawaiian genealogies : extracted from Hawaiian language ...»
  14. «1. Introduction Let me begin by thanking Governor Prasarn for co-hosting this joint Bank of Thailand-BIS conference here in this historic city of ...»
  15. «CONSCIENCE AND THE TEACHING OF THE MAGISTERIUM ON MORALITY Brian Lewis Abstract Against the background of the development in the understanding of the ...»
  16. «THE BLUEPRINTS PROCESS: A GUIDE Blueprints for Successful Communities, an education and technical assistance program of the Georgia Conservancy, ...»
  17. «Tout au long du XXème siècle, dès qu'il s'est agi de produire un discours sur l’Afrique des Grands Lacs, les termes de « Hutu » et de « Tutsi ...»
  18. «W. JEFFREY BOLSTER Professor of History University of New Hampshire jeff.bolster@unh.edu History Department 44 Gardner Street University of New ...»
  19. «Bombay Africans’ Legacy Community Perspectives Bombay Africans’ Legacy “There is a negative feeling that Africans didn’t do anything for ...»
  20. «Cristóbal Holzapfel The question about moral conscience is certainly a very important one by Nietzsche. On the fundamental, he applies to the ...»
  21. «Chapter 1 Regional Security Architecture in the Pacific Islands Region: Rummaging through the Blueprints R.A. Herr Executive Summary The Pacific ...»
  22. «campo concentracion mauthausen campo concentracion mauthausen topografía del terror: memoriales históricos, Mauthausen, conocido desde el verano de ...»
  23. «MARGOT CANADAY Princeton University Home Address: Department of History 6922 Prince Georges Avenue Princeton, NJ 08544-1174 Takoma Park, MD 20912 ...»
  24. «8. CONTRIBUTIONS FROM COASTAL CLIFF EROSION TO THE LITTORAL BUDGET Coastal rivers, streams, and bluffs are the dominant sources of littoral material ...»
  25. «W hen the definitive history of the current Iraq war is finally written, wealthy exile Ahmed Chalabi will be among those judged most responsible ...»
  26. «A will is a revocable transfer to take effect on death. Wills have been with us since the first days of recorded history. Archaeologists have found ...»
  27. «Global Stone Projekt Ein Projekt für globales Bewusstsein und Frieden. Ein Monument für die Zukunft, frei von historischer Belastung und frei von ...»
  28. «Prepared for: City of Bainbridge Island Planning and Community Development Prepared by: Coastal Geologic Services Inc. Andrea MacLennan, MS Jim ...»
  29. «The deaths from incineration and radiation of some 200,000 residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 dramatically ushered in the atomic age, ...»
  30. «In the shadow of the Westway Following the ‘Orphans’ 1970 street photo blow-ups installation by Steve Mepsted in the Acklam farmers market bays ...»
  31. «Psychical researchers have sustained more criticism than researchers in any other field. This is probably why they tend to increasingly reject ...»
  32. «Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Incorporation into Bovine Milk Fat and Effects on Human Health Introduction Milk from ruminant animals has been an ...»
  33. «Conjuring Boundaries: Inferring Past Identities from Religious Artifacts Christopher C. Fennell1 A detailed examination of commonalities between folk ...»
  34. «Using as a pertinent case study the joint analysis recently undertaken in Los Angeles of Mural, a famous 1943 painting by the American Abstract ...»
  35. «This book presents a comprehensive examination of Chinese consumer behaviour and challenges the previously dichotomous interpretation of the ...»
  36. «Keith Godfrey The University of Western Australia Working paper: 5 September 2013 The traditional approach to studying pairs trading is to simulate ...»
  37. «A Dissertation Presented to The Faculty of the Curry School of Education University of Virginia _ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the ...»
  38. «The Crofters’ Party - 1885 to 1892 The first British independent common people’s political party D.W.Crowley Scottish Historical Review, Volume ...»
  39. «THE CONTRIBUTION OF CROFTING IN THE 21ST CENTURY A. Fiona D. Mackenzie Summary Following a brief discussion of the historical claims of crofting, the ...»
  40. «Although the surname Croft is found throughout Lancashire these days (as well as in other parts of England and also Australia and America), its ...»
  41. «Prepared by: James Pellerin Assistant Regional Fisheries Biologist Urban D. Pierce, Jr. Regional Fisheries Biologist (Retired) Maine Department of ...»
