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«Informatica Master Data Management Improve Operations and Decision Making with Consolidated and Reliable Business-Critical Data This document ...»

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Informatica Master Data Management

Improve Operations and Decision Making with Consolidated and

Reliable Business-Critical Data

This document contains Confidential, Proprietary and Trade Secret Information (“Confidential

Information”) of Informatica Corporation and may not be copied, distributed, duplicated, or otherwise

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While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information in this document is accurate and complete, some typographical errors or technical inaccuracies may exist. Informatica does not accept responsibility for any kind of loss resulting from the use of information contained in this document.

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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Protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 6,032,158; 5,794,246; 6,014,670;

6,339,775; 6,044,374; 6,208,990; 6,208,990; 6,850,947; 6,895,471; or by the following pending U.S. Patents: 09/644,280; 10/966,046; 10/727,700.

This edition published March 2015.

Brochure Table of Contents The Costs of Inconsistency.................................. 2 Product- or Account-Centric Approach to Managing Customer Data........... 2 Inability to Deliver Clean, Consistent, and Connected Data on Time........... 3 Slow Response to Changing Business Landscape

Huge Data Volumes and Variety Hinder Confident Decision Making........... 3 Master Data Management Enables Companies to Achieve Their Strategic Imperatives........................... 4 Capitalize on Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities........................ 4 Improve Employee Productivity..................................... 4 Derive Value from Mergers and Acquisitions........................... 4 Improve Regulatory Compliance.................................... 4 Inf

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Informatica Master Data Management: Improve Operations and Decision Making with Consolidated and Reliable Business-Critical Data 1 The Costs of Inconsistency Today, businesses are handling more data, in more formats, and from more sources, including internal and external systems, than ever before. This data is housed in dozens of different locations, both on-premise and in the cloud. Maintaining the data in this fragmented, duplicative, and inaccurate state incurs steep costs to the

business. It impedes strategic imperatives, hindering your ability to:

• Acquire and retain customers

• Leverage operational efficiency as a competitive differentiator

• Accelerate speed to value from acquisitions

• Support informed decision making When the business-critical data about customers, products, channel partners, suppliers, and employees is not available to users who need it, when they need it, and in the right format to use it, the business as a whole suffers. Employees are frustrated because they cannot do their jobs efficiently, customers are unhappy because they encounter inefficient service, and management lacks confidence in its ability to make the right decisions.

Product- or Account-Centric Approach to Managing Customer Data Traditionally, organizations have focused on a product or an account-centric approach to managing their customers. In the light of increased competition and improving customer experience, fragmented information in customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and legacy applications limits the ability of organizations to deliver quality service to their customers. With customer data in silos, organizations are not only finding it difficult to provide personalized services and offers to their existing customers, but they are also facing an uphill task in terms of acquiring new customers to increase their growth and profitability.

Inability to Deliver Clean, Consistent, and Connected Data on Time Fragmented data about such topics as customers, products, suppliers, channel partners, and assets can create inconsistencies and duplication within business applications because these applications are not built to enforce data quality. Today’s organizations need data of the highest quality for many analytical and operational use cases. Not having an enterprise strategy for creating, maintaining, and delivering clean, consistent, and connected information for analytical and operational use cases will lead to organizations an inability to deliver great customer experience. As a result of fragmented data, business users resort to manual reconciliation of data, losing valuable time that they could otherwise use on revenue generating opportunities.

Because of poor-quality data, organizations will find it hard to provide the right products and services to the right consumers to remain competitive in today’s challenging business environment.

Slow Response to Changing Business Landscape We live in a dynamic world today and organizations are going through extensive makeover. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are becoming the norm, and a lack of consistent and streamlined ways to integrate customer, product, and other master data records during these transformations can be a significant barrier to business growth. As a result of these rapid changes, businesses are unable to realize cost efficiencies and revenue uplift because they don’t know who their common customers are. M&A are time sensitive and can quickly become a major pain for organizations, limiting their ability to scale the business so they can efficiently cross–sell and upsell.

Huge Data Volumes and Variety Hinder Confident Decision Making Many of today’s organizations are using massive amounts of data coming from numerous internal and external data sources. Exploring hidden patterns buried beneath terabytes of data is clearly a challenge.

