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«(Visit the Tyler, Texas Coin Club in person and on the internet at: tylercoinclub.org) The Tyler, Texas Coin Club (TCC) meets on the second Tuesday ...»

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(Visit the Tyler, Texas Coin Club in person and on the

internet at: tylercoinclub.org)

The Tyler, Texas Coin Club (TCC) meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in

the community room of the Meals on Wheels Building located at 3001 Robertson Road. (Two

blocks behind Rudy’s BBQ.) Club members and friends gather starting at 6:30 p.m. for

fellowship. Meeting agenda will always include business and the most spirited numismatic

auction in Texas. Special presentations and programs are also offered. A friendly welcome is to be had by all. TCC’s next meeting is Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

        A Few Words from the Editor One of the first comments I recall making at the last meeting was directed at our gifted “auction caller” Tom B. It was just prior to the time President Dwight called our club meeting to order on October 13. I was standing with so many of you before the length of tables, three to be exact, which held a quality quantity of auction lots. I remember being amazed at the diversity of items available for change of hand with coins of all sorts, including a nice array of world items, more types and denominations of United States coins than could be visually absorbed, some paper money, and a few pieces of exonumia.

As I glanced over the table, and as I made my the list of those items I focused upon as a potential bidder, I looked over the table and spotted Tom perusing the quantity of material and, perhaps deciding on the best plan. My comment was a simple one, something like “I hope you’ve had your iron for today,” thinking about the length of time involved and the effort of presentation.

What really made the auction amazing, and the work of Tom B. appreciated was the fact that so many of these lots were designated for “Angel Tree.” Tom’s effort and our charitable spirit really paid off. The exact details of the number of lots sold for Angel Tree and the donations received can be found in the minutes from the meeting published following. Suffice it to say your editor was impressed and thankful for the club’s spirit of caring.

    Sowle Food: Words of Greeting and Celebration from our President What is your favorite month of the year? I don’t have one; I have three! December, November and October are my very favorite months of the year…in that order. There is something about these three months that rejuvenate me, and I really get excited about our hobby.

And, too, when silver and gold hit record levels, coin shows get a bit more attendance and press coverage than they normally do. And in the next few months several local shows within driving distance, and four major shows will cater to a public curious about how they can buy into or cash out of silver at $16 an ounce and gold at $1,155 an ounce. These months put me in the buying mood. You? How does this time of year make you feel? Life is good!

Several from our club enjoyed another workshop this month. Lane brought us an interesting presentation and learning session on “How to Detect Problem Coins.” Many of you have indicated you wanted to attend but had other commitments, and many have indicated the same concerning our first workshop on “A Brief Introduction to Grading United States Coins.” After the first of the year we plan to repeat these classes again along with a workshop on “Photographing Coins and Currency.” This topic is in a research and planning stage for now but, who knows?

That’s it for this ‘portion’ of “Sowle Food.” Until next time, remember: “Don't worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.”---Anonymous God Bless... Dwight Minutes of the Meeting of the Tyler Coin Club, October 13, 2015 Respectfully Submitted by Carl S., Tyler Coin Club Secretary Meeting called to order by President Dwight S. with pledge to the flag Attendance: Members: 33 New Members: 0 Guests: 0 Total: 33 Discussion of Agenda Items (Dwight)  The club was lead in prayer by Bruce B.

 Please keep families/friends of Sue, Dutch, and Ernest in your thoughts and prayers.

 Introduction/recognition of guests, visitors, and new members.

 Recognition of members with birthdays and anniversaries in month of October.

 Dwight distributed a signup sheet for the upcoming workshop, How to Detect Problem Coins, presented by Lane B. The workshop is Saturday, October 24th from 10am-3pm.

Cost is $20 for TCC members.

 Election of 2016 club officers – nominations for club officer positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are to be made at the November 2015 meeting. Voting for officer positions will occur at the December 2015 club meeting.

 The club Christmas meeting will be Tuesday, December 8th. The cost is $15 – Traditions will cater the event.

 Meals on Wheels (MOW) donations for October $50.

 Next meeting is November 10th.

Salvation Army Angel Tree  Tyler Coin Club members donated 56 items to the Angel Tree portion of the October auction raising $640.75. The November auction will follow the same format; Angel Tree donated items will be auctioned first followed by regular auction items. Members may also make cash donations for the Angel Tree fundraiser in lieu of or in addition to donated auction items. Angel Tree is the largest fundraising event for the club each year.

Dwight challenged club members to raise $1,500 this year outshining last year’s donations of $1,200.

Club Auction (Tom)  67 auction items sold - $1,035.75  Includes 56 items donated for Angel Tree - $640.75 Door prize winners  Dudley, Kay, Ray, Ron, Todd Refreshments  Horst

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The year is 1970 and a seven year old boy eagerly awaits the arrival of his mother. The reason is because his mother is a teller at the local bank and she will be bringing him two rolls of Jefferson Nickels. Today may be the day that he finds that 1950 d or maybe a 1938 d. He has already found three wartime nickels in earlier hunting sessions, and has an anticipation of someday being able to completely fill the Whitman album he received for his birthday.

