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«Application for a registration certificate as a European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national who is in the UK as a qualified person This form is to ...»

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Version 03/2016

Application for a registration certificate as a

European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss

national who is in the UK as a qualified


This form is to be used for applications made on or after 18 March 2016

Who this form is for

Use this application form if you’re an EEA or Swiss national who is in the UK as a

‘qualified person’ and you wish to apply for a registration certificate as confirmation

of your right of residence.

Any further reference on this form to EEA nationals includes Swiss nationals.

A ‘qualified person’ is an EEA national who is in the UK as a:

• worker (including those who have retained their status as a worker due to temporary incapacity, involuntary unemployment or vocational training)

• self-employed person (including those who have retained their status as a selfemployed person due to temporary incapacity)

• self-sufficient person

• student, or

• jobseeker This is sometimes known as ‘exercising Treaty rights’.

The fee There is a fee of £65 for making this application. If you do not pay the fee, we will return your application to you without consideration. See the payment guidance notes, enclosed with this application form, for further information.

Partners and family members You cannot include your family members on this form. If you have a partner, family members or other relatives, and they wish to apply for a registration certificate or residence card, they must

apply separately and each pay the specified fee. The relevant forms are:

• EEA(FM) – for your ‘direct’ family members (spouse/civil partner, children or grandchildren aged under 21 or dependent on you, dependent parents and grandparents)

• EEA(EFM) – for your ‘extended’ family members (unmarried or same-sex partner, other dependent relatives, such as siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces).

If you have any EEA family members who are qualified persons in their own right, they can complete their own EEA(QP) form if they wish.

Completing the application form Complete all relevant sections of the form as directed. Use a black pen and write names, addresses and similar details in capital letters. In sections where you are asked to give your personal details and address, leave a space between each name and each part of the address.

You must also send the relevant evidence - see section 11 of this form and the guidance notes

on our website:

www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-registration-certificate-as-a-qualified-personform-eea-qp Only complete the sections of the form that are relevant to you. If a section does not apply to you, leave it blank.

To save paper, postage and storage costs, we recommend that you only print and send us the:

• front page of the form, and

• sections of the form that you have actually completed (including the payment section).

Where to send your completed application

You can apply in person at Croydon Premium Service Centre. To book an appointment, go to:

www.gov.uk/ukvi-premium-service-centres/book-an-appointment Otherwise, you must apply by post. You must send your completed application form, and the

relevant fee, to:

Home Office – EEA applications PO Box 590 Durham DH99 1AD Sending it to any other address may delay your application.

If you want to confirm that we have received your application, we recommend that you send it by special or recorded delivery and track it on the Royal Mail website: www.royalmail.com/ track-your-item

–  –  –

How you can pay

You can pay by any of the following methods:

• Cheque/Bankers Draft (postal applications only)

• Postal Order (postal applications only)

• Credit card - Mastercard, Visa (including Electron) or American Express (Amex)

• Debit card - Delta, Maestro* (including Solo) * Maestro - We can accept only Maestro cards issued in the UK.

Please note that when making large or multiple payments using your credit card, the anti-fraud measures that banks operate sometimes stop the full payment being taken. This can happen for a number of reasons. To prevent this you may inform your bank of your intention to make large or multiple payments in advance so that your bank allows the full payment to be taken when you submit your application. Please be aware that not all banks offer this service.

Cheques and postal orders You must make the cheque or postal order payable to ‘Home Office’ and cross the cheque or postal order A/C Payee only. Please write the full name and date of birth of the applicant on the back of the cheque and/or each postal order and keep the postal order receipt(s). Please make sure that the date and the amount (words and figures) are correct and that the cheque is signed properly. Attach your cheque or postal order(s) to the front of the application form.

Completing the payment details page To ensure that your payment is processed without any delay, please follow this guidance when completing the Payment Details section.

1-2 The address at 1 should be the contact address in the UK for any correspondence. If it is not your home address (eg a solicitor or other authorised immigration adviser may be submitting the application), give the contact name at 2.

