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«Dell™Expert Assist 8.5.9 User Guide ©2014 Dell Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright. The ...»

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Dell™Expert Assist 8.5.9

User Guide

©2014 Dell Inc.


This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright. The software described in this guide is

furnished under a software license or nondisclosure agreement. This software may be used or copied only in

accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement. No part of this guide may be reproduced or

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Expert Assist User Guide Updated - April 2014 Software Version - 8.5.9 Contents Overview 6 System R

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Overview Dell™ExpertAssist is the perfect choice for anyone who has ever needed to access and control a PC or server from elsewhere, be it from down the hall or from halfway around the world. All that is required to control a PC or server is a web browser or WAP-enabled wireless device.

ExpertAssist is a remote administration tool that lets you control and administer Microsoft® Windows®-based computers over a local area network or the Internet. Originally designed for network administrators, ExpertAssist has evolved to offer a wide variety of remote computing solutions for an equally wide variety of users. Today, ExpertAssist provides many useful capabilities such as Java-based desktop remote control, file transfer protocol (FTP) for downloading and uploading of files, configuration of the host computer, remote-tolocal printing, advanced scripting, and dozens of other features.

ExpertAssist acts as the host software on the machine that is to be controlled or accessed. The client (the remote computer that is used to access the host) requires no special software. The client software is any Javaenabled web browser (see System Requirements). Many Remote Control features can also be accessed and controlled using such client software as that found in handheld PDAs and WAP-enabled mobile telephones.

System Requirements Operating Systems Support ExpertAssist can be deployed to the following operating systems.

–  –  –

Where possible, be sure to have the latest Service Pack installed on a remote computer when you are deploying ExpertAssist.

Browser Requirements

The following Java-enabled web browsers can be used to manage ExpertAssist hosts:

–  –  –

Additional Software Requirements PowerShell 1.x command line shell installed on the remote computer for the Scripting functionality l Licensing ExpertAssist You can freely evaluate ExpertAssist during a 30-day period without any limitations. Over this period, you must purchase a license to continue working with ExpertAssist. When in doubt, please contact our technical support or sales for help (see the Contacting Dell section for contact information).

Remotely Accessing a Workstation When the ExpertAssist software installation is complete, each workstation may be accessed from any machine using a Java-enabled web browser.

To access the host machine:

1. Open an Internet browser.

2. In the Location/Address bar, enter the FQDN, DNS name or the IP address of the host machine as shown in the examples below.


–  –  –


“” represents the IP address of the host machine.

l “2000” represents the default port entered on the ExpertAssist configuration tab.

l “pc345-XP“ represents the DNS machine name of the host machine.

l “50505“ represents the port custom defined via the ExpertAssist configuration tab l Logging In After entering the URL into your browser and pressing enter, the ExpertAssist login screen will be displayed.

–  –  –

Windows Authentication Depending upon who is logging in to the system, the SAM database, Active Directory, and ExpertAssist’s own user database are accessed for authentication.

For the first-time logon:

1. Log on as someone who is a member of the local Administrators group.

This default behavior can be changed later by granting Windows users or groups access to ExpertAssist through the Access Control section of the Security node.

2. Type in the credentials that can be used to authenticate on the remote computer and click Login.

NTLM ExpertAssist will use the current credentials (those entered by you at the Windows logon screen on the computer running the browser) to identify the computer to the remote computer. This is only available on local networks.

To login using your current Windows login credentials:

Click the Login button within the NTLM section.

–  –  –

Smart Card This logon type will verify your identity based on the credentials stored on a Smart Card. Smart Card support is available on computers running Microsoft Windows XP or later.

To login using credentials stored on a Smart Card:

Click the Login button within the Smart Card section.

Advanced Options Additional login and access options are detailed below.

To get access to additional login options:

Click on the Show advanced options button in the login window

–  –  –

Go directly to Using any of the first three buttons selects whether to go directly to Remote Control, to File Transfer & Synchronization or to the Main Menu page (default) directly upon login.

Full/Light Interface Choose between the full and light interfaces. The full interface is for DHTML capable browsers. The light interface is more suitable for old browsers or users with slow connections.

–  –  –

Automatic Java Download Several ExpertAssist functionalities, such as Remote Control, File Transfer, and Performance Viewer, require that you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the client computer where you are managing the remote computer from. If you have logged into ExpertAssist using one of the three available authentication options, and you do not have JRE installed on your local computer, you will be prompted by your browser right before you will see the ExpertAssist user interface.

ExpertAssist requires that you have at least JRE version 1.5.0_5 installed on the local computer to work with applets.

Figure 3: The browser prompts for Java update before launching EA.

Click OK to close the message box and let the browser to show you the ExpertAssist user interface.

In the topmost frame on the user interface you will see that the Performance Viewer applet is not working and ExpertAssist shows the “Java is not installed” message.

Click on the download link within the frame and ExpertAssist will automatically open the new browser window or tab and redirect you to the JRE download page.

If you are running your browser on a server with Windows Server 2003 or above with Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IEESC) mode enabled, please make sure to add the web sites to the Trusted Sites zone when prompted by browser. This behavior is by browser’s design.

You can eliminate these browser web site blocking prompts and difficulties with downloading the JRE by disabling the IEESC on your local operating system.

Download and install the JRE on your local computer. Once installed, Java runtime will enable ExpertAssist to allow you use its applets.

If the automatic installation provided by site does not work for you, either use relaxed browser security settings for the JRE download site, or choose the manual download option.

If prompted by a Java security warning, accept the warning by clicking Yes.

Expert Assist 8.5.9 User Guide Figure 4: Java security warning.

This warning is normal since ExpertAssist is using a self-signed security certificate, which typically gets automatically issued to the DNS name of the remote computer. Thus, if you are connecting to the remote computer by using the IP address or the NetBIOS name in the URL, JRE will locate the mismatch between the “issued to” string in the client certificate and the computer name in the URL and a warn you about this. In the figure above you may see that the JRE warns the user accessing ExpertAssist by using the https://gluon:port/ntlm URL in the browser since the certificate has been issued to gluon.internal.corp. In the example above, you could avoid having the JRE warning message by accessing ExpertAssist using the DNS name of the remote computer in the URL https://gluon.internal.corp:port/ntlm.

Bypassing the Login Screen You can bypass the login screen entirely when logging into EA by using one of the following methods.

To force an NTLM login:

Append /ntlm/ to the URL with which you access the ExpertAssist.

Example, The URL http://MAILSERVER:2000 would become http://MAILSERVER:2000/ntlm/.

NOTE: Be careful not to forget the trailing slash!

To bypass the menu system and access certain parts of ExpertAssist with NTLM login:

Use the following URL examples for guidance:

Remote Control:

l http://machine.name.here:2000/ntlm/remctrl.html

Command Prompt:

l http://machine.name.here:2000/ntlm/telnet.html


l http://machine.name.here:2000/ntlm/chat.html

–  –  –

NOTE: Be careful not to forget the trailing slash!

The domain is optional. If omitted, an attempt will be made to authenticate on the computer on which it’s running and the domain to which it belongs.

Here are some URLs as an example:

Remote Control:

l http://your.machine.here:2000/login:yourloginname:yourpassword/remctrl.html

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