  43. «Kurze Geschichte des Würfels (unknown author) Erno Rubik Die Herstellung des Original-Rubik-Würfels in Ungarn Die Rubik-Würfel-Weltmeisterschaft A ...»
  44. «VALEDICTORY SPEECH MR EDWARD CUNNINGHAM, MLA (Member for Girrawheen) Legislative Assembly Thursday, 23 November 2000 Reprinted from Hansard ...»
  45. «Workshop on Drawing Graphs and Maps with Curves Dagstuhl, March 2012 Why curves? “It is not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight ...»
  47. «January 2010 Order Number: E81346-001US The Intel® Desktop Board DG41BI may contain design defects or errors known as errata that may cause the ...»
  48. «October 2012 Order Number: E89654-002 The Intel® Desktop Board DG41WV may contain design defects or errors known as errata that may cause the ...»
  49. «About the author: Sally J. Jacobs has a Master’s Degree in Library Science with a Specialization in Archives Management. She has been an archivist ...»
  50. «Montana Utilization and Treatment Guidelines Effective July 1, 2015 Presented by: State of Montana Department of Labor and Industry EMPLOYMENT ...»
  52. «Camille Pissarros Badende am Ufer eines Flusses, Pierre-Auguste Renoirs elegante Dame in schwarzer Robe – die Galerie Fischer bietet wieder ...»
  53. «Tidsskrift udgivet af Den Danske Dragt- og Tekstilpulje Dragtjournalen - Tidsskrift udgivet af Den danske Dragt- og Tekstilpulje www.dragt.dk ...»
  54. «Homer H. Dubs The History of the Former Han Dynasty Introduction to the “Tables of the Hundred Officials” In the Ch‘ien Han-shu 19A A ...»
  55. «California History-Social Science Standards Addressed: 11.6.3. Discuss the human toll of the Depression, natural disasters, and unwise agricultural ...»
  56. «Education For All Children By Sharon Harrall The UN Declaration of Human Rights, ratified in 1948, declared for the first time the right to education ...»
  57. «Bosnien-Herzegowina Balić, Smail: Das unbekannte Bosnien. Europas Brücke zur islamischen Welt. Köln u.a. 1992. Calic, Marie-Jeanine: Der Krieg in ...»
  58. «Exploring Foundation Concepts in Introductory Statistics using Dynamic Data Points George Ekol* Simon Fraser University Abstract This paper analyses ...»
  59. «Work in Progress: Copyright. Please do not cite without the author’s consent. War is exile by other means.1 That is to say, the violent uprooting ...»
  60. «Your Monthly News & Updates As NEACAC celebrates its 50th anniversary, we will issue a dedicated eBlast in the middle of each month. Take a look each ...»
  61. «Danny Cairns Senior Thesis Doctor Wilson 7 May 2007 Modern Dogma and Fuzzy Genre in Fourteen-line Design: [2901-3000]Signification, Subversion, and ...»
  62. «What are the basic conditions for art intervention in public space, and how do these interventions interfere in spatial structure and artistic ...»
  63. «The Gospel of Perseus  Pantheon  Bonnie Prince Charlie  The Gospel of Perseus The Spirit of the Age Argument This poem is one relating to the ...»
  64. «Cornell University Library Department of Preservation and Conservation Ithaca, NY -1P hotographs are some of the most treasured family heirlooms. ...»
  65. «CURRICULUM VITAE Margot E. Fassler Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy University of Notre Dame, 241 Malloy Hall, Notre Dame, Ind. ...»
  66. «Soil Analysis 1087 Jamison Road 1-800-321-1562 Plant Analysis PO Box 639 (740) 335-1562 Fertilizer Analysis Washington C.H., Ohio 43160 Fax: (740) ...»
  67. «Established in 1862 High Court of Bombay at Mumbai, India For the States of Maharashtra & Goa Union Territories of Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli ...»
  68. «1. Introduction This paper is concerned with decision problems relating to systems of equations and inequations over torsion-free hyperbolic groups, ...»
  69. «Flexcit The Market Solution to leaving the EU Dr Richard A E North with Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group and the assistance of readers of ...»
  70. «IV DARKROOM Insisting he just can’t quite seem to get the hang of it himself, Ruineux is fond of telling me that, despite his endless hunting and ...»
  71. «Year: 2012 Review: Jacob Eyferth, Eating Rice from Bamboo Roots: The Social History of a Community of Handicraft Papermakers in Rural Sichuan, ...»