3 This should be the full name of the main applicant as given in his or her passport or travel document.

4 Date of birth - for example, 3 January 1980 should be written 03 01 1980 in the spaces provided.

5 If you do not select a fee then we cannot take a payment and your application will be rejected as invalid.

–  –  –

If you do not provide the CVV number, we cannot take your payment and your application will be rejected as invalid Consideration process

• If the payment submitted does not cover the full cost of your application, it will be an invalid application and the form, together with any documentation submitted, will be returned to you.

• The fee charged is for the processing and consideration of the application. This fee will be payable once the application form is received by the Home Office or its payment processing agent, regardless of the outcome of the application. If your application contains errors or is missing information it may be rejected as invalid. Your application will not be considered and your fee will be refunded less an administration fee of £25 for each person included in the application.

• We cannot begin the consideration process until the payment has cleared. We allow 5 working days for payments made by cheque to clear, credit/debit cards and postal orders will clear immediately.

–  –  –

Your nationality and place of birth

1.9 Your current nationality (as stated in your passport or national identity card)

1.10 Do you currently hold, or have you ever held, any other nationality or citizenship?

–  –  –

* If you still hold the relevant nationality or citizenship, please write ‘present’.

1.12 Place and country of birth Your contact details

1.13 Your home address in the UK:

–  –  –

1.18 Your email address and that of your representative if you have one. Please write your email address clearly in block capitals and note that we can only send updates to the email address you provide.

If you do not provide a valid email address for you or your representative, we will be unable to send you/your representative confirmation that we have received your application.

Your email address:

Please re-enter your email address in block capitals:

Your representative’s email address:

The Home Office or persons acting on behalf of the Home Office may use the above email address(es) to communicate with you about your application. You must check your email account at regular intervals and respond to any further information requests as soon as possible.

Your passport or national identity card

1.19 If you are not submitting a valid passport or nationality identity card, please say why in the box below and submit alternative evidence of your identity and nationality. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Please note: we will only accept alternative evidence of your identity and nationality if you can show that you are not able to submit a valid passport or national identity card due to circumstances beyond your control.

–  –  –

1.20 Home Office reference number(s). Include any registration certificate or residence permit


1.21 UK national insurance number:

If you do not have any of the above reference numbers, please write ‘none’ in the relevant box or leave it blank.

B. Family members applying at the same time as you

1.22 If you have a partner or any family members or relatives applying for European residence documentation at the same time as you, please enter their details below. This will help us keep your applications together. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Please note that each family member must complete their own application form and pay the specified application fee.

We strongly recommend that you enclose all applications in the same envelope if you want them to be considered together.

–  –  –

If you feel you qualify in more than one category, please tick all relevant boxes and complete the relevant sections.

Worker – currently working Complete section 3 if you’re currently doing paid work for an employer.

Previously working – retained status as a worker

Complete section 4 if you were previously doing paid work for an employer and you are:

temporarily unable to work due to an illness or accident unemployed and doing vocational training, or involuntarily unemployed and looking for work * * If you’re looking for work, you must also complete the relevant parts of section 8 (jobseeker).

Self-employed (including retained status self-employed)

Complete section 5 if you:

are currently self-employed have been self-employed but are temporarily incapacitated by an illness or accident Self-sufficient Complete section 6 if you’re currently living in the UK as a self-sufficient (financially independent) person.

–  –  –

Complete section 8 if you’re currently in the UK looking for work and you either:

have retained your status as a worker due to involuntary unemployment were previously working (but haven’t retained your status as a worker), self-employed, selfsufficient or a student, or entered the UK to look for work and you have not been a qualified person since entering the UK.

Make sure you complete the relevant section(s) fully and provide the evidence specified in section 11 and the guidance notes.

To save paper, postage and storage costs, we recommend that you only print and send us the front page(s) of the form and the sections of the form that you have actually completed.

In all cases, please also complete the document checklist on the final page of this form.

–  –  –

A. Details of your employment Please give details of your current employment below. Please note we may contact your employer to verify this information.

If you have more than one job and would like us to take this other employment into account, please provide this information on a separate sheet and enclose it with your application.

You must also provide evidence of your employment - see section 11 and the guidance notes.

3.1 Name of employer (business or company):

3.2 Address of employer:

–  –  –

* Please give the figure before deductions for tax, national insurance, pension contributions, and any other regular deductions.

3.7 Please indicate what type of employment this is (tick the relevant box)

–  –  –

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