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Business Opportunities

with the

California Exposition & State Fair

1600 Exposition Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95815

Commercial & Concessions Office: 916-263-3155

Commercial E-mail: commercial@calexpo.com

Concessions E-mail: concessions@calexpo.com

California State Fair Website: www.castatefair.org

Cal Expo Website: www.calexpo.com

Business Opportunities with the California Exposition & State Fair

Thank you for your interest in teaming up with the California State Fair at Cal Expo. As a cutting edge organization, we are always looking for quality products and services to offer our loyal patrons during the annual State Fair. This booklet was designed by our team to give prospective business partners an overview of the professional and mutually prosperous relationships we seek to enjoy with our partners.

For 162 years the California State Fair has sought to provide Californians with the highest quality products and services. Naturally, as the State Fair, our patrons expect the “Best of the Best” from us.

With the help of our hundreds of business partners that’s exactly what we seek to deliver.

We know that you have choices about where you do business, and we look forward to the possibility of you teaming up with us to provide our patrons with an innovative and fun experience. Should you have any questions about the California State Fair’s application process or our procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Important Notice: All dates, times and prices listed are subject to change without notice!

Rick K. Pickering Chief Executive Officer i Life at the Fair The California State Fair is 17 fun-filled days from July 10-26, 2015. It boasts hundreds of exhibitors and concessionaires, high-caliber entertainment, livestock, crafts, animals and agriculture, thrilling rides and loads of activities for the whole family.

Before you apply for space at the Fair, there are a few things you should know. Putting on a 17-day event takes the tireless dedication and hard work of many team members, including our commercial exhibitors and concessionaires.

It also requires that everyone follow the same guidelines, which are outlined in detail in the Commercial & Concessions Rules and Regulations Handbook. You can find this Handbook on our California State Fair’s website at www.CAStateFair.org Are You a Commercial Exhibitor or a Concessionaire?

A Commercial Exhibitor is someone who sells a product, ride or service at the Fair. A concessionaire is someone who sells food and/or beverages.

Basic Guidelines Our team works to be attentive and responsive to your business needs, as great customer service to our partners is paramount to us. Knowing what to expect in advance can make a big difference in how successful you’ll be at the Fair. While most of the guidelines apply to both commercial exhibitors and concessionaires, there are a few differences. For the sake of brevity, we’ve outlined a few key items in this booklet.

If you have any questions about the application and selection process, please do not hesitate to contact the Commercial and Concessions Office. For booth/space pricing see the commercial or concessions applications.

Hours of Operation First and foremost, if the Fair is open for business, then you as our partner must also be open for business. Some concessionaires may choose to open a few hours earlier each day to serve livestock workers and other early arrivals.

Application To apply, you will need to fill out an application and return it to us along with your current California Seller’s Permit, a recent picture of your booth or stand and a product list/menu with prices. Only complete applications will be considered.

If no space is available your company may be placed on a waiting list. As spaces become available, applications are pulled from the waiting list.

–  –  –

Everyone must provide proof of General Liability insurance including Product Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 for entertainment and thrill rides). When providing insurance by your own carrier, the name of the insured business must match the business name on the application. Insurance may also be purchased through Cal Expo from the Haas & Wilkerson Insurance Co.

Pursuant to section 3700 of the California Labor Code, each concessionaire and commercial exhibitor must have on file and in their assigned space a Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance or Certificate of Self-Insurance from the Director of Industrial Relations. For more information, contact the Department of Industrial Relations at 916-323or www.dir.ca.gov.

Exhibit Design & Presentation If you’ve been to the Fair you know that all the booths and stands are designed and presented in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way. There are several guidelines detailed in the Commercial & Concession Handbook that you will need to follow. The State Fair reserves the right to determine whether the display and/or displayed product(s) meet these requirements.

Tents Outdoor commercial exhibitors are required to rent a tent from us; the rental of the tent will be on your contract.

“Pop-up” and “E-Z up” tents are not allowed. If you are a concessionaire, tents are not allowed.

Evaluation – Audit Review Evaluations and audits are based on State and County Regulations, conformance to the California State Fair Commercial & Concessions Rules and Regulations, quality and appearance of product sold general appearance of space and the appearance and service of staff and personal. Post event evaluations will be used in determining acceptance in future California State Fairs.

Food Stands Because the Fair runs for 17 days, the Health Department requires food stands to be a permanent structure such as a trailer or a booth. It’s much like having your own “mini-restaurant” for the duration of the Fair.