However, the bigger challenge is organization’s inability to have a complete view of their core customer and product data, which can augment big data sources such as social, mobile, and location data. As a result of this big data deluge, executives are unable to make timely and accurate decisions impacting critical business outcomes.

Informatica Master Data Management: Improve Operations and Decision Making with Consolidated and Reliable Business-Critical Data 3 Master Data Management Enables Companies to Achieve Their Strategic Imperatives Master data management (MDM) empowers companies by improving the quality of their customer, product, supplier, asset, and channel partner data along with inferring relationships among the data such as which customer owns what products or which supplier operates from which locations. It solves many business problems by providing a unified architecture for creating quality data, managing multiple data domains, and delivering this information to business-critical decision making applications and processes. Fragmented data has created significant data problems and has been interrupting business processes for years. MDM addresses these problems head-on and allows organizations to have a trusted view of their customer information, their relationships, and their transactions.

Capitalize on Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities MDM aggregates business-critical data about customers, products, services, contracts, employees, and channel partners scattered throughout enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, and legacy systems. This allows organizations to view their core information about customers, the products and services they have bought and their relationships and interactions. This trusted view of customers combined with customer’s household and hierarchical information can empower employees to make better cross-sell and upsell offers, resulting in improved marketing and sales effectiveness.

Improve Employee Productivity MDM allows you to automate consolidation of business-critical data scattered throughout different applications and minimizes the amount of time spent manually searching and combining information. It helps you cleanse, enrich, and persist the most trustworthy information about your customers into a single enterprise-wide repository. As a result, employees can now spend less time consolidating data and focus their energy on improving customer satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity.

Derive Value from Mergers and Acquisitions MDM plays a key role in empowering organizations to cross-sell various products across the merged companies by identifying common customers and the products they own. Business rules are applied to ensure that there is no duplication of customer profiles; products and services are merged to single golden profile so that the organization can have a complete view of customers across merged entities; and organizations are able to better leverage the cost of procurement of raw materials. With MDM, organizations can streamline mergers, realize the M&A synergies faster, and reduce risk so they can reap maximum returns for their shareholders.

Improve Regulatory Compliance MDM helps organizations prioritize information governance across IT and business silos by ensuring accuracy, uniformity, and consistency of data. With MDM, organizations can meet the quality standards and have better operational processes, allowing them to address regulatory compliance mandates such as SOX, Basel III, FDA, Solvency II, and HIPAA. In addition, MDM allows organizations to be accurate in their regulatory filings. The reporting can be done in a timely manner so that organizations can avoid huge penalties.

Informatica Master Data Management Delivers a Single, Trusted View Informatica Master Data Management™ empowers companies to improve operations with business-user access to consolidated and reliable business-critical data, even when it’s scattered across the enterprise. The product delivers true multidomain master data management, empowering you with limitless opportunities to start with any type of business-critical data and add as many different domains as you like. Widely recognized for bestof-breed performance, Informatica MDM provides comprehensive support for MDM requirements on a single platform, including data integration, profiling, and data quality.

With Informatica MDM, you can:

• Address your unique MDM business requirements, using the flexible business model–driven approach

• Empower customer-facing sales and marketing teams with better customer segmentation, targeting, and campaign ROI

• Improve critical decisions by executives with clean, consistent, and connected data about their customers

• Enhance business processes such as order to cash, procure to pay, and customer and supplier onboarding

• Drive sales and business growth through effective business and channel partner management

• Meet regulatory compliances and avoid penalties by filing reports in a timely manner with accurate data Leading organizations in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, government, energy, and other fields rely on Informatica MDM software to cut costs and drive revenue by improving operations and making more informed decisions across the enterprise. It empowers companies like yours to acquire and retain more customers, deliver better products and services, and accelerate time to value from acquisitions.

Informatica Master Data Management: Improve Operations and Decision Making with Consolidated and Reliable Business-Critical Data 5 Informatica MDM Differentiation Informatica MDM is a superior alternative to any other solutions available in the market today. It is a configurable, expandable, and proven multidomain MDM product that increases business users’ adoption of master data. A complete solution for all master data management needs, it contains powerful features to help solve today’s complex master data management requirements. Irrespective of the industry and use case, Informatica MDM is the only product you will need for your multidomain MDM journey.

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