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    Books, dissertations, abstracts. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Stakeholder Analysis in Sustainable Forest Management in Sabah, Malaysia Dissertation for awarding the academic degree Doctor rerum silvaticarum (Dr. ...»
  2. «Reassessing “The Social Desirability of Urban Rail Transit Systems” Critique of Winston and Maheshri 18 May 2007 By Jay Warner Principal ...»
  3. «Financial Crises, Development, and Growth: A Long-term Perspective Carmen M. Reinhart and Vincent R. Reinhart Observed over long periods, the upward ...»
  4. «The Doing Business Indicators: Measurement issues and political implications Janine Berg and Sandrine Cazes Employment Analysis and Research Unit ...»
  5. «CoopAFRICA Working Paper No.16 Bearing the brunt of a liberalized economy: A performance review of the cooperative movement in Zambia Peter K. ...»
  6. «UNITED NATIONS NATIONS UNIES European Commission Working Document Consultation on the Future EU 2020 Strategy Contribution from the United Nations ...»
  7. «Edited by Nicolas Pons-Vignon and Phumzile Ncube International Labour Office • Geneva Copyright © International Labour Organization 2012 First ...»
  8. «Sachstand Kapazitätsgrenzen beim Grundrecht auf Asyl © 2015 Deutscher Bundestag WD 2 - 3000 - 148/15 Wissenschaftliche Dienste Sachstand Seite 2 WD ...»
  9. «MANAGING PUBLIC FINANCE AND PROCUREMENT IN FRAGILE AND CONFLICTED SETTINGS Doug Porter, Matt Andrews, Joel Turkewitz and Clay Wescott October 3, 2010 ...»
  10. «A Neoclassical Curmudgeon Looks at Heterodox Criticisms of Microeconomics1,2 Donald W. Katzner3 University of Massachusetts/Amherst, USA Abstract The ...»
  11. «18 • The Development of Bureaucracy and its Relation to Law The social and economic preconditions for the modern form of bureaucratic ...»
  12. «OUR HISTORY Patient, collaborative investors, experts at growing small businesses We founded Hadley Capital nearly 20 years ago specifically to ...»
  13. «Weil Das Land Sich Andern Muss Ein Manifest German Edition These easier process should interact seen with the provider pool. Handy reserves to sell ...»
  14. «Downloaded from http://qje.oxfordjournals.org/ at Princeton University on December 25, 2014 correct, our criterion asserts that an allocation is ...»
  15. «Uwe Schimank & Ute Volkmann (Eds.) The Marketization of Society: Economizing the Non-Economic                               ...»
  16. «Western Heritage Volume C Mhl Web Pkg Make knowing your exits thus of a sales it go reduced or managed if showing your someone. Another is advisable ...»
  17. «For more information, please contact: Anti-corruption.Contact@oecd.org This document and any map included herein are without prejudice to the status ...»
  18. «Bottom of the Pyramid Approaches for Urban Sustainability Background Paper – Draft 0 At the Fourth Session of the World Urban Forum held in Nanjing ...»
  19. «10th International Whitehead Conference 9th International Conference on Ecological Civilization Inaugural Pando Populus event Welcome Dear Friends, ...»
  20. «TAXES AND TRADE John Whalley The University of Western Ontario, and NBER Abstract This paper discusses the interactions between appropriate tax ...»
  21. «What is Grain Merchandising, Hedging and Basis Trading? Grain Merchandising Grain merchandising describes the process of buying and selling grain. ...»
  22. «What On Earth You Can Do With Kids Unconsciously, it will eliminate one thousands as downloaded days going one skills at mental closures. A space ...»
  23. «It is early Autumn 2014. A philosopher, an economist, an (ex-)banker and a computer scientist are having a meeting at CWI, the Dutch national centre ...»
  24. «When the Bough Breaks TRT 29 min DVD Chapter 1: Race Gap NARRATOR: Several years ago, two physicians in Chicago set out to solve a mystery: why do ...»
  25. «Which Entrepreneurs E T&P Bribe and What Do They Get From It? Exploratory Evidence From Vietnam Gjalt de Jong Phan Anh Tu Hans van Ees This article ...»
  26. «DAVID E. VANCE Rutgers University School of Business Camden dvance@camden.rutgers.edu Working Paper Series WCRFS: 08-08 ABSTRACT: SFAS142 (2001) ...»
  27. «Who Controls The Gold Stealing New York Fed Bank? Presented January 2014 by Charles Savoie “A FREE GOLD MARKET IS HERESY. GOLD HAS NO USEFUL ...»
  28. «U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation October 2007 The mission of the Department of the Interior is to protect and provide access to ...»
  29. «Robert Cull and Lixin Colin Xu* The World Bank Robert Cull, DECRG, World Bank L. Colin Xu, DECRG, World Bank 1818 H Street, N.W., 1818 H Street, ...»
  30. «Why do firms hide? Bribes and unofficial activity after communism Simon Johnson a , *, Daniel Kaufmann b , John McMillan c , Christopher Woodruff d ...»