Health Department Cal Expo cares deeply about public health. As such, all concessionaires are required to follow all Health Department guidelines, including attendance at the Safe Food Handling Training scheduled prior to Opening Day of the State Fair, being Food Safety Certified, and paying all safe food handling fees. Anyone handing out samples of food will need to pay the appropriate safe food handling fee and provide product liability insurance. For more information on Health Department requirements, contact the County of Sacramento Environmental Management Department at 916or www.emd.saccounty.net.

–  –  –

amount of paperwork involved. All vendors, commercial exhibitors and concessionaires, must obtain and provide a current resale permit. It will be up to you to be sure you have all the appropriate forms and certificates completed prior to the opening day of the State Fair.

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is the official soft drink and bottled water sponsor for Cal Expo. Consequently, no other soft drink, energy drink or bottled water products are permitted to be sold, sampled or given away on Cal Expo property at any time.

Selection Process The following is a list of what is considered when evaluating applications for placement in the California State Fair.

Commercial Exhibitors / Concessionaires Space availability

–  –  –

Product Diversity The California State Fair strives to present a unique and diverse shopping experience. Although there is some duplication, we try to incorporate many new and exciting products for our Fair guests. When choosing the product you would like to sell please keep this in mind.

Product Exclusivity Commercial exhibitors will not be granted exclusive rights to exhibit, promote, demonstrate and/or sell products or services; unless such exclusive rights were granted through a specialized contracting process - such as major sponsorships or competitive bidding.

Items including but not limited to, balloons (any size), inflatable toys and glow-in-the-dark novelty items are covered under the California State Fair’s Novelty Agreement as exclusive items for sale by that contractor only. These items may not be sold, used as giveaways or promotions or used as signage or decorations by any commercial exhibitor, sponsor or participant in the Fair.

–  –  –

or change product(s) offered for sell or change menu items must be submitted in writing and receive preapproval.

Such preapproval is at the sole discretion of the State Fair.

Product Sales / Restrictions As a safe and family-friendly event, certain items will not be considered for sale or giveaway, including but not limited to: weapons of any kind, lasers, products made from endangered animals, pornographic or drug related items, items depicting the confederate flag, adhesive stickers of any kind, etc... In submitting your application, you agree that the State Fair has sole discretion to determine whether an item is considered offensive or in poor taste and to prohibit the sale or display of such items.

Sub-leasing / Booth Sharing All exhibitors are strictly prohibited from sub-leasing, assigning or apportioning the whole or any part of their contracted space to any other business or individual.

Other Opportunities at Cal Expo Cal Expo hosts hundreds of events each year, which often include commercial exhibits and concessions. To see which events might be right for you, visit www.calexpo.com and check out our calendar of events. In most cases, commercial exhibitors will work directly with the organizer of the event and food concessionaires will work with Cal Expo’s exclusive master caterer, Ovations, who can be reached at 916-920-1212.

Cal Expo also enters into contracts annually to support every aspect of the State Fair as well as the maintenance, development and rental of the property during the rest of the year. The California State Contracts Register lists all State contracts open for bid at www.dgs.ca.gov. Please direct questions about Cal Expo contracts for services to our Contracts Office at 916-263-4042.

Cal Expo also contracts for purchases of items such as office and paper products, printing, hardware, mechanical and motor vehicle parts, and paint and lumber. Certified Small Businesses and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises are actively supported by Cal Expo. If you have any questions about Cal Expo contracts for purchases, please call our Business Services Office at 916-263-3027.

Again, thank you for your interest in The California State Fair and Cal Expo. We look forward to being of service.

–  –  –

Accounting Procedures We want you to have a successful and lucrative fair as much as you do. If your fee is based on a percentage of gross sales, these are the accounting procedures you will follow to tally your earnings. They are based on good accounting practices that will provide you with accurate information on which to base all your important business management decisions. Should you have any problems adhering to these procedures, or don’t understand them, please ask a staff member in the Audits Office located in the Administration Building for more information.

Failure to comply with these financial reporting procedures will be considered a violation of the Agreement. If the violation is so severe that it must be dealt with immediately, State Fair management will be called upon to review the problem and come up with a solution. Violations will be taken into consideration when reviewing applications for future State Fairs or may result in immediate cessation of the right and privilege to do business with the California State Fair.

Cash Registers All sales must be recorded by use of an approved cash register or accounting system. So that accurate records can be

kept. Each cash register must have the following:

• Dual Tape/Readable tape (customer must be offered a receipt) • Customer Display (pivot display suggested) • Continues grand total • Cumulative “Z” counter • “X” Readings • 30-day back up battery • “Current” printed date on detail tape • Key protector • Price Look Up (PLU) or present keys Commission Payment Formula All food concessionaires and certain commercial exhibitors pay for their space by a percentage rent formula based on a Gross Sales Formula. The percentage rent as stated in your contract is applied to this amount.

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