  72. «DIGITALIZING HISTORICAL CONSCIOUSNESS CLAUDIO FOGU ABSTRACT What is a “historical” video game, let alone a successful one? It is difficult to ...»
  73. «Robert Emil Berge Master's Thesis in Classical Languages (Greek) GRE4190 Supervised by Eirik Welo Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art ...»
  74. «Microcurrent therapy in the treatment of fibromyalgia CHAPTER CONTENTS Microcurrent Using specific frequencies History and theoretical model for ...»
  75. «Gekokujo v0.85 Gekokujo - The low conquers the high 1.0Introduction 1.1 Historical introduction 1.2 Ground scale, playing area – and the cho 1.3 ...»
  77. «by Sebastián Gil-Riaño A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Institute for the History and ...»
  78. «(16°, pp. 48) * Testi di Éliphas Lévi tratti da: Histoire de la Magie, Libro III, capitoli 1, 2, 3, 6. Titoli originali: Christ accusé de Magie ...»
  79. «Abstract The change in inflation that occurred during 1980 through 1984, when the Federal Reserve System was headed by Paul Volcker, is arguably the ...»
  80. «Global liquidity: selected indicators 1 Main takeaways According to the latest BIS statistics, as banking systems recover, and with risk • ...»
  81. «THE BOLOGNA POLICY FORUM – OPPORTUNITY FOR EXCHANGE In my talk I will look into the background of the BPF, its major achievements, main goals, ...»
  82. «1314 Spring Street St. Helena, California 707-963-4157 Grace-Episcopal.org Produced: December 2015 Table of CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY More Specifics ...»
  84. «Copyright © 2014. Tick Data, Inc. Data Delivery Options Tick Data’s core product is clean, research‐ready, global institutional‐quality data. ...»
  85. «286 HISTORICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL NOTES. issue a dau., Louisa Matilda, m. Ralph Wolf Smyth, of Glasson, Athlone, and had issue. Mr. Graham m. 3rdly, ...»
  86. «Introduction For most Americans today, the words “Ground Zero” immediately call to mind the horror of September 11, 2001, when terrorists crashed ...»
  87. «“Let us salute one of our kind.” How academic obituaries consecrate research biographies Julian Hamann, (hamann@uni-bonn.de) Forum Internationale ...»
  88. «History of the State Major Project In August 1946 the crippling and killing disease polio stalked the children of Texas. Texas Elks responded by ...»
  89. «The Laocoön Group: Myth upon Myth Hannah Chesley April, 2014 Abstract: Few pieces throughout history have been so excellent, as well as ...»
  90. «RESEARCH PAPER Innovation and experience goods: a critical appraisal of a missing dimension in innovation theory Richard Hawkinsa* and Charles H. ...»
  91. «My primary scholarly pursuit is the completion of a two-volume monograph on Minnesongs and Their Permutations, companion volumes to my edition, ...»
  92. «A phylogenetic tree, at its most basic, is a listing of lineage branching events that have taken place in the past. Even when a tree is not ...»
  93. «The July 1945 Szilard Petition on the Atomic Bomb Memoir by a signer in Oak Ridge Howard Gest Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Microbiology, ...»
  94. «Who was Willy Higinbotham? Who was Willy Higinbotham? By Julie Schletter Editor’s note: The following is a compilation of letters by Dr. William ...»
  95. «hillsborough irland hillsborough irland Rezepte mit Austern | Ireland.com The Hillsborough International Oyster Festival. Sie kennen die Geschichte. ...»
  96. «THE ANCIENT ASSYRIANS AND PERSIANS Introduction to the Ancient Assyrians Writing about the Ancient Assyrians and the Ancient Persians gives ...»
  97. «ORDER HISTORICAL MARKET DATA PRODUCTS Use Order Forms and Procedures on TMX website (tsx.com): Procedures and price lists for subscribing to products ...»
  98. «Sr. Mary Digitally signed by Sr. Mary Shimo DN: cn=Sr. Mary Shimo, o=Sisters of Bon Secours, ou=Archives, Shimo email=mary_shimo@bshsi.org, c=US ...»
  99. «Who Cares? Before we begin to take a brief look at the history of Christian congregational song, we should answer the question, “Why bother?” ...»
  100. «The name Triumph conjures up visions of the quintessential British sports car. Names like Southern Cross, Spitfire, and the ubiquitous TR-series are ...»
  101. «History of Crochet by Ruthie Marks You and I call it crochet, and so do the French, Belgians, Italians and Spanish-speaking people. The skill is ...»
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