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«ZEF Work Papers for Sustainable Development in Central Asia   No. 1  Economic Restructuring of Land and  ...»

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UNEP. 1991. Status of Desertification and Implementation of the United Nations Plan of Action to Combat Desertification.

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ZEF Bonn: Land- and Water Use in Khorezm 61

–  –  –

Table 2: Some parameters of the Aral Sea; historically, currently and in the future. (Ivanov et al. 1996) 1960 1992 2015?

–  –  –

Table 3: “Effective norms” for an optimum share of forest shelterbelts, established by the All-Union Research Institute for Agroforestry Melioration (Kayimov 1993, Tarasenko 1988)

–  –  –

Table 4: Climatic data (long-time averages) from the meteorological station in Urgench (Matyakubov 2000;

Bogdasarov et.al. 1997) Et0 = Evapotranspiration

–  –  –

Table 7: Annual river flow (km3) in the Aral Sea basin (annual averages). From Ivanov et al. (1996) Total water resources in the Aral Sea basin 123.31

–  –  –

0.4...42% 5...72% 4...50% 8...24% 8...30%

Table 9: Change of GDP and other economic indicators in Uzbekistan. Source: International Monetary Fund:

Republic of Uzbekistan. Recent Economic Developments (1998).

–  –  –

Table 10: General indicators on the government budget (percent of GDP) in Uzbekistan. Source: International Monetary Fund: Republic of Uzbekistan. Recent Economic Developments (1998).

–  –  –

Figure 12: Development of gross domestic product and gross agricultural output in Uzbekistan in comparison to other countries in central and eastern Europe and in the Former Soviet Union (changes in % between 1990 and 1998). Source: own presentation; data from World Bank Development Indicators (1999) ZEF Bonn: Land- and Water Use in Khorezm 75 Figure 13: Concept of the MRA-GIS to be used in drinking water assessments (Task C3)

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