Well you’ve probably guessed it by now, that seven year old boy was me. I never found that 1950 d or a 1938 d Jefferson Nickel, but those anticipatory times of looking through those bank rolls of nickels sparked a love of coins in my heart.

This love of coin collecting has continued to grow throughout my years. I remember a time when I was twelve and traded a boy in my class my quarter and two nickels for his quarter. He thought that he had got the best of me, but what he did not know was that my 1973 quarter was clad and his 1963 quarter was silver. This experience fueled my love for coins even more.

Today I am now fifty one years old and my wife and I like to buy and sell coins at coin shows.

We have three 1950 d Jefferson Nickels “brilliant uncirculated” and three 1938 d Jefferson Nickels “brilliant uncirculated.” Our next show is in Houston and with it being two months away at the time of this writing and I am experiencing the same anticipation that I used to feel at the age of seven.

I Just recently developed a love for half cents because of their low mintage.

My wife and I plan on doing coin shows when we retire and look forward to doing coins for a long time.

–  –  –

(Photos, courtesy of Carl S., from An Introduction to Deteching Problem Coins seminar offered by Lane on October 24 to Tyler Coin Club members and friends. Seminar received rave reviews. Thanks Lane!!) Christmas is just around the corner and many of us struggle with gift ideas for our numismatic family members. Proof sets and mint sets are popular options, but may been gifts given in the past. Flips and storage boxes are always appreciated, but may not have the surprise that you intend with a truly imaginative gift. If you really want to put a numismatic smile on their face, think about putting a stereomicroscope under the tree!

Collectors always enjoy looking closely at their coins and a stereomicroscope, such as the one in use by President Dwight in the photo above left, is just the instrument to get the job done and to do so with a little style. A stereomicroscope is a scientific instrument used to view objects at various levels of magnification, just like the ones we used in our high school biology lab, just without any of the yucky stuff sticking to it. Whether it’s to determine a die variety or just marvel at the artistry of a magnificent medal, a stereomicroscope is a gift that will be enjoyed for many, many years.

Stereomicroscopes that are used for viewing coins usually have magnification levels between 10x and 20x, meaning the image is magnified between 10 and 20 times, which is perfect for coins. The key advantage to a stereomicroscope is the stereo part. This means there are two eye pieces (oculars) and the resulting image has depth in addition to magnification. A simple comparison between a 10x loupe and a 10x stereomicroscope and the difference is readily apparent. A loupe is a valuable and portable magnifier, but whose images lack the depth of field (how “three-dimensional” the image looks) of a stereomicroscope.

Just like with most items numismatic, you get what you pay for with a stereomicroscope. Just as when shopping for a car, when shopping for a stereomicroscope you will find models with basic features and models with additional goodies and gadgets. And as you would expect, the more features you add, the greater the price. A good, albeit technical, article on what to look for in a stereomicroscope can be found

at the link below:

http://www.leica-microsystems.com/science-lab/factors-to-consider-when-selecting-a-stereo-microscope The most important component of a stereomicroscope is the optics. This is also the component that is most directly related to price. Inexpensive stereomicroscopes usually have inexpensive optics that do not perform well. However, there are some inexpensive stereomicroscopes that do perform well, yet are reasonably priced. The challenge is that you need to evaluate the instruments carefully as many of the manufacturers of these stereomicroscopes outsource their optics from different sources at different times.

Magnification is another important component. A good stereomicroscope for viewing coins will have at least 10x and 20x power. This level of power is good for general viewing (10x) and detailed viewing (20x). Some stereomicroscopes have a dial that allows you to change power and others require that you switch out the eyepieces.

A very useful feature is to have lighting built into the stereomicroscope. With the advent of LED, this feature is becoming more commonplace and generally does not add much to the price. However, often the lighting that is built into the instrument is not perfect for all uses, so be prepared to add supplemental lighting if needed.

Another useful, yet somewhat expensive feature is zoom magnification. This feature allows you to have continuous magnification within a range, say 10x to 40x, without having to change any of the optics.

Zeiss and Leica make high-quality stereomicroscopes. The price range for these instruments are generally $1000 and up, if purchased new. However, unless your gift recipient is going to spend a lot of time using the stereomicroscope, less expensive alternatives that work well are available.

Check your favorite coin supply dealer to see if they carry stereomicroscopes. Often, good quality fixedmagnification instruments can be found for under $300 and zoom magnification instruments can be found for under $600. Another place to check is amazon.com, which usually offers a greater selection and reviews from users. Currently, the best selling stereomicroscope is the AmScope SE400-Z (http://www.amazon.com/AmScope-SE400-Z-Professional-MicroscopeMagnification/dp/B005C75IVM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1446041412&sr=8keywords=stereo+microscope) and at $185 plus shipping, it looks to be a bargain.

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Questions for Dr. Coyne

1) Why isn’t there 1.0 ounce of pure silver in a vintage silver dollar?

2) Did the U.S. Mint ever make any backdated coins for circulation?

3) In the error coin world, what is a “broadstrike”?

4) Is it better to submit coins for Third Party Grading at a major coin show?

5) What is the first federally-authorized U.S. copper coin?

6) Does “dipping” a silver coin damage luster?

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