  31. «Why Diversity Matters July 2013 CATALYST INFORMATION CENTER Leaders working to create diverse and inclusive workplaces in which women can advance ...»
  32. «Bureaucracy as Class Domination: Weber vs. Critical Theory* This will be an appraisal of Weber’s theory of bureaucracy from a critical theory point ...»
  33. «Excessive Optimism, Leverage, and Boom and Bust Cycles John C. Williams∗ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco February 2013 Abstract This paper ...»
  34. «Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD 113 Ruskin Place Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919) 360-7599 Email: monte_willis@med.unc.edu EDUCATION 2012-2014 Master of Business ...»
  35. «Kelvin W. Willoughby Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow Edward J. Blakely Professor and Director Biotechnology Industry Research Group Institute of Urban ...»
  37. «Duke University Durham, North Carolina A rising senior, Jack is on track to graduate Duke University in 2015 with a B.S in Economics and a B.S in ...»
  38. «Promoting wine by 'terroir' Damien Wilson and Frédérique Jourjon Contact: damien.wilson@escdijon.eu Abstract Across export markets consumers use a ...»
  39. «Slicing the Toxic Pizza, An Analysis of FDIC’s Legacy Loan Program for Receivership Assets by Linus Wilson* Assistant Professor of Finance ...»
  40. «Catherine C. Eckel School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences University of Texas at Dallas Mail Code GR31 800 W. Campbell Rd. Richardson, TX ...»
  41. «Abstract With federal policies to curb carbon emissions stagnating in the US, California is taking action alone. Sub-national policies can lead to ...»
  43. «“I won the Lottery!” What Happens Now? A Handbook for Winners from the South Dakota Lottery Congratulations, Lotto Winner! If you’re like most ...»
  44. «TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION [7001-7100] ALL THE NUMBERS MATCHED! [7001-7100] WHAT DO I DO NOW? Contacting the Idaho Lottery [7001-7100] Visiting the Idaho Lottery [7001-7100] ...»
  45. «December 2003 Department of Finance, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 321 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Email: ...»
  46. «Journal of Financial Economics 88 (2008) 51–79 www.elsevier.com/locate/jfec Entrepreneurial finance: Banks versus venture capital$ Andrew ...»
  47. «Wireless Charging Ready for Burgeoning Mass Market in EVs Bottom Line: Wireless charging is effective and economic for mass market Report Focus: ...»
  48. «Frédérik C. Witte When Employees Leap to Self-Employment: Do Business Ideas, Occupations and Policy Matter? When Employees Leap to SelfEmployment ...»
  49. «4 June 2012 A revised submission for the Wolfson Economics Prize MMXII by Capital Economics Lead author: Roger Bootle Capital Economics Limited, 150 ...»
  50. «JEL classification: G15, G28 Keywords. Bond flow, bond return, cross-market correlation, capital flow measure BIS Working Papers are written by ...»
  51. «Monetary and Economic Department September 2015 JEL classification: G21; G32; E44; E58; F3 Keywords: bank funding; bond issuance; banking crisis; ...»
  52. «Global population growth, technology, and Malthusian constraints: a quantitative growth theoretic perspective Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz and Tim Swanson ...»
  53. «Working With Chinese Expatriates In Business Negotiations Transaction and financial Treasury improvements of social materials works called under ...»
  54. «Sandra Waddock Boston College, Carroll School of Management Visiting Scholar, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative December 2006 ⎪ Working ...»
  55. «Working Paper Prepared for the Copenhagen Consensus Project April 27, 2012 Susan Rose-Ackerman1 and Rory Truex2 Contact information: Susan ...»
  56. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such ...»
  57. «World Tops And Bottoms Single seeing and CLI maternity bureau a office in conditions create loans which you need or rate are credit of the government ...»
  58. «Would You Rather.?'s What's Your Price?: Because Everyone Can Be Bought!? Justin Heimberg everybody has his or her price; this ebook makes an attempt ...»
  59. «In September 1996, the president of the World Bank, James D Wolfensohn, committed the Bank to “fight the cancer of corruption”. This drive helped ...»
  60. «Meenal Raje PGP Student Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – 560076 meenal.raje@iimb.ernet.in Charan Singh RBI ...»
  61. «OECD Working Papers on International Investment, 2000/01, OECD Publishing. http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/082658020086 OECD Working Papers on ...»
  62. «Service Performance Insight www.SPIresearch.com Service Performance Insight Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) is a global research, ...»
  63. «ECONOMIC CRISES AND MIGRATION: LEARNING FROM THE PAST AND THE PRESENT1 Tim Green* and L. Alan Winters** March 2010 *Department for International ...»
  64. «To Work or Not To Work? The Effects of Partner Earnings and Children on Women’s Labor Supply Sylvia A. Allegretto Department of Economics, ...»
  65. «Working paper: 2003-03 Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development University of Pretoria Pretoria, 0002 South Africa ARE ...»
  66. «Can Lower Tax Rates Be Bought? Business Rent-Seeking and Tax Competition Among U.S. States Robert S. Chirinko University of Illinois at Chicago ...»
  67. «Wealth, Health, and Child Development: Evidence from Administrative Data on Swedish Lottery Players David Cesarini, Erik Lindqvist, Robert Östling ...»
  68. «CENTRE FOR STUDIES IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE WORKING PAPER NO. 112 Corruption and Tax Evasion with Competitive Bribes Antonio Acconcia, Marcello ...»
  69. «In partnership with: With additional support from: Conference report British-German Environment Forum Energy policy for the 2050s Thursday 7 – ...»
  70. «Does Trade Explain Europe’s Rise? Geography, Market Size and Economic Development . Roman Studer © Roman Studer, LSE November 2009 Department of ...»
  71. «‘Russia as a BRIC: Only a Dream?’ Julian Cooper Centre for Russian and East European Studies European Research Institute University of Birmingham ...»
  72. «Exploring beliefs about bottled water and intentions to reduce consumption: The dualeffect of social norm activation and persuasive information ...»
  73. «Death of a Reserve Currency Stephen Quinn and William Roberds Working Paper 2014-17 September 2014 Abstract: The Dutch bank florin was the dominant ...»
  74. «Translated from the original French by Mark Vail Article originally appeared as “L’économiste face aux innovations qui font époque : Les ...»
  75. «Johan Fourie1 and Dieter von Fintel2 Working Paper Number 184 Department of Economics, Stellenbosch University, and Department of Economic and Social ...»
  76. «Xiaoling Pu Xinlei Zhao Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC Economics Working Paper 2009-5 Version Date: February 2, 2010 Keywords: ...»
  77. «Abstract Intermediaries facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers. Intermediation activities are an important part of the formal economy. ...»
  78. «Multi-payer health insurance systems in Central and Eastern Europe lessons from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia Galina Besstremyannaya Jaak ...»
  79. «Stelios D. Bekiros European University Institute, Italy The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA), Italy DECOUPLING AND THE SPILLOVER EFFECTS OF ...»
  80. «Abstract This note provides detailed information on the construction of UK firm level panel data sets using Datastream accounting data. It describes ...»
  81. «ESRC Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge Working Paper No. 252 by Magnus Bild Paul Guest Stockholm School of Economics Centre for ...»
  82. «ESRC Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge Working Paper No. 279 By Professor Ajit Singh Faculty of Economics and Politics University ...»
  83. «Education’s gambling problem: The impact of earmarking lottery revenues for education on charitable giving and government spending Daniel Jones ...»
  84. «Alois Geyer and Richard Mader Editorial Board of the Working Papers Peter Achleitner, Wolfdietrich Grau, Eduard Hochreiter, Peter Mooslechner, N.N., ...»
  85. «Working Paper No. 2011-08 Ökonomische Aspekte des neuen globalen Terrorismus Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks September 2011 Ökonomische Aspekte ...»
  86. «Integration, Disintegration and Trade in Europe: Evolution of Trade Relations During the 1990s Jarko Fidrmuc Jan Fidrmuc Editorial Board of the ...»
  87. «Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure: Evidence from Non-nancial Listed French Firms Ana Correia António Cerqueira Elísio Brandão FEP-UP, ...»
  88. «The Cost of Doing Business Firms’ Experience with Corruption in Uganda Jakob Svensson June 2000 The Cost of Doing Business: Firms’ Experience ...»
  89. «Bureau Competition and Economic Policies in Nazi Germany, 1933-39 Oliver Volckart © Oliver Volckart Department of Economic History London School of ...»
  90. «Social DESA Working Paper No. 80 ST/ESA/2009/DWP/80 Affairs August 2009 The Bottom of the Pyramid Strategy for Reducing Poverty: A Failed Promise ...»
  91. «Policy indexes – what do they tell us and what are their applications? The case of climate policy and business planning in emerging markets Swenja ...»
  92. «Neil Duxbury LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers 11/2009 London School of Economics and Political Science Law Department This paper can be ...»
  93. «HOVENIERSBERG 24 B-9000 GENT Tel. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.34.61 Fax. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.35.92 WORKING PAPER Bureaucratisation and the growth of health ...»
  94. «The impact of private health insurers on the quality of regional health care systems in Russia Galina Besstremyannaya Jaak Simm Working Paper No 177 ...»
  95. «The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection presents research in progress by Levy Institute scholars and conference participants. The ...»
  96. «The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection presents research in progress by Levy Institute scholars and conference participants. The ...»
  97. «Entflechtung als Instrument einer aktiven Wettbewerbspolitik: Funktionsweise und Lehren aus internationalen Erfahrungen Christian von Hirschhausen, ...»
  98. «Low Latency – How Low Can You Go? Low latency has always been an important consideration in telecom networks for voice, video and data, but recent ...»
  99. «Who Governs Japan? Politicians and Bureaucrats in the Policy-making Processes MAURICE WRIGHT University of Manchester The long-running debate about ...»
  100. «Robert S. Chirinko and Daniel J. Wilson* March 2009 University of Illinois, CESifo, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and the Federal ...»
  101. «Novocastra™ Liquid Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Wilms’ Tumor Product Code: NCL-L-WT1-562 Leica Biosystems Newcastle Ltd Balliol Business Park West ...»
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