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«CITY OF SUTHERLIN Regular City Council Meeting Sutherlin Civic Auditorium Monday, July 27, 2015 – 7:00pm COUNCIL MEMBERS: Tom Boggs, Frank Egbert, ...»

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Regular City Council Meeting

Sutherlin Civic Auditorium

Monday, July 27, 2015 – 7:00pm


Tom Boggs, Frank Egbert, Wayne Luzier, Karen Meier, Forrest Stone, Wes Anderson

MAYOR: Todd McKnight

CITY STAFF: City Manager, Jerry Gillham

City Recorder/HR Manager, Debbie Hamilton

Deputy City Recorder, Diane Harris

Finance Director, Dan Wilson CD Director, Vicki Luther Chief of Police, Kirk Sanfilippo Interim Fire Chief, Rich LaBelle Fire Chief, Charles Perdomo Assistant Fire Chief, Troy Brevik City Attorney, Chad Jacobs (via Skype) Audience: Tami Trowbridge, Tara Boggs, Holly Boggs, Linda Pinsent, Pam & Denny Cameron, Floyd Van Sickle, Robert O’Brien, Mike Meier, Anthony Harris, Tadd Held, Barclay Benton, Mike Millage, Pat & Bert Bales, Sue Gillham, Beth & Jim Houseman, Robert Woldt, Pamela Semas, Brian Burke Sr., Allison Green, Bertha Egbert Meeting called to order by Mayor McKnight at 7:00pm.

Flag Salute Roll Call: All present Introduction of Media: None present PUBLIC COMMENT (agenda items only) Mayor McKnight referred to Pinsent’s comment form stating she wanted to comment on agenda item “Sign Ordinance Review”. Mayor reported that Council will not be discussing the topic at tonight’s meeting, but will schedule a workshop at a later date.

 Magic Mushroom Lamp Company owner, Linda Pinsent, stated she recently received a letter from the City regarding an ordinance violation requiring sign removal. Pinsent stated it is not a sign, but a piece of art that makes a statement on new Marijuana laws. The “artwork” on the top of their building is displayed rather than a large sign.

City Manager, Jerry Gillham – City Attorney, Chad Jacobs, will be able to address these concerns.

Pinsent questioned if the City also sent a letter to other estimated 40 to 50 sign ordinance violators.

 Resident, Mike Millage – Declined comment since learning the marijuana ban has been enacted.

 Resident, Robert O’Brien – Concerned with Marijuana ban and lack of open businesses in the area. Medical or Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries could provide revenue to the city. Would like to see at least one facility in town.


 Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center Chamber of Commerce President, Tami Trowbridge, presented budget report ending June 30, 2015.


o Recent Push-Pull Drag Race event was a successful and well attended. Would like to thank City Staff for all the help they provided. Restaurants and area businesses were very well patronized.

o Sutherlin Stampede Rodeo and Parade was also very successful and well attended.

o New street signs are completed; Public Works Dept. will put up the signs as soon as possible.

Sutherlin City Council Meeting of July 27, 2015 Page 1 o Sponsorship has been committed for four more Flag Rocks.

Trowbridge stated she would like to share some exciting news. Lion’s Head Developer and owner, Bruce Brunette, is very interested in developing properties west of I-5. City Staff and Brunette expressed the importance of sharing the concept with Council. Trowbridge stated it all started as a result of the Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA) Grant award, which City Manager, Jerry Gillham, applied for. Gillham also met with the group of property owners, bringing them along with possible ideas for the site. Once Brunette became aware of the property as a possible tourism site, he met during the first week of June with City Staff, property owners and Chamber President. A historic timber industry themed interpretive center is planned; this area is known as the timber capital of the nation. There has been a huge amount of interest and support from persons Brunette contacted regarding the development and its concept. Trowbridge reported on City Manager’s presentation the previous week. Brunette and staff member [Heidi Albertson];

ODOT [Mark Usselman]; Governor’s Team [Jeff Griffith]; City Staff, as well as others that would be involved in the process were present. Brunette also contacted the head of Oregon Logging Conference, who is very supportive of the concept and project. In addition to the conference and interpretive center, he plans to include wine industries, Oregon companies and possible water park. University of Oregon’s (marketing and land use work) and Oregon State’s (engineering) Departments have been contacted. Both universities are interested in being involved, which can also be used as part of their curriculum.

Trowbridge said that Brunette stated this will be the neatest project he has ever worked on; she added this has started from the foresight and hard work of City Manager.

Councilor Stone referred to Chamber’s budget report, asking if additional $1,800 that went to the Blackberry Festival Committee was for tourism? Last year Chamber budgeted $5,000, however Blackberry customarily asks for $6,800, the extra money was available, therefore was able to honor their request.

What is the Chamber’s position regarding the marijuana dispensary ban, and turning potential businesses away from the community? They could potentially be located in one the enterprise zones available within the city. Chamber has not addressed this issue; have been waiting to see what Council decides with this difficult subject. Chamber has currently been trying to foster businesses on a less controversial level. A processing center could put more than 25 people to work. Chamber Board has not established a position on this yet, but it can certainly be discussed.

 Natural Disaster Emergency Preparation Providence Medford Medical Center Registered Nurse, Tara Boggs, reported as part of her master’s degree she has been working on a project addressing Natural Disaster Management. Medford and Jackson County have resources available for disaster management; however, she found in the Douglas County area, those resources were not as available. Wanted to be able to provide and easy pamphlet to assist the public in preparing for and getting through a natural disaster.

Included in the pamphlet are some suggested items to have available:

o A gallon of water, per person, per day o Changes of clothes available in your car o Personal information o Medication lists o Non-perishable foods o Emergency numbers o Blankets or sleeping bags o Extra keys, credit cards, or cash o Extra glasses, contacts and sanitation supplies o Battery powered radios, flashlights and batteries Additional information is available on the pamphlets and can be picked-up at City Hall.


 Sign Ordinance Review Council will hold a workshop regarding the Sign Ordinance Review at a later date.

–  –  –

MOTION made by Councilor Luzier to approve Consent Agenda as presented; second by Councilor Stone.

Discussion: None In Favor: Councilors Stone, Egbert, Boggs, Meier, Anderson, Luzier, and Mayor McKnight Opposed: None Motion carried unanimously.


 Resolution 2015.11 – Fee Schedule Staff Report – Community Development Director, Vicki Luther, summarized the fee changes notated in the proposed Resolution.


o Is a right-of-way permit required from Douglas County if work is being done in the city? No, only through the City.

o Councilor Egbert reported he needed a permit from the County for a right-of-way and he is within city limits. That is because it involved county road.

MOTION made by Councilor Stone to approve Resolution 2015.11 – Fee Schedule as presented; second by Councilor Luzier.

Discussion: Councilor Egbert – Concerned with the additional fees being charged when Staff is already working in that office. Do not see why increasing fees is necessary, it is basically taxing people.

Councilor Stone – This is actually money that is coming back to the City and that Staff is spending additional time on. Community Development Department (CDD) has a lot going on; do not feel $25 is a lot to charge for that service.

City Manager – This is just good fiscal management; should review fees every year. All taxpayers are subsidizing new development, the intent is that those fees will pay for new development, freeing up those tax revenues for needed things such as potholes. Even though it’s only $25, the ripple effect throughout the general fund would be healthier in years to come.

Councilor Meier – Understand what Gillham is saying, the people that are going into CDD and using those services should contribute something for that service.

Councilor Egbert – But they are already paying property taxes.

Councilor Stone – But there needs to be an off-set, planning is the start of everything that goes on in this community.

Councilor Anderson – How much revenue will the fee increase generate? It won’t be significant.

Councilor Egbert – There is a new home being constructed on a piece of property that was just brought into the city limits, the taxes this home will generate will way outweigh what is generated by fees.

Councilor Stone – Initially, to start that home, they paid up to $4,900 in SDC’s to the City. Someone who has lived in their home for 50-years doing a remodel would pay nothing for their application as it currently stands; the entire burden has been placed on the new construction.

In Favor: Councilors Stone, Boggs, Meier, Luzier, and Mayor McKnight Opposed: Councilors Egbert and Anderson Motion carried.

 Resolution 2015.12 – Support of Transforming Downtown Application Staff Report – Community Development Director, Vicki Luther, stated she is still in the application process for the Main Street Grant; therefore this resolution will be brought back to Council at a later date.

City Manager – When Sutherlin Downtown Development, Inc. (SDDI) formed, there were requirements in order to qualify for the “Main Street Program”. They are now certified; this application will help them get to the next level, allowing access to additional grants.

Councilor Meier – Doesn’t the owner of Murphy Plywood have to sign-off on this? City Manager and former Finance Director consulted with City Attorney and Murphy multiple times. These Main Street Sutherlin City Council Meeting of July 27, 2015 Page 3 Funds are exactly what Murphy intended for downtown beautification projects, rather than it going to the general fund and paying for Admin. City has provided money through the sale of surplus items and scrap metal for this fund and was to be kept informed of how this money was being used.

Councilor Luzier – They can include that information in their presentation to Council.

 Resolution 2015.13 – Authorizing Officer and Bond Counsel Staff Report – Finance Director, Dan Wilson – As it states in the Resolution, this is a legal document authorizing City Manager and Finance Director to negotiate final terms on the DEQ loan. This will also officially appoint Mersereau Shannon LLP, as Bond Counsel to review the loan documents.

MOTION made by Councilor Luzier to approve Resolution 2015.13 – Authorizing Officer and Bond Council as presented; second by Councilor Stone.

Discussion: Are the wetland issues settled? Still waiting, but hopeful it will be completed soon.

In Favor: Councilors Stone, Egbert, Boggs, Meier, Anderson, Luzier, and Mayor McKnight Opposed: None Motion carried unanimously.

 Ordinance No. 1046 – Marijuana Restrictions (first reading and adoption) Deputy City Recorder, Diane Harris, provided first reading, title only, “Ordinance No. 1046 – An Ordinance adding a new chapter 8.18 to the Sutherlin Municipal Code prohibiting the establishment of Marijuana facilities within the city and declaring an emergency”.

Staff Report – City Attorney, Chad Jacobs, explained this new ordinance would prohibit Marijuana facilities within the City of Sutherlin, which City has already passed an ordinance for. During that time however, the Legislature was deciding whether to amend State law to explicitly allow local jurisdictions to prohibit Marijuana facilities. Legislature has agreed to House Bill 3400 (HB3400) which permits local jurisdictions to prohibit six of the seven marijuana facilities.

There are three types of facilities under the medical marijuana